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Downtown Loft
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Adept Way




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Saints Row 2

The Downtown Loft is a crib in Saints Row 2.


It is located on a lower level of the Bainbridge Tower, in the neighborhood of Adept Way in the Downtown District, and costs $50,000.

This crib contains all crib components except for Gang Customization, and has a garage available, but no helipad.


There are 8 Crib Customization options.

Item Options
Overall style Classy
Ultra Modern
Entertainment Area Pool table
Stripper Pole
Bed King size
Pimp Double Bed
Jacuzzi Average


  • The default Radio Station playing inside the Downtown Loft is 102.4 Klassic FM.
  • The sign on the north west corner of the Bainbridge Tower building reads: "Register Now / Modern historic lofts / Bainbridge Tower / Starting In The Low $200,000 / Call Now For Viewing / 555 555 2793". As with several phone numbers on in-game signs, calling this number does nothing.[1]
  • The building exists in Saints Row, although there is no road in front of it, and no "Bainbridge Tower" sign. The stairway is the same, but the leasing office is occupied by a candy store. The building to the south is a copy/paste of the same building, and repeats the candy store's storefront.


  • Downtown Loft purchased
  • Downtown Loft building entrance in Saints Row 2
  • Downtown Loft building entrance in Saints Row
  • Downtown Loft - interior stripper pole
  • Downtown Loft - interior bedroom
  • Bainbridge Tower front sign
  • Bainbridge Tower side sign
  • Downtown Loft - Classy - bar
  • Downtown Loft - Classy - bed
  • Downtown Loft - Classy - downstairs
  • Downtown Loft - Classy - entryway
  • Downtown Loft - Classy - Jacuzzi
  • Downtown Loft - Classy - kitchen
  • Downtown Loft - Classy - office
  • Downtown Loft - Classy - pool table
  • Downtown Loft - Classy - tv
  • Downtown Loft - Classy - upstairs
  • Downtown Loft - Modern - bar
  • Downtown Loft - Modern - bed
  • Downtown Loft - Modern - downstairs
  • Downtown Loft - Modern - gym
  • Downtown Loft - Modern - office
  • Downtown Loft - Modern - piano
  • Downtown Loft - Modern - stripper pole
  • Downtown Loft - Modern - table
  • Downtown Loft - Modern - tv
  • Downtown Loft - Modern - upstairs


  1. Image:
    Bainbridge Tower side sign

    Bainbridge Tower side sign

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