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Co-op is a multiplayer game mode in Saints Row, Saints Row 2, Saints Row: The Third, Saints Row IV and Saints Row: Gat out of Hell.


Saints Row, Co-op is limited to only a handful of missions that are specifically created for Co-op play.

All sequels can be played entirely in Co-op, including freeroam and all missions and activities, which have differences to accommodate the second player.

All games have achievements that are only obtained by playing Co-op. Some of the achievements require doing all the missions or activities with a Co-op partner. In those cases it is usually easier to start a new game to ensure both players are at the same completion level.

If the Co-op partner users cheats, both saved games are marked as cheating.


Saints Row has no Co-op Diversions.

Cat & Mouse is places both players in pre-determined vehicles and one of them attempts to catch the other. In Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third, this diversion is activated by one player killing the other. In Saints Row IV, this diversion is activated from an Activity marker.

Death Tag is available in Saints Row 2 and Saints Row IV. In the former it is activated by one player killing the other, while in the latter it is activated from an Activity marker.

Stuntmen is included in the Corporate Warfare DLC. After achieving at least one silver Diversion star in a Driving Stunt while playing a Co-op game, a prompt is displayed to start the Diversion.

Saints RowEdit

There are three Co-op missions: Turbulence, Mob Rule, and the DLC mission Heist, added by the Gankster Pack DLC.


Bulletproof (10) Complete Co-op level Turbulence at the highest difficulty level.

Errand Boy (10) Complete Co-op level Mob Rule at the highest difficulty level.

Saints Row 2Edit

Unlike Saints Row, the entire game can be played in Co-op mode, and some missions and activities have minor differences from the single player versions.


Some missions played in Co-op contain differences to accommodate the Co-op partner.

Appointed Defender
In addition to Johnny Gat, Legal Lee also becomes a Homie, and must also be escaped with in order for the mission to succeed.
Orange Threat Level
The guest replaces Pierce as a homie, and the radio event doesn't take place.
Visiting Hours
The host must wheel Johnny Gat out of the hospital and protect him from the Ronin, while the guest must get to the rooftop, get the Horizon there, and fly it down to the parking lot so Gat can be loaded on.


Some activities played in Co-op contain differences to accommodate the Co-op partner.

The guest acts as the hooker, and must use the right control stick to touch the sensitive spot, then use the left stick to hit up, down, right, left in the correct order to gain pleasure.
This is the same, but the cameraman and all the police only follow the host, often leaving the guest to find their own car.
Septic Avenger
The player who activates the activity is in charge of the stop start of the truck and uses the rear sprayer.
Hos can be collected separately, reducing the time it takes.
Drug Trafficking
The host drives the car to the drug deals locations, while the guest is sitting on the passenger seat, assisting the host.
Trail Blazing
The guest is given infinite Molotovs in order to score more time, so as long as the host has a good grasp of control of the Toad, this one is a walkover.


The Ultor Exposed DLC includes a metagame to compete to achieve the higher score when playing missions.


Achievements that can be gained by playing Co-op in the story and activities.

Achievement Gamerscore Description
Duelist 25 Complete all Ronin missions in co-op.
Partners in Crime 100 Complete all campaign missions in co-op.
Pot Luck 25 Complete all Samedi missions in co-op.
Separated at Birth 25 Complete all Brotherhood missions in co-op.
Confidence Men 25 Complete all levels of all activities in co-op.

There are 23 activities that must be completed in co-op in order to achieve this. Completing half the activity in single player, then finishing it in Co-op does not count.

True Pal 10 Defeat your partner in a co-op diversion.

Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

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Like Saints Row 2, the guest acts as the hooker, and is in charge of filling the pleasure meter with joystick motions. In Tiger Escort, the guest instead attempts to keep the tiger calm.

Saints Row IVEdit

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Saints Row: Gat out of HellEdit

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Known IssuesEdit

Sync Issues in PC version of Saints Row
The Third

The PC version of Saints Row: The Third is known to have heavy sync issues during multiplayer, even on low-ping LAN connections, causing cars to desynchronize from the client and host, which results in one player seeing collisions that are not occuring on the host, and causing "rubber-banding." In extreme cases this can make Co-op mode virtually unplayable. This has been confirmed by Volition as an issue when one client runs at a lower framerate than another (usually due to performance problems), as the game's network code assumes that both games are going to run at roughly the same framerate. While there are some workarounds available on the official Saints Row forums, Volition has not announced any plans to address the issue, as doing so would likely require a complete rewrite of the game's network code.


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