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Driving Stunts are a set of Diversions in Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV.

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Driving Stunts are a series of maneuvers and stunts which involve a car. They are not required for 100% Completion, but some have achievements and other unlockables associated with them.

All of these "Tricks" use diversion stars, which are increased either by maintaining the stunt for an extended period of time, or by frequently repeating the stunt. Each Stunt has a counter in the Diversions menu, as well as a sub-page with Statistics showing the number of times the Trick has been performed and the amount of Respect earned.

A noncustomizable, Phoenix variant called The Bandit is unlocked in the Garage after obtaining Three Gold Stars in "Multiple Driving Stunts". Which Stunts are required is not stated in the game, but they are Oncoming Lane, Near Miss and Big Air Jumps.

In Saints Row: The Third, some Driving Stunts are featured as part of various Challenges in the Saintsbook menu of the Cellphone.

In Saints Row IV, small amounts of XP are awarded for these, but they are not part of any Challenges.


This Stunt occurs when jumping out of a moving vehicle. Star are awarded depending on the distance travelled through the air after leaving the vehicle, so it is most effective to jump out while the car is already in the air, or in a wide open space.

  • Longest Bailout
  • Respect Earned from Bailouts
  • Max Driver Bailout Damage Done (unused)

Car TorpedoEdit

In Saints Row: The Third, there is a car stunt called Car Torpedo which requires bailing out of a moving car, which then crashes into another car, pedestrian, and/or object (like a fence or pole). There is also a challenge given by Trix Vickers to increase FUZZ tv ratings.

Big Air JumpsEdit

Big Air Jump results

Big Air Jump results

This Stunt occurs when launching a vehicle into the air, and often occurs while performing Stunt Jumps.

Earning three Gold Stars in this Stunt is one of the requirements to unlock The Bandit, but unlike the other two, crashing after earning the Stars does not cause them to be lost.

After performing a Big Air Jump, the amount flipped, spun, and rolled during the jump is displayed.

  • Big Air Jumps - Stars
  • Most Distance
  • Most Height
  • Respect Earned from Big Air Jumps
  • Max Jump Distance (hidden)
  • Max Jump Height (hidden)
  • Max Jump Flip (hidden)
  • Max Jump Roll (hidden)
  • Max Jump Spin (hidden)

In Saints Row: The Third, Big Air is featured in a Challenge.


This Stunt occurs when holding the handbrake and accelerator Controls at the same time, and must be witnessed by Civilians in order to earn stars, so it is most effective to do this in a high-population area.

  • Respect Earned from Burnouts
  • Longest Burnout

Burnouts can also be performed in Saints Row: The Third. It is one of the few vehicle stunts in Saints Row: The Third that is not a part of any Challenge.


Also known as Drifting, this Stunt occurs when taking a corner at high speed and the vehicle slides to the side. The Friction/Grip performance of a vehicle affects how easy it is to perform a Powerslide. The vehicle must be moving in order to trigger this Stunt, otherwise it is only a Burnout.

  • Longest Powerslide Time
  • Respect Earned from Powersliding

In Saints Row: The Third, Powersliding is featured in a Challenge.


This Stunt occurs when using Hydraulics, which can be equipped on most cars via the Car Mechanic. The entire car must bounce into the air, and a Star is earned each time all four wheels are off the ground. Although it is possible to do this diversion in an area without Civilians, extra Stars are awarded based on witnesses. There is a 5x multiplier for doing this in front of Saints gang members, so doing in this in Saint-controlled territory makes it a lot easier.

  • Longest Hydraulics Chain
  • Respect Earned from Hydraluics [sic]

Hydraulics do not appear in Saints Row: The Third and there is no longer a Hydraulics vehicle customization option.

There are some vehicles which have a hydraulics option which is only accessible via a Vehicle Customization glitch which allows non-customizable vehicles to be customized.

Near MissesEdit

This Stunt occurs when driving close to another vehicle at high speed. This does not have to be an oncoming car, so the stunt can be performed by passing vehicles on the freeway. These can be performed concurrently with the Oncoming Lane Stunt, but crashing fails the Stunt and loses all current Diversion stars. To register the earned stars, the vehicle must stop completely.

While flying, almost crashing into buildings awards stars for "Near Crashes", but this is not listed in the Driving Stunts menu.

Earning 3 Gold Stars in this Stunt is one of the requirements to unlock The Bandit.

  • Longest Near Miss Chain
  • Respect Earned from Near Misses

In Saints Row: The Third, Near Misses are featured in a Challenge.

Oncoming LaneEdit

This Stunt occurs when driving in the wrong lane, but it does not have to be the same lane, so it is possible to do this on a four lane road such as a freeway and weave between the oncoming cars. These can be performed concurrently with the Near Misses Stunt, stopping completely or being knocked out of the oncoming lane fails this Stunt and loses all current Stars earned. To register the earned stars, the car must leave the oncoming lane, or stop without crashing. Respect awarded for this Stunt is directly tied to the number of Stars earned, with a max of 105 respect, so continuing to travel in the oncoming lane after earning 3 Gold Stars does not earn extra Respect.

Earning three Gold Stars in this Stunt is one of the requirements to unlock The Bandit.

  • Respect Earned from driving in Oncoming Lane
  • Longest Time driving in Oncoming Lane

In Saints Row: The Third, Oncoming Lane is featured in a Challenge.


This Stunt occurs when running over an enemy gang member. Extra Stars are awarded if they are dragged for a distance, but can also be awarded by running over more gang members. Law Enforcement and Pimps to do count towards this Stunt. There is a glitch with this Stunt which allows earning Stars if the gang member lands in the car after being hit, which is easiest to trigger while driving a convertible, or in a car that is missing the front windshield.

  • Longest Roadkill
  • Respect Earned from Roadkill

In Saints Row: The Third, Roadkill is featured in a Challenge that requires running over 500 peds.


This Stunt occurs when braking suddenly on a Motorbike while balancing on only the front wheel, with the back wheel in the air.

  • Respect Earned from Stoppies
  • Longest Stoppie

In Saints Row: The Third, there is a Challenge requiring Stoppies.

Two WheelsEdit

This Stunt occurs when in a four-wheeled vehicle and are traveling on two wheels. It is easiest to perform this stunt while in a larger vehicle, or by using hydraulics while driving. Due to glitches, it is very easy to trigger this Stunt by driving along the Train tracks, or by driving an Atlasbreaker.

  • Max Two Wheels Distance
  • Respect Earned from Two Wheels
  • Longest Time on Two Wheels (Unused)

In Saints Row: The Third, there is a Challenge requiring Two Wheels.

Vehicle SurfingEdit

When are standing on a moving vehicle, there is a prompt to press a button start Vehicle Surfing. This is the only Driving Stunt which requires pressing a button before starting.

Earning 3 gold stars in vehicle surfing, unlocks the Traffic Cone Hat in the Wardrobe, and the "Surf's Up" achievement.

Occasionally civilian NPCs perform vehicle surfing as well.

  • Longest Vehicle Surfing Time
  • Respect Earned from Vehicle Surfing
  • Longest Continuous Vehicle Surf Handstand Time (Unused)

In Saints Row: The Third, there is a Challenge requiring Vehicle Surfing.


This Stunt occurs when on a Motorbike and balancing on the back wheel so that the front wheel is in the air.

  • Longest Wheelie
  • Respect Earned from Wheelies

In Saints Row: The Third, there is a Challenge requiring Wheelies

Windshield CannonEdit

Windshield Cannon

This Stunt occurs when crashing into something at high speed so that The Protagonist is thrown through the window. Stars are earned depending on the distance travelled.

  • Longest Windshield Cannon
  • Respect Earned from Windshield Cannons

In Saints Row: The Third, there is a Challenge requiring Windshield Cannons.


  • Driving Stunts tutorial in Saints Row 2
  • Bandit unlocked SR2.png


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