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Dom the Dom
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Dom the Dom in Saints Row IV
Appears in

Enter the Dominatrix




The Dominatrix


The Dom

Dom the Dom[1][image?] is a character in the Enter the Dominatrix DLC for Saints Row IV.


Dom the Dom is The Dominatrix's champion and the master of The Dominatrix BDSM club. He is first encountered sitting on a throne made out of The Penetrator. Dom tasks The Protagonist find Furries[reference?] and with Telekinesis put them inside the hanging cages.[2] Upon doing that, he tasks The Protagonist to pleasure a client who turns out to be Zimos.[2] At last, he tasks The Protagonist to kill other of Dominatrix's champions and their teammates in order for him to win the Pony Race.[2]

Upon completing, he reveals that this he used The Protagonist just to do his dirty work and attacks them. This leads to The Protagonist killing the Dom and starts the race.

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  • Dom's throne is a parody of the Iron throne in Game of Thrones.


  • Dom the Dom on dildo throne


  1. Note: The name comes from unlocked Homie name in the Cellphone
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