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Single Cluster on rooftop

A single cluster.

Clusters are collectibles in Saints Row IV and Saints Row: Gat out of Hell.[1]Broken {{ref}} (no caption)


Clusters are used as a type of currency to upgrade your Super Powers in Saints Row IV. There are 4 different types of clusters throughout the world:

  • Regular Clusters: Simply walk or jump through to acquire.
  • Blast Clusters: Hidden in walls this requires the Blast super power.
  • TK Clusters: Large floating spheres that must be thrown using the Telekinesis super power in order to shatter.
  • Stomp Clusters: Similar to a Blast Cluster; these are hidden on the ground or the floor of a roof and require the Stomp super power.

Once released, Clusters can be picked up either on foot or by a vehicle.

In Gat out of Hell, Soul Clusters behave very similarly to those in Saints Row IV, and there are two ways of obtaining them.

  • Regular Clusters: Simply walk or jump through to acquire.
  • Swap Clusters: Exchanging a portion of your Wages for Soul Clusters.
    • "Swap - Wages for Clusters": Exchange 7000 Wages for 35 Soul Clusters.
    • "Swap - Wages for Clusters 2": Exchange 23000 Wages for 80 Soul Clusters.
    • "Swap - Wages for Clusters 3": Exchange 39000 Wages for 105 Soul Clusters.


  • There are a total of 1255 Clusters in Saints Row IV.
  • They are similar to agility orbs in the Crackdown series.
  • Hidden clusters usually contain three regular clusters.
  • If a special cluster is released, but not collected, it resets after leaving the area.
  • In Enter the Dominatrix, Clusters were originally known as "Code Fragments".[2]
  • Picking up a Cluster instantly refills the Power meter.
  • Clusters are easier to spot from a distance at night because of them being bright.
  • There are a total of 940 Soul Clusters in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell.


Hope there's not something ridiculous like 100 of these to find...
— Johnny Gat, upon collecting the first cluster

This is gonna be bad for my OCD.
— Kinzie, upon collecting the first cluster

You're a neurotic completionist.
— Johnny Gat, upon collecting all clusters

I'm done! Now I need to find something else to neuotically collect...
— Kinzie, upon collecting all clusters


  • Cluster
  • Cluster - Blast required
  • Cluster - Telekinesis required
  • Cluster - Stomp required


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