Dex's New Digs
Dex's New Digs Dex bloodsplatter
Dex dead

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Kill Dex


Cypher's Rifle

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Dex's New Digs is the sixth mission in Saints Row: Money Shot.


This mission takes place above a street in Steelport at night, cumulating in a building where Dex is having a birthday party.


  • Get 18 Near Misses in one shot.
  • Complete mission while flying only at Max
  • Collect 3 Influence pickups in one shot.
  • Collect 3 points pickups in one shot.
  • Hit 3 pigeons in one shot.
  • Complete mission and earn at least 250,000
  • Hit Dex with a headshot.
  • Hit the wine bottle.
  • Hit the fire extinguisher.
  • Hit the old lady's cane.
  • Hit the girl's soda can.
  • Fly through the entire train
  • Fly through the center of the Donuts! sign.
  • Fly through the cockpit of the helicopter.
  • Fly under the coffee table.


  • The internal name for this mission is Inf_Level_A.
  • Had this game been released, it would have been the earliest appearance of The Penetrator.
  • The achievement text for Cypher's Rifle states that it is unlocked after the "first assassination mission", but is unlocked after this mission instead.


  • Saints Row Money Shot - Dex's New Digs - flying through helicopter
  • Saints Row Money Shot - Dex's New Digs - flying through train
  • Saints Row Money Shot - Dex's New Digs - hotel signs
  • Dex's New Digs objectives - first 5 Goals
  • Dex's New Digs objectives - 2nd 5 Goals
  • Dex's New Digs objectives - last 5 goals of 15 in total


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