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Downtown is a district in Stilwater.

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Not to be confused with Downtown (Steelport)


The Downtown district is a large, busy sector of Stilwater packed with the hustle and bustle of an average city centre, filled with shops, hospitals, office buildings and corporate advertisements.

The district is divided into four neighborhoods.

  • Adept Way is a coastal neighborhood in eastern Downtown. The neighborhood is Downtown's retail sector. In Saints Row 2, Adept Way is larger and covers land that is part of Brighton during Saints Row.
  • Brighton is a coastal neighborhood right in the centre of Downtown, housing the majority of Downtown's skyscrapers and offices. It acts as the primary business area of Downtown. During Saints Row, Brighton housed Downtown Transit station. This station along with the surrounding stretch of track is not present in Saints Row 2. Brighton is a smaller and more compact neighborhood in Saints Row 2.
  • Filmore is a coastal neighborhood in western downtown. The neighborhood is the largest in the district and serves as a residential location. To the east of the neighborhood are some high rise office buildings whilst further the west contains residential apartment buildings and smaller independent businesses. In Saints Row 2, Filmore houses Kings Plaza station at the neighborhoods eastern borders.
  • Union Square is Stilwater's cultural and political centre housing famous landmarks and historic buildings such as City Hall. In Saints Row, it contains the "Business District" Transit station.


(Unless otherwise noted, these buildings are non-enterable.)

  • That Pasta Place - Restaurant
  • Ruchamkin Denebola Corporation (logo at top) - this is the old King Penthouse crib
  • Merrill Building - 45 floors high and has the same design as the King Plaza building.
  • King Plaza - 45 floors high and is the same exact design as the Merrill Building.
  • Sunrise Bank of Stilwater - Nonenterable bank building with G logo on the side
  • Thornback Worldwide Inc - Lions Tower building
  • Radtapuls Caputal Advisoers LLC - 1978 building
  • Mnemosyne Systems, Inc - 1978 building
  • Nadminning Food Sales, Inc - 1978 building
  • Fo Rilla Technologies Inc. [sic] - 1978 building
  • MNDC Food Group, LLC - 1978 building
  • MCCANDLESS LAGARTO Construction Company, Inc. - 1978 building
  • EICHENBERGER Media, LLC - 1978 building
  • B & E Mortgage Professionals - 1255 building
  • Schenectady Optical - 1255 building
  • JJ Adventure Outfitters - Johnny & Jeremy take YOU outside - 1255 building
  • Breakfast House - Biscuits & Buns - 1255 building
  • NEOSHO Global Link Corporation - 1255 building
  • Remora And Shark Enterprises - Remora And Shark logo at top of building-
  • DE STEIGUER INC. - rear of Remora And Shark building
  • Manley and Sons - "Manley and Sons" at top of building (next to Friendly Fire)
  • Stump Beefknobb and Associates for insurance. - sign on rear of Manley and Sons)
  • Butte Phaise & Associates - 6843 building, with BP logo
  • Hotel Von Steuben, King and Queen beds, Cheap but Clean
  • City Wide Heating and Air Conditioning - "City Wide" sign on side of building
  • The Tire House - "Tires" on top of building
  • TKK equities - sign: prime retail, restaurant, entertainment, please contact Tom Kelly, 555 555 7414
  • Fish Factory Warehouse / Vulcan Warehouse / Cold Storage Co - faded paint, west of "The Tire House"
  • Vesuvius, Shoe, Clothing, Stuff
  • Moose & Squirrel, Attorney at Law
  • Appliance Mart
  • Sarsfield
  • Merrimack Melvin & Assoc - Merrimack sign at top of building
  • North State Sales - 3449 S. 11th St. (space available 555 555 1054)
  • Pop's Liquor and Spirits - Neon Liquor sign, Whiskey and Wine in faded paint on side of building
  • D.K Buster - west of Bainbridge Tower
  • Lions Jewelry - west of Bainbridge Tower
  • Cup'Ojava - west of Bainbridge Tower
  • Regulus Studios
  • Dalton Moore Savings & Loan - 60 floors.
  • Rhombus
  • Old Water Investments
  • Marquart Wireless
  • Koske & Assoc
  • Showgirls (1590 building)
  • Lator Travel Agency
  • Layal Bros Bagel co
  • Feel The Heat tanning.
  • Redsquare - on at least 2 billboards
  • DDT_Unlimited [sic]
  • Rosarios Dry Cleaning, expert tailoring


  • Downtown map in Saints Row
  • Downtown Stilwater, from across the river
  • Saints Row loading screen - downtown
  • Downtown skyline in Saints Row
  • Stilwater - Saints Row 2 promo


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