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Downtown is a District of Steelport.

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For the District in Stilwater, see Downtown (Stilwater)


Located in the center of Steelport, Downtown is the largest of the four Districts of the city, and is controlled by Morningstar. It is a prominent setting during most of Saints Row: The Third, first during the Saints' attempt to find Phillipe Loren, then against STAG, whose headquarters are located here.

When STAG declare martial law after the destruction of the Thermopylae,[1] The south island of Downtown becomes a restricted zone and all drawbridges are raised, and entering Loren Square and Sunset Park gives level 1 law enforcement Notoriety. After "Three Way", the Notoriety effect is removed, and while the bridges are lowered immediately after the mission, they become raised again after saving and reloading.

Neighborhoods Edit

The district is comprised of three Neighborhoods:

North island
South island

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Trivia Edit

  • Downtown contains the four tallest buildings of Steelport, one of them being the Syndicate Tower. The others are not enterable, and do not feature in the storyline.
  • In some shop windows Downtown, there can be a sign with the words "Neighborhood Watch" as well as an eye with cross lines in it, which resembles the Eye of Providence.
  • Downtown is the only District which is connected with all other four Districts.
  • The skyline and other geographical features of Downtown resemble cities such as Chicago and New York City.

Gallery Edit

  • Promo image of Red light area in the Downtown district
  • Downtown Steelport
  • Approaching the Luchador, Morningstar, and Decker skyscrapers from the northeast, in the Downtown district in Steelport in Saints Row: The Third
  • Loading screen showing the Downtown district
  • Loading screen showing the Downtown district

References Edit

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