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CheapyD - trailer screenshot
CheapyD in Saints Row: The Third
Appears in

Genkibowl VII






Unnamed son[1]


3rd Street Saints



Voiced by

David "CheapyD" Abrams

CheapyD is a character in the Genkibowl VII DLC for Saints Row: The Third.

Hope you're ready to save some cash and kick some ass.
— CheapyD

Description Edit

After downloading Genkibowl VII or Viewer Pack The First,[2] the player can call CheapyD as a Homie. He is dressed like a 3rd Street Saints gang member.

David "CheapyD" Abrams, who owns, provided his likeness and voice to the character after winning a charity auction to have his voice placed in the game. After originally voicing a general pedestrian, Volition, Inc. invited him back for a second recording session to create a unique Homie.[3][4][5]

Trivia Edit

  • Calling CheapyD earns a small amount of cash.[reference?]
  • CheapyD is in the game due to winning an auction that was held by Volition with a winning bid of $1,725.
  • He wears the same outfit as one of the customizable Saints.
  • He is not free on Region 3 Playstation 3 versions of the game in Asia, but could be downloaded with a USA PSN Account.
  • Like the real life CheapyD, this character has a son.[1]


  • CheapyD - trailer screenshot

References Edit

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    Cool, I will have to pick my son up from school.
    — CheapyD, after being dismissed as a Homie

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