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Project topics

This is a list of posts relevant to improving DLC articles.

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DLC test needed
Saints Row DLC re-release
Corporate Warfare Achievements
SRIV DLC strings
Unused DLC images
DLC Respect Values
DLC appearances
DLC article improvement
SRTT DLC strings
Do you own Saints Row DLC
SR2 DLC strings
SRTT - The Full Package
DLC files now extracted

To-do list

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  • Add full list of all DLC contents to each DLC page
  • Important: Saints Row DLC is now available again, anyone who can buy it should add information and images
  • Update Achievements in Saints Row 2 with Corporate Warfare text and images (complete)

Relevant discussions

These are active talk page and forum discussions related to DLC articles.

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Discussion Article Topic
Talk:Clawz Clawz Is "Clawz" a valid title?
Talk:Initiation Station Initiation Station How many characters can be uploaded at one time?
Talk:Initiation Station Inauguration Station How many characters can be uploaded at one time?
Talk:Ultor Exposed Saints Row 2: Ultor Exposed PSN price
Talk:Industrial Map Pack Industrial Map Pack Does anyone still have Industrial Map Pack? (Or $0.99? or a hacked console?)
Talk:Naughty and Nice Special:WantedPages Is "Naughty and Nice" a valid title?
Talk:Genki Holiday Special Genki Holiday Special Is "Genki Holiday Special" a valid title?
Talk:Team Fortress 2 Team Fortress 2 Is this in the Game of the Century / National Treasure edition?
Talk:Genkimobile Genkimobile More pedestrians when driving this?
Talk:Thank You Pack Thank You Pack Is this in the National Treasure release?
Talk:Raptors Raptors Is "Raptors" a valid title?



8 DLC articles are marked for cleanup.

See Category:Cleanup for a full list
Article Cleanup Details
That's Not in the Script! Transcript needs to be sorted
Letters to Santa Transcripts need to be confirmed. See Talk:Letters to Santa for the exact text of all the images.
The Trouble With Clones
Hangar 18 1/2
Tour de Farce Transcript needs to be sorted
Weird Science
Send in the Clones description should specify between objectives and cutscenes, transcript needs to be sorted


35 DLC articles are marked as needing more information.

See Category:Content requests for a full list
Article Notes Displayed Text
Meet the Dominatrix
Meet the Dominatrix
Meet the Dominatrix
The Santa Clawz
Gangstas in Space
Pop his Top
Half Baked
Faster, More Intense!
Faster, More Intense!
At the Races
That's Not in the Script!
Grass Roots Pack This article is brand new This article is brand new
Sleigh One
Online Pass
Online Pass
Online Pass
Bradygames Pack This article is brand new This article is brand new
Bling Bling Pack
Industrial Map Pack Anyone know anything about this?
Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin'? Pack This article is brand new This article is brand new
The Fight Before Christmas
The Fight Before Christmas
Exclusive Unkut Pack
Wild West Pack This article is brand new This article is brand new. Details needed.
Volition Comics Pack New empty article This article is brand new!
Inauguration Station
Inauguration Station
Inauguration Station
The Super Saints Pack This article is brand new This article is brand new
Jolly Compton
Team Fortress 2
Game On Pack
Corporate Meltdown
GATV Pack Clothing names are needed
Reverse Cosplay Pack
The Gankster Pack
Save the Planet
Miracle on 3rd Street objective details needed
Initiation Station
Initiation Station
Initiation Station


4 DLC articles have image requests.

See Category:Image requests for a full list
Article Specific request (if given)
Exclusive Unkut Pack
Inauguration Station
Executive Privilege Pack
Game On Pack


19 DLC articles have facts which require references.

See Category:Reference requests for a full list
Article Template parameters
Ultor Family Fun Day
  • amount? - if it's certain, then what is the amount?
  • amount? - what certain amount?
Faster, More Intense!
  • which?
  • mission?
Bloody Cannoness
  • verify?
Thank You Pack
  • image?
The Santa Clawz
  • details? - Needs details about the scene from Love Actually and why this is relevant.
Ultor Exposed
  • When does this dialogue take place? - when?
Ultor Interceptor
  • (no details)
  • (no details)
Sleigh One
  • proof? - proof this is used in this mission?
Moneyshot Pack
  • (no details)
  • link?
  • link?
  • (no details)
  • (no details)
Genkibowl VII
  • (no details)
How the Saints Save Christmas
  • (no details)
Z Style Pack
  • link?
Game On Pack
  • which? - Which items feature Skeeters logos?
  • screenshot?
AB Destroyer
  • when?
  • when?
  • which is?
  • screenshot? - This is confirmed, but a screenshot would be nice anyway.

Rated Articles

Article Rating

This article has been rated 06 Star bronze Bronze 6/16
Star bronzeStar bronzeStar bronzeStar bronzeStar NAStar goldStar goldStar NA

Bradygames Pack

This article has been rated 04 Poor 4/16
Star bronzeStar bronzeStar bronzeStar goldStar NA

Commander-in-Chief Pack

This article has been rated 09 Star bronze Bronze 9/16
Star bronzeStar bronzeStar bronzeStar bronzeStar silverStar silverStar silverStar NAStar NAStar goldStar gold

Funky Fresh Pack

This article has been rated 11 Star bronze Bronze 11/16
Star bronzeStar bronzeStar bronzeStar bronzeStar silverStar silverStar silverStar goldStar NAStar goldStar goldStar gold

Industrial Map Pack

This article has been rated 09 Star bronze Bronze 9/16
Star bronzeStar bronzeStar bronzeStar bronzeStar NAStar silverStar silverStar silverStar NAStar goldStar gold

Reverse Cosplay Pack

This article has been rated 03 Poor 3/16
Star NAStar bronzeStar NAStar NAStar NAStar NAStar NAStar NAStar silverStar NAStar NAStar gold

Sexy Kitten (vehicle)

This article has been rated 09 Star bronze Bronze 9/16
Star bronzeStar bronzeStar bronzeStar bronzeStar silverStar silverStar silverStar goldStar goldStar NA

The Super Saints Pack

This article has been rated 03 Poor 3/16
Star bronzeStar bronzeStar NAStar NAStar NAStar NAStar NAStar NAStar NAStar gold

Volition Comics Pack

This article has been rated 05 Poor 5/16
Star bronzeStar bronzeStar NAStar NAStar NAStar NAStar NAStar silverStar NAStar goldStar gold

Wild West Pack

This article has been rated 05 Poor 5/16
Star NAStar bronzeStar NAStar NAStar bronzeStar NAStar NAStar goldStar NAStar goldStar gold

Article List

Article Last Edit
College Daze Pack 2017-06-21 17:50:26
Child's Play Pack 2017-06-21 17:48:28
Bradygames Pack 2017-06-21 17:47:05
Anime Pack 2017-06-21 17:43:17
Nyte Blayde Pack 2017-06-18 21:58:35
Commander 2017-06-09 15:10:06
Ultor Family Fun Day 2017-06-06 19:16:34
Bloody Cannoness 2017-06-01 00:08:57
Online Pass 2017-05-10 21:37:27
Elite 2017-05-03 19:02:27
Runner 2017-04-30 21:05:15
Weekend at Tera's 2017-04-30 18:27:54
Miracle on 3rd Street 2017-04-23 15:58:51
Thank You Pack 2017-03-12 15:01:13
Pulse 2017-02-20 18:02:59
AB Destroyer 2017-02-19 22:58:38
Z Style Pack 2017-02-10 05:59:09
Special Ops Vehicle Pack 2017-02-08 16:57:26
Genkibowl VII 2017-02-01 20:44:04
Scythe 2017-01-25 18:16:24
Funky Fresh Pack 2017-01-24 16:20:31
Burden of Proof 2017-01-24 03:28:13
Relic 2017-01-23 19:32:06
America's Next Top Scientist 2017-01-17 16:10:49
Temptress 2017-01-16 23:14:54
Angry Tiger (vehicle) 2017-01-13 22:22:36
Traffic Control 2017-01-11 04:23:37
Meet the Dominatrix 2017-01-02 22:31:35
Penthouse Pack 2016-12-30 20:56:14
Shark Attack Pack 2016-12-30 17:50:48
Weird Science 2016-12-27 05:18:00
That's Not in the Script! 2016-12-27 02:06:32
Hangar 18 1/2 2016-12-27 01:20:58
Oppressor ULTOR 2016-12-27 01:20:56
Aegean 2016-12-27 01:20:51
Saints Row: The Third - The Full Package 2016-12-25 02:27:14
Genki Manapult 2016-12-21 16:44:03
How the Saints Save Christmas 2016-12-18 01:37:42
Yarnie 2016-12-17 14:16:19
Apex 2016-12-16 13:17:22
Escape the Dominatrix 2016-12-15 04:01:35
At the Races 2016-12-15 04:00:56
Initiation Station 2016-12-15 01:03:33
Saints Row: The Third: Enter the Dominatrix 2016-12-14 17:00:35
Pirate's Booty Pack 2016-12-14 14:26:43
Corporate Meltdown 2016-12-12 01:35:02
Commander-in-Chief Pack 2016-12-11 04:08:50
Wild West Pack 2016-12-11 03:46:16
The Super Saints Pack 2016-12-11 01:45:34
Industrial Map Pack 2016-12-11 01:34:54
Reverse Cosplay Pack 2016-12-10 23:50:20
Volition Comics Pack 2016-12-10 23:49:41
The Unkut Pack 2016-12-07 19:57:52
Corporate Warfare 2016-12-07 19:43:16
Stallion 2016-12-07 19:41:12
Nyte Blayde (vehicle) 2016-12-06 22:50:06
Presidential Pack 2016-12-04 10:57:05
Pop his Top 2016-12-03 14:14:54
Valve Clothing Pack 2016-11-26 14:19:11
Send in the Clones 2016-11-26 14:19:10
Stone Age Pack 2016-11-26 14:19:10
The Fight Before Christmas 2016-11-22 10:58:18
Genki Holiday Special 2016-11-12 14:58:59
Ultor Interceptor 2016-11-11 20:33:43
Tour de Farce 2016-11-11 20:31:36
Ho Ho Ho Pack 2016-10-29 13:31:09
Grass Roots Pack 2016-10-29 10:23:59
The Gankster Pack 2016-10-29 10:23:55
Jolly Compton 2016-10-29 05:17:39
Rumbler 2016-10-25 08:31:31
Save the Planet 2016-10-25 08:19:22
Vulture 2016-10-25 08:12:10
Torbitron 2016-10-15 18:39:35
Salem 2016-10-15 18:38:34
Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin'? Pack 2016-10-10 18:28:58
Saints Row IV: Enter the Dominatrix 2016-10-09 16:21:20
Team Fortress 2 2016-10-01 21:29:48
Christmas Text Adventures 2016-09-20 20:21:37
Slayer 2016-09-19 20:30:03
Zinyak Attack Pack 2016-09-18 19:32:21
Genkimobile 2016-09-16 02:37:25
Funtime! Pack 2016-09-15 11:38:06
Sexy Kitten (vehicle) 2016-09-15 06:47:57
Sad Panda (vehicle) 2016-09-15 06:32:53
Lightning 2016-09-14 07:15:16
Sleigh One 2016-09-13 20:38:40
Game On Pack 2016-09-13 20:34:11
Ultor Exposed 2016-09-13 20:21:53
The Santa Clawz 2016-09-13 20:20:07
Faster, More Intense! 2016-09-11 11:57:38
Verminator 2016-09-11 11:55:05
Lefturner 2016-09-09 03:18:19
Bee 2016-08-22 06:32:05
Bling Bling Pack 2016-08-11 13:14:04
Gangstas in Space (DLC) 2016-07-24 07:35:15
GATV Pack 2016-07-07 21:14:49
EDF Scout 2016-07-03 23:44:07
Half Baked 2016-07-01 05:18:28
Inauguration Station 2016-06-25 11:29:05
Exclusive Unkut Pack 2016-06-25 11:27:10
Witches and Wieners 2016-06-25 11:24:57
Warrior Pack 2016-06-25 11:24:18
The Trouble With Clones 2016-06-25 11:22:55
Steelport Gangs Pack 2016-06-25 11:21:05
Unlockable Pack 2016-06-25 11:17:33
Moneyshot Pack 2016-06-25 11:14:47
Invincible Pack 2016-06-25 11:13:00
Horror Pack 2016-06-25 11:12:34
Genki Girl Pack 2016-06-25 11:11:05
Explosive Combat Pack 2016-06-25 11:05:56
Bloodsucker Pack 2016-06-25 11:04:14
Executive Privilege Pack 2016-06-03 06:12:56
Element of Destruction Pack 2016-06-01 23:01:47
Letters to Santa 2016-01-28 03:08:52

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