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Chicken Ned is a character in Saints Row.


Ned is a man in a chicken costume and the mascot of Lik-a-Chik. He carries a Baseball Bat and drives a rusty/modified Jackrabbit, making him not as useful as other homies.

He is optional to unlock, and has nothing to do with the storyline missions, and is not required for 100% Completion. However, he must be unlocked to earn the "Leader of the Pack" Achievement.


His Phone Number is written on the wall of several buildings around Stilwater. It is a permanent piece of graffiti on all buildings displaying a Technically Legal billboard. One of buildings is located next to the whorehouse featured in the mission "Always Use Protection". Another building is located east of Tee 'N' Ay.

The writing on the wall says "for a cluckin' good time 555-2445" in black spray paint, he is one of the easiest homies to acquire.

Chicken Ned first call VOC-SP 2141
Chicken Ned, when called for the first time


  • Chicken Ned's number is 555-CHIK when letters are used.
  • The Hot Dog Mascot in Saints Row 2 mentions that he is friends with Ned.
  • Occasionally, Ned turns up with a purple bandana tied around his shin, indicating he's with the Saints.
  • According to a civilian[which?] in Saints Row 2, Chicken Ned was added to the Mascot Hall of Fame.
  • Ned looks similar to Jon Heder from the movie Napoleon Dynamite.
  • Chicken Ned can be unlocked before joining the Saints, but he cannot be recruited because Natural Leader, the ability to recruit a follower, is not unlocked until after being Canonized.
  • The Enter the Dominatrix DLC for Saints Row IV has an unlockable homie called Velociraptor Ned.


SR2 VOC WM 07993 Civilian Chicken Ned
My buddy Ned used to run with your crew


  • Chicken Ned - full body and face
  • Chicken Ned homie head
  • Santa Claus (left) standing beside Chicken Ned (right)
  • Chicken Ned's phone number is on a building east of Tee 'N' Ay
  • Chicken Ned's phone number is on a building next to the Raykins Hotel
  • Chicken Ned unlock screen


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