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Collectibles is a Collection Diversion in Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV.


Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

There are four kinds of collectibles in Saints Row: The Third. These are Drug Packages, Money Pallets, Sex Dolls, and Photo Ops. There are 20 of each type of collectible items.

Unlike most Diversions, Collectibles count towards 100% Completion. Each Collectible is worth 0.125% - a total of 10% for all 80 collectibles.

Drug Package

Drug Package

Drug PackageEdit

With all the gang activity in Steelport there are shipments of drugs in town that The Syndicate wants to sell around Steelport. Take the drugs for the Saints to earn yourself some money.

Money Pallet Collectible

Money Pallet

Money PalletEdit

With all the gang activity in Steelport there is lot of money that needs to be laundred, take it from them to earn some quick cash.

Sex Doll

Sex Doll

Sex DollEdit

With all the sex trade in Steelport, sex dolls are surprisingly in demand and fetch high prices according to Pierce, at least...[reference?]. Collect them for the quick cash it brings.

Photo Op

Photo Op

Photo OpEdit

The Saints have become celebrities so it's not uncommon to find a very excited fan who wants to take your photograph.

Unlike other collectibles, Photo Ops require interaction. When approaching the fan, there is a prompt to press the Action button to "Participate In Photo Op". It is possible to kill or jostle the fan, but the Photo Op re-appears after leaving and returning to the location.


The Collectible Finder upgrade marks all collectibles on the Minimap. The Map does not show collectibles by default, but can set to 'collectibles'.

To cover the entire city, use a Specter or a similarly sized jetbike, and fly over the various sectors of the city in a grid. It is not a very fast method, but efficient, and an aircraft is sometimes necessary to reach Collectibles on rooftops.

Drug Money Doll Photo Total
Stanfield 6 5 5 5 21
Burns Hill 1 1 1 0 3
Ashwood 1 1 0 3 5
Salander 2 2 1 1 6
Brickston 2 1 3 1 7
Carver Island 5 5 4 5 19
Arapice Island 0 1 0 1 2
The Grove 1 1 0 0 2
Yearwood 1 0 2 2 5
New Baranec 1 1 1 0 3
Bridgeport 2 1 1 1 5
Port Pryor 0 1 0 1 2
Downtown 4 4 5 5 18
Sunset Park 3 2 1 2 8
Loren Square 1 1 3 1 6
Henry Steel Mills 0 1 1 2 4
New Colvin 5 4 5 5 19
Espina 1 0 0 2 3
Rosen Oaks 1 1 2 2 6
Camano Place 3 3 1 1 8
Wesley Cutter Intl 0 0 2 0 2
Other 0 2 1 0 3
Island between
Brickston and Yearwood
0 0 1 0 1
Magarac Island 0 1 0 0 1
Sierra Point 0 1 0 0 1
Total 20 20 20 20 80

Saints Row IVEdit

There are four kinds of collectibles in Saints Row IV. These include data Clusters, Zinyak Statues, Audio Logs and Text Adventure Logs.


Main Article: Clusters

There are 1255 Clusters scattered throughout Virtual Steelport to be collected. These clusters help power up The Protagonist Super Powers

Zinyak StatuesEdit

Zinyak Statue

Zinyak Statue

There are 36 Zinyak Statues scattered throughout Virtual Steelport that must be destroyed.

Each Planet Zin has 2 statues, one inside and one outside.

There is a Challenge associated with destroying Zinyak statues. Destroying a Statue awards 500 Cache and XP.

Audio LogsEdit

Main Article: Audio Logs

There are 39 Audio Logs scattered throughout Virtual Steelport - three for each of the 13 Homies - that need to be collected. These audio logs gives more insight into each of the Homies.

Adventure LogsEdit

Main Article: Text Adventures

There are eight Text Adventure logs scattered throughout Virtual Steelport. These Text Adventure logs details Zinyak's rise to power.

Christmas Adventure LogsEdit

Main Article: Christmas Text Adventures

There are eight Christmas Text Adventure logs in How the Saints Save Christmas DLC missions.[1]

Letters to SantaEdit

Main Article: Letters to Santa

There are nine Letters to Santa from the Saints crew in How the Saints Save Christmas DLC missions. The 10th letter, written by The Protagonist, is automatically added when completing all DLC missions.[1]


As in Saints Row: The Third, the easiest way to locate all of the collectibles is to first obtain the Collectible Finder. Unlike Saints Row: The Third, the Collectible Finder in Saints Row IV can only be obtained by completing Matt Miller's side quest The Pledge.

The map lists 1022 collectibles rather than 1338 as hidden clusters, while worth three clusters, are counted as one collectible rather than three.[2]

Clusters Zinyak Statues Audio Logs Adventure Logs Total
Stanfield 219
Burns Hill
Carver Island 282
Arapice Island
The Grove
New Baranec
Port Pryor
Downtown 270
Sunset Park
Loren Square
Henry Steel Mills
New Colvin 210
Rosen Oaks
Camano Place
Wesley Cutter Intl
Island between Brickston and Yearwood
Magarac Island 6 1 0 0 7
Sierra Point 12
Tail Islands NW of Henry Steel Mills
Total 1022


Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

  • Finding a collectible earns you $1,000.
  • The fifth, tenth, fifteenth and twentieth of any collectible earns an extra $1,000.
  • The total Cash earned by collecting all 80 is therefore $96,000.

Saints Row IVEdit

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Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

  • The packages first appear in "I'm Free - Free Falling", in cargo area several Drugs, Dolls and Money packages are present, but cannot be collected. The Newscast after this mission references the packages falling from the sky.
  • Although this diversion counts towards 100% Completion, they are only listed in the Statistics screen in the Cellphone, while other things which do not count towards 100% Completion get a separate screen.

Saints Row IVEdit

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  • Money Pallet collectible
  • Drug Package collectible
  • Sex Doll collectible
  • Photo Op collectible
  • Full collectibles map in-game
  • One type of cluster to be collected
  • Stomp type of cluster to be collected
  • Telekinesis type of cluster to be collected
  • Blast type of cluster to be collected
  • Telekinesis cluster worth three clusters however counted as one collectible
  • Audio log collectible in Saints Row IV
  • Text Adventure collectible in Saints Row IV
  • Zinyak Statue collectible in Saints Row IV


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    Cluster value as Collectible in Saints Row IV

    TK Cluster worth three clusters but counts as one collectible

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