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Saints Row 2

Company of Gyros is a Fast Food chain in Stilwater.


Their slogan is Try our lamb mine, our grub is bursting with flavor.

Their Mascot is a sheep wearing an army uniform holding oversized pieces of cutlery in place of artillery, which is used on billboards around Stilwater, and is worn by an NPC.


  • "Value" is used for choosing which item to replace
Image Name Type Cost Value Health Description
Item drink GrecianJuice Grecian Juice Drink 20 80 20 Nectar of the gods
Item food LilGyro Lil' Gyro Food 50 90 40 A bite sized portion of meat on a pita. Great for kids.
Item food Kabob Kabob Food 100 100 75 Steaming Kabob
Item food HotGyro Hot Gyro Food 75 100 60 A large mound of spicy meat on a pita.


Despite all the Advertisements and commercials for the restaurant, there is only two locations in Stilwater:


  • The name is a parody of the THQ real-time strategy computer game, Company of Heroes, by Relic Entertainment. They have gone so far as parodying the front cover, replacing the three armed soldiers with fork and spoon wielding animals.
  • In Saints Row 2 it is possible to call the Company of Gyros for delivery. This is useful for obtaining the Mongoose delivery vehicle. No food can be purchased this way, but if the driver is killed, they drop a "Hot Gyro".


  • Company of Gyros mascot in Saints Row 2
  • A Company of Gyros in the Rounds Square Shopping Center
  • A Company of Gyros sign
  • A Company of Gyros in Tidal Spring (Suburbs District)
  • A Company of Gyros in Tidal Spring (Suburbs District)
  • A Company of Gyros in Tidal Spring (Suburbs District)
  • Company of Gyros billboard with phone number
  • Company of Gyros store textures
  • Company of Gyros - square sign
  • Company of Gyros menu
  • Company Of Gyros billboard
  • Company of Gyros (Rounds Square)
  • Company of Gyros (Tidal Spring)


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