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The Cellphone is a feature in Saints Row, Saints Row 2, Saints Row: Total Control[1], and Saints Row: The Third.
It is named Hub in Saints Row IV.

Cs cellphone03 cellphoneme d

In-game cellphone

Description Edit

The "Ill Wireless" Cellphone allows calling Homies for assistance, dialing the Phone Numbers of various Stilwater businesses, and entering and activating Cheats.

After entering new phone numbers manually, they are added to the phone's address book to allow for quicker phone calls in the future.

The Cellphone also displays the game time displayed in the top right corner.

Saints RowEdit

The Phone menu is part of the Pause Menu and is the top half of a flip phone, with the following menus:

The Map is the first screen on the Pause Menu, and is not part of the phone.

Saints Row 2Edit

The Phone menu is the last page of the main pause menu (excluding co-op), and is now a smart phone, and displays the following menus:

The Map is now be accessed separately from the pause menu, and is framed with the phone turned sideways.

Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

In Saints Row: The Third, the Cellphone plays a much bigger role and aggregates multiple features which were previously available in different locations, such as in-game concepts previously located in the pause menu.
  • The Dialer and Phone Book features are not present, so it is not possible to arbitrarily dial Stores or other numbers.
  • Cheats are now added via the cheats menu rather than being entered as a Phone Number.
  • The Map is now part of the Phone menu itself. When exiting the phone menu with the Map active, it is displayed again upon reentering the phone menu. This "last used" shortcut only works with the Map screen.
Icon Menu Description
Ui cell icon 01 map Map Previously a separate feature
Ui cell icon 02 missions Missions New menu. All storyline missions are started here
Ui cell icon 03 saintsbook Saintsbook
Vehicle Theft Previously listed in pause menu as Chop Shop
Assassinations Previously listed in pause menu as Hitman
Challenges New feature. Functionally replaces Diversion statistics which were previously listed in the pause menu
Ui cell icon 04 rewards Upgrades New feature. Allows purchasing unlockables with Cash
Ui cell icon 05 music Music
Radio Stations
Previously listed in pause menu
Ui cell icon 05a mixtape Music
Previously listed in pause menu
Ui cell icon 06 camera Camera New feature. Allows uploading screenshots, but does not allow saving locally
Ui cell icon 07 phone Phone (Homies) Previously named "Homies"
Ui cell icon 08 cash Cash Replaces Crib Stash
Ui cell icon 09 extras Extras
Ui cell icon 09a cheats Extras
Cheats are now alphabetic rather than numeric
Ui cell icon 09b stats Extras
Previously listed in pause menu

During the missions When Good Heists Go Bad and I'm Free - Free Falling, only the Camera and Extras menus are available.

At the start of the mission We're Going to Need Guns, all menu options are available except for Saintsbook, and no Upgrades can be purchased.

Completing We're Going to Need Guns unlocks Saintsbook and Upgrades, although the Upgrades menu was previously available but unusable.

Saints Row IVEdit

Hub Menu - Main

The Hub in Saints Row IV provides the same functionality as the Cellphone in Saints Row: The Third, with some further improvements.

  • The Challenges menu is now a submenu of Quests
  • Vehicle Theft and Assassination are now started from Activity Markers.
  • XP, Clusters and Cache counts are displayed in the top right.[2]
Icon Menu Description
Ui cell icon map Map No change
Ui cell icon missions Quests Previously "Missions"
Ui cell icon saintsbook Powers Replaces "Saintsbook"
Ui cell icon rewards Upgrades No change
Ui cell icon music Music
No change
Ui cell icon mix Music
No change
Ui cell icon camera Camera No change. Does not allow saving locally.
Ui cell icon phone Phone (Homies) No change
Ui cell icon cash Cache Previously "Cash". Updated look.
Ui cell icon extras Extras
Ui cell icon cheats Extras
No change
Ui cell icon stats Extras
No change

Gat out of HellEdit

Icon Menu Description
SRG ui cell icon map Map No change
SRG ui cell icon missions Quest Log Now includes all Challenges
SRG ui cell icon saintsbook Arcane Replaces Super Powers menu. No change.
SRG ui cell icon rewards Upgrades No change
SRG ui cell icon stats Stats No change
SRG ui cell icon tomes Audio Tomes Replaces Audio Logs
SRG ui cell icon cash Cash Unused icon
SRG ui cell icon extras Extras Unused icon
SRG ui cell icon cheats Cheats Unused icon

Ringtones Edit

OtherInMemory 0382 SR1 cellphone
SR1 Ringtone
Other InMemory 00462 SR2 cellphone
SR2 Ringtone
Other InMemory 00478 SR2 cellphone
SR2 Ringtone
Saints Row The Third Ringtone
SRTT Ringtone

The cellphone ringtone in Saints Row: The Third uses the tune from "Ridin' In That Black Joint" by Wale, which is used as main menu music in Saints Row 2, as well as being played on 95.4 KRhyme FM.

Saints Row: The Third features incoming calls fairly frequently, either during missions or to start Survival diversions. On 5th April 2012, Volition, Inc. released the ringtone for download (in .mp3 and .m4r file formats) via their official website.[3]

Trivia Edit

  • Civilians use Cellphones, and drop them if bumped or killed, but they cannot be picked up.
    • Civilians use their Cellphones to call the Stilwater Police Department.
    • Civilians often take photos of The Protagonist with a cellphone, so it is possible to amass many dropped phones in one area.[4]
    • Although Civilians can take photos with their phones, The Protagonist can not. Civilians and The Protagonist both use a more traditional camera when taking tourist photos while Idle.
  • Saintsbook is a reference to the social media website Facebook.

Gallery Edit

  • Protagonist on the phone with Johnny in "...and a Better Life".
  • Saints Row 2 cellphone frame
  • Saints Row 2 Homies menu
  • Saints Row 2 Dial menu
  • Saints Row 2 Phone Book menu
  • Saints Row 2 Cheats menu
  • The Saints Row: The Third Cellphone menu.
  • A cellphone dropped by a Civilian in Saints Row 2
  • Multiple cellphones dropped by Civilians in Saints Row 2
  • Shaundi with a unique cellphone
  • Saintsbook menu screen, with Saintsbook as one word
  • While the Hub is loading, the names XP, Clusters and Cache are visible in the top right.


  1. Image:

    Cellphone in Saints Row: Total Control

  2. Image:
    Hub loading 24.44

    While loading, the names XP, Clusters and Cache are displayed.

  3. Saints Row website: Saints Row: The Third Ringtone!
  4. Image:
    NPC cellphones on ground

    Three dropped cellphones

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