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    Saints' Purple

    March 25, 2012 by

    Incase no one noticed Saints Row: The Third uses different names for their colors than before. And I like to dress my Protagonist in Saints' Purple (patriotic ain't I?). Bad thing is I'm not so good at compairing colros (Beyond yeah that looks good anyways) and I'm wondering which of the colors on the palate is considered Saints' Purple (I'm thinking Violet 6 is it). Would also like to know which car paint color equals the Saint's Purple for vehicles too.

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  • Blackout627

    Time of day

    March 4, 2012 by Blackout627

    This is my first entry or something so it may not be in correct editing. Anyway this game is getting ready to go through my wall. I am so pissed!!! I waited on this sob for a effin year!! Let me tell you some of the bullshit this damn game put me through. (anyone have a problem with cursing i didnt know so sorry). Ok so i got it and then after i beat the story the game gets stuck at either 12:00 am or 12 pm and the only way to change it is to load or do an activity. Then sometimes when i fly the vtol the sounds screw up such as you fire a missile and then the sound happens 10 sec. later same thing for nitro, and i will hover and it will stay in fly mode! one time it wouldnt let me change into hover mode or turn left or right. I have also got stuck in death barrier 200ft in the air and when on zombie island i will pwn zombie and get a luchador star even though i own the island. Then, being the war hungry general i am on that game, went to war and sent in the national guard on their ass…

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  • Nakedbutnice

    trying to kill matt millers avatar but it keeps disappearing help please

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  • Kebabyuchenko

    There's a chick who works in Leather and Lace who wears an poutfit I'd love to see on my character, but the components aren't available in-game. There's obviously the meshes or textures etc in the game because she wears it and moves around etc, so what I'd like to know is can I mod SR3 to get these clothes and perhaps even re-paint some non-customizeable vehicles?

    Kebabyuchenko xxx (unsigned: Kebabyuchenko 13:59, January 25, 2012)

    There's plenty of mods for it, but most game files are still encripted. See: GMRE 11:12, January 28, 2012 (UTC)

    Mods are available for the game. Clothing is a different mess though. NPCs are rendered with thier clothes "painted on". They don't have clothing layers like the player does. This is likely due to save processing power and memory due to the new graphics engine in SR3 (whose optimisation already leaves something to be desired). There might be player clothing versions available hidden somewhere in the game fi…

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  • Jack Payne

    just wondering how or can u kill,taunt, compliment gang members after the last mission just need to complete challenges

    Old forum comment
    You can do all of these things even AFTER you have 100% control of all hoods because of the survival activity. So basically, if you play survival, there is always another punk that needs dropping. --Isolationistmagi 03:13, January 13, 2012 (UTC)
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  • Bob579

    SRTT Multiplayer with DLC

    January 9, 2012 by Bob579


    I got a question, can i buy a DLC, and than multyplayer with mine friend?

    So i hate that problem that you buy a DLC ( SR2 )

    And i want to multyplayer with my friend, the PS3 say's: You got not the good version.

    Is that also by SR3?

    THANK YOU! :)

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  • Bob579

    Hello dear.

    I got Siants Row 2, and i buy a dlc in the ps3 store.

    Now i say to my frend: "Come, we go to play multyplayer in SR2 "

    And now is he don't worked, i know what the problem is: The DLC

    But can i disable the dlc? ( or delet or turn off )

    Thank you!

    Old forum comment
    You can remove the Saints Row 2 Data Utility while in the PS3 menu. Its under Data Utility. This will delete all SR2 data, so when you want to play it again you will have to install all data again. Also, your save file may not be able to load without the DLC, so you will have to start a new game. Hope that helps. ;) -- Elchzard (Talk to me) 18:25, January 8, 2012 (UTC)
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    Now I'm having trouble with the respect.

    On my first character, I reached level fifty. From about level 45 to 48, I was using perfect beatdowns (The Q.T.Es engaged by use of the left trigger) to level up quickly, and they were definitely giving me respect, which I checked several times. after level 48, they began giving me 100 cash. I switched to blowing up vehicles to get level 50.

    After playing as a level 50 for a while I began to feel bored. I decided to make a new character. so I did. Straight away I began getting 100 cash for every perfect beatdown. I was a little confused at first, since I thought I should be getting respect. Is there perhaps a minimum level requirement for the beatdown respect? like , say, level 20-48?

    I was sure I was getting respect on my other character. I could use some information on this.

    Thanks, Callum. (Unsigned: 21:54, 19 December 2011)

    Yes, I believe it carries across to other game files - I started a new game recently and tend to get money rath…

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    Fastest Car in SR3?

    December 16, 2011 by

    What's the absolute fastest car (and motorcycle) in Saints Row: The Third?

    The trivia section on Attrazione implies that it and the Kaneda are fastest, but then I know there are some very nice unlockable vehicles like the Wraith which is apparently based off the Attrazione, from which one would infer the Wraith were better. It's just not very clear.

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    For some reason even if I put a marker somewhere I can see the spot where I placed it, but no path that leads me to it. This even happens with main story missions. I don't know if you can help, but I would be most greatful. So it there any way to fix this?

    Old forum comment
    Place a GPS Tag over the map marker. --Isolationistmagi 16:45, January 2, 2012 (UTC)
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    December 1, 2011 by

    Which is your favourite hairstyle in Saints Row the Third?

    And do anyone know where to get Josh Birk's hairstyle?

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    In the Gamespot awesome button gameplay video, the player at numerous times switched between 3 weapon wheels each full of different weapons. Was that the debug version of the game or will it be an upgrade later on?

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  • ShadowxSlayer

    Dual Wielding

    November 19, 2011 by ShadowxSlayer

    So, i was wondering if i bought dual wielding, for pistols for example, am i stuck with that or can i turn it off whenever i want. I have it for XBox if that matters at all.

    Old Forum Comment
    You're stuck with it. --Isolationistmagi 16:48, January 2, 2012 (UTC)
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  • Master Sima Yi


    April 19, 2009 by Master Sima Yi

    Hi guys, I was wondering, how do you make those templates? It seems kind of hard. Also, can somebody make a Brotherhood template and perhaps an Ultor template (Dane Vogel, Eric Gryphon, Jaime, Troy Bradshaw)?

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