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Civilians (or Pedestrians) are the characters who populate Stilwater, Steelport and Virtual Steelport.


There are many types of Civilians in all 4 games, who have distinct appearances, voices and reactions to what happens around them.

When The Protagonist provides a Compliment or Taunt towards a civilian, the civilian compliments back or initiate a fight, respectively. Civilians usually need to be taunted twice before fighting, and sometimes they run away instead. Drunk Civilians attack The Protagonist if complimented or taunted.

Civilians blend into the game's world (Stilwater only). This means that differently dressed Civilians appear in different districts to match that district.

  • In the Downtown District, men and women are dressed in suits to fit the business theme.
  • In the University District, there are college students.
  • In the Factories District and Docks & Warehouses District, there are workers.
  • In the Hotels & Marina District, Civilians are dressed in swimsuits to fit the beach theme.


Although present on the mini-map as red dots, Pimps behave like regular civilians unless assaulted by The Protagonist. Once hostile, Pimps behave like enemy gang members, with reinforcements arriving after a few are killed.


Each civilian comes from a certain type, where each type has its own "list" of generated NPCs.The following is a list of civilian types:

Saints Row 2Edit

  • Average
  • Bums/Junkies
  • Bikers
  • Business People
  • Construction Workers
  • Elderly
  • Flight Attendants
  • Football Players
  • Goths/Emos
  • Hippies
  • Hoes
  • Otakus
  • Pimps
  • Hos
  • Runners
  • Roller Skaters
  • Security
  • Skateboarders
  • University Students

Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

Voice TypesEdit

  • African-American
  • Average
  • Asian
  • Elderly
  • Hillbilly
  • Hispanic
  • Middle-Aged
  • Young
  • Hillbilly Bum
  • Veteran Bum
  • Insane Bum
  • British

Saints Row IVEdit

The same in Saints Row: The Third, with some new models. Many of the civilians die from two shots of an upgraded 45. Sheppard


  • When using a Horn near a Civilian, they dive out of the way, get back up and run away screaming as if a weapon has been used.
  • In Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third, civilians can perform Vehicle Surfing on occupied cars.

Saints RowEdit

Suicide Location in Saints Row - before and after

Suicide location

Saints Row 2Edit

  • Pairs of random Civilians in an embrace on a bench are located in many places.
  • Almost every pedestrian handing out flyers has the "Hillbilly" voice type.
  • Some Civilian quotes reference the pseudoreligion called "Philosotology", which is also mentioned by The Protagonist, and Forgive and Forget.
  • When fighting near bums, the "spectator" actions override their normal behaviour, causing them to take pictures with cellphones.
  • When retrieving a vehicle from the Garage, civilians can steal them.
  • In the Poseidon's Palace Casino or Marshall Winslow Recreation Center Casino, when a slot machine is destroyed that a Civilian is using, they keep playing as if the machine is still there.
  • On rare occasions, business people randomly hijack placed cars out on the streets.

Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

  • After STAG arrive in Steelport and begin their campaign against the Saints, billboards for Planet Saints change to vandalised images, protesters spawn in various places around Steelport and many Civilians randomly attack The Protagonist without provocation


When in proximity of The Protagonist, civilians mention their opinion about something, often related to game progress.

Saints Row 2Edit

Shogo should have been honoured, only the purest of our coven are allowed to be buried alive.
— Goth females.[1]

This should have more black.
— "Goth" males in Friendly Fire.

I will show you prison mentality!
— Whenever a prisoner fights with the boss.

I sold my soul, but don't you dare call me a whore
SR2 VOC WF 00458 Civilian Starfuckers
— Female Goth quoting "Starfuckers, Inc. by Nine Inch Nails

I want to have your abortion
SR2 VOC WF 00461 Civilian Fight Club
— Female Goth quoting Marla Singer from Fight Club

  • Many of the lines for the "Hillbilly" types are actually direct quotes from popular country songs, such as Folsom Prison Blues, Give My Love to Rose and It's Five O'Clock Somewhere
  • A number of lines from Male Otakus and Male Junkies make references to other games. Examples being "Are you an otaku, too?" and "I need scissors! 61!", which both hail from the Metal Gear Solid series.


  • Civilians with laptops often spawn
  • Civilian protest sign
  • Civilian protest sign
  • Civilian protest sign
  • Civilian protest sign from Saints Row: The Third
  • Civilian protest sign from Saints Row: The Third
  • Civilian badge holder
  • Civilian badge
  • Civilian badge
  • Civilian badge
  • Civilian badge
  • Civilian badge
  • Civilian badge
  • Civilian badge
  • Civilian badge
  • Civilian in Saints Row 2 carrying a squeegee, which The Protagonist cannot use as an Improvised Weapon
  • Barber Shop Quartet in Saints Row 2
  • Pirate Civilian in Saints Row 2


  1. Audio:
    Shogo honoured SR2 VOC WF 00420
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