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Charred Hard Burgers is a Fast Food chain in Saints Row 2.

Cheap Food for Cheap People
— Company slogan


There are four of these restaurants throughout Stilwater, and all are available to purchase after their respective neighborhoods have been taken over.

Despite only having 2 items on the menu, Charred Hard Burgers is the second largest Food chain in Stilwater, behind Freckle Bitch's. However, they are all located indoors and never in a building by themselves, and so do not have a drive-thru service. The signs out front has different variants, with and without flames about the name, the Stilwater Boardwalk location is the only store with signs on the exterior of the building, but shares the interior with a bar, with the counter itself having the appearance of a bar. The other 3 interior designs are look like standard fast food restaurants, and are identical to each other.


  • "Value" is used for choosing which item to replace
Image Name Type Cost Value Health
Item food TheFist The Fist Food 75 100 75
Item food TheTwins The Twins Food 50 90 40



  • There is never a staff member at the restaurant, but the store can still be used.
  • The burgers have the same names as burgers from Freckle Bitch's.
  • There are drink machines in the stores, but drinks are not available.
  • "Charred" and "Hard" are generally not considered desirable descriptions for a burger.
  • There is a Charred Hard Burger in the shopping mall's foodcourt, but food cannot be purchased there. This is likely due to the presence of a Freckle Bitch's, which sells the same thing along with two other food items.



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