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  • 452

    I previously posted about SR2 and SRTT being released without DRM through - now you can upgrade to the DRM-free version of Saints Row 2 for free.

    If you own the DRM-encumbered version of Saints Row 2 available on Steam, you can now link your Steam account to a GOG account, and obtain the DRM-free version from GOG for free.

    Once your Steam account is linked to your GOG account, Saints Row 2 will be available in your GOG library, along with all other eligible games.

    This is apparently a limited-time offer, to find out more, go to

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  • 452

    Saints Row DLC re-release

    July 30, 2015 by 452

    All 5 Saints Row DLC packs have now been re-added to the xbox marketplace.

    If you have Saints Row, Xbox live, and a few spare dollars, now is your chance to buy them and add information and screenshots to the wiki before they are removed again.

    • Ho Ho Ho Pack → The Ho Ho Ho Pack Xbox marketplace page - Free!
    • Exclusive Unkut Pack → Exclusive Unkut pack Xbox marketplace page - Free!
    • Funky Fresh Pack → Funky Fresh Pack Xbox marketplace page - $0.99
    • Industrial Map Pack → Industrial Map Pack page - $0.99
    • The Gankster Pack → Gankster Pack Xbox marketplace page - $4.99
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  • 452

    DRM-Free Saints Row 2+3

    May 11, 2015 by 452

    Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third - The Full Package are now available without DRM.

    As you may know, Saints Row games on PC normally come with Digital Restriction Measures which force you to connect to the internet and install Steam, even if you purchase the physical disc.

    But now, perhaps thanks to Deep Silver's ownership, Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third are both finally available without DRM. No third party bloatware or internet connection required to install.

    • $4
    • $5

    I've used since it was still called "Good Old Games", and would recommend it to anyone. (System Shock 2 is also available there, and is the only place to buy a digital copy without DRM)

    Saints Row 2 has previously been available without DRM, but this is the first time - to my knowledge - that Saints Row: The Third has been available this way. It's better late than never, I suppose, and perhaps Saints Row IV and Gat out of Hell

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  • 452

    Gat out of Hell facts

    September 1, 2014 by 452

    Since User blog:452/Saints Row IV facts worked so well as an information dump, I'm going to go with that format again.

    Saints Row: Gat out of Hell can only hold so much information, so it's nice to have somewhere to list all known information before it gets organised. Please add the facts and references here to relevant articles.

    Any time a gameplay video is released, let me know here and I'll upload 100 screenshots of it for use as references.

    Remember: This wiki does not claim to be a news site. This wiki is the largest and most detailed archive of information about the Saints Row series, it is built by fans, for fans - if you're a fan, and you want to add news, feel free!

    Source Videos

    Official - hosted on one of the official youtube channels.

    • Announce trailer - little useful information
    • Walkthrough video - useful information
    • 7 Deadly Weapons trailer - no useful information
    • Halloween livestream - useful information, but edited


    • PAX prime panel - some useful information
    • PAX prime pane…
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  • 452

    Saints Row IV facts

    July 23, 2013 by 452

    I was going to do a write-up of what I learned in a recent gameplay video, but here's a more general post with a range of facts about Saints Row IV.

    This wiki is the largest and most detailed archive of information about the Saints Row series, but it has never been claimed to be the most up-to-date, or to be a news site. It's built by fans, for fans - if you're a fan, and you want to add news, feel free!

    Pages about Saints Row IV are being updated as new information becomes available, but let's make a single list of everything we know about Saints Row IV so far - for easy reference.

    If you have something to add to list, leave a comment - stating the fact, and linking to the source of the fact - and I'll add it to the list.

    Topic Information Source
    Weapons in Saints Row IV There is a "Tentacle Bat" weapon

    Zero Saints Thirty Cyrus Temple reappears as a terrorist.

    Enter the Dominatrix This joke-cum-expansion-cum-sequel will be released as a DLC for SRIV Joystiq2013-03-15
    Freckle Bitch's There is a "F…

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  • 452

    Saints Row IV Voice Cast

    July 16, 2013 by 452

    Who would like some news?

    Deep Silver have posted voice cast for Saints Row IV, so we now know some more about exactly which older characters will be appearing in the game.

    These characters are expected to mostly appear within simulations, but I'm hopeful that all of them will be unlocked as Homies in the game.

    Most of them are voiced by the same actors, which some unfortunate exceptions. I assume that Eliza Dushku and Mila Kunis are not within the budget.

    Character Actor Notes
    Keith David
    New character. Originally voiced Julius, but now voices himself
    Shaundi (SR3 version)
    Same voice actor
    Shaundi (SR2 version)
    Originally voiced by Eliza Dushku
    Kinzie Kensington
    Same voice actor
    Benjamin King
    Originally voiced by Michael Clarke Duncan (unfortunately deceased)
    New character
    Phillipe Loren
    Originally voiced by Jacques Hennequet.
    Same voice actor
    DJ Veteran Child
    Same voice actor
    Matt Miller
    Same voice actor
    Pierce Washington
    Same voice actor
    Cyrus Temple
    Same voice actor. Appe…

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  • 452

    Anyone with any opinions about the Classification Guidelines should ensure that they are properly educated on the matter before saying anything.

    This IGN article provides excellent insight into the matter.

    Below is the original statement from the Classification Board.

    Saints Row IV: first computer game classified Refused Classification

    The Acting Director of the Classification Board Mr Donald McDonald announced today that Saints Row IV was the first computer game in Australia to be Refused Classification under the Guidelines for the Classification of Computer Games that commenced on 1 January 2013.

    The Classification Board classified the game RC (Refused Classification) in accordance with item 1(a) of the National Classification Code and in accordance with the computer games guidelines.

    In the Board's opinion, Saints Row IV, includes interactive, visual depictions of implied sexual violence which are not justified by context. In addition, the game includes elements of illicit or proscribed dr…

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  • 452

    A copy of Saints Row: Money Shot has surfaced, and a high resolution video has been posted to youtube. The video is included below.

    We've added available information about the game to the Saints Row: Money Shot article, but there is still much we are missing.

    If you have a hacked XBox 360 which can play the leaked game, we need your help! We already have the names of the missions and bullets, but here's what we still need:

    • A full list of mission objectives (A screenshot or video will do)
    • A full list of bullet statistics (A screenshot or video will do)
    • Achievement images (You take a screenshot of the achievement page will do)
    • Screenshots of the objectives of each mission (Especially Dex in mission 6!)

    I can see from the video that the mission details aren't available until you complete the previous missions, so once you've completed the game, a quick video scrolling through all the objectives and bullets would be great.

    Enjoy the videos!

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  • 452

    On the 6th of April, 2013, Steve Jaros, the "Writing Lead" for Saints Row: The Third, confirmed via twitter than "Saving shaundi" is the canonical ending of Saints Row: The Third.

    Link to his twitter post:

    Therefore, at the end of Saints Row: The Third, the Magarac Island statue is still standing, the Daedalus attack never happened, Steelport is not a city-state, Shaundi, Viola, Burt Reynolds, Cyrus Temple and Killbane are alive, while Kia is likely dead. I say "likely" because canon deaths are usually shown in cutscenes. You must "kill" Maero to complete The Siege, but he still comes back for the next mission.

    Anyone who thought that Killing Killbane was the true ending is wrong, and anyone who edits the wiki to change the facts will be blocked from editing. This link has already been used as a reference in several places, and should continue to be used as reference where-ever necessary.

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  • 452

    SRTT - The Full Package

    September 25, 2012 by 452

    Please see Saints Row: The Third - The Full Package for full information.}}

    Although all Saints Row DLC have recently been removed from the Xbox Marketplace, THQ have finally done something right by announcing that they will be releasing all DLC for Saints Row: The Third on disc.

    I salute Kevin Kraff for giving fans what they have requested. Hopefully the DLC for Saints Row and Saints Row 2 will also be released on disc. The Saints Row double pack was a missed opportunity to do exactly that.

    Edit:Unfortunately it is still impossible to play multiplayer offline over System Llink without the Online pass.

    The following text is from the Press Release

    Strap It on Some More with Saints Row: The Third - The Full Package, Hitting Stores on November 6, 2012 THQ Inc. and Volition, Inc. today announced Saints Row: The Third – The Full Package will be available for purchase in North America on November 6, 2012, and internationally on November 9, 2012 for the Xbox 360 video game and entertainment system …

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  • Agow95

    Apparantly it's going to be part of Saints Row 4, not sure of the reasoning behind it though.

    (Admin's edit)

    • Original Press release

    Saints Row: The Third – Enter the Dominatrix Now Part of Something Bigger Than Itself
    Cumulative Awesomeness of Gameplay Experience Can No Longer Fit into Expansion Pack; Enter The Dominatrix Will Be Incorporated into the Next Great Sequel in the Saints Row Franchise

    THQ Inc. and Volition, Inc. today announced development of the standalone expansion Saints Row: The Third – Enter the Dominatrix will now be incorporated into production of the next great sequel in the Saints Row franchise, tentatively titled "The Next Great Sequel in the Saints Row Franchise."

    "When I looked at the Enter The Dominatrix expansion in production at Volition, I was blown away by the ideas and desire to expand the fiction of the franchise," sai…

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  • Moozipan Cheese

    Live Q&A info

    November 7, 2011 by Moozipan Cheese

    Last night, 's community manager, V-Singular, did a live Q&A video where he answered a few questions while showing off the Initiation Station. While most of the questions he answered are already known, there were some small tid-bits of info to scrape from the livestream. Sitting there with the video on one side, and a WordPad document on the other, I did just that.

    Here's some answers to the more interesting questions I picked up on:

    • The Initiation Station was released on All Saints' Day.
      • Almost 1,000,000 unique characters uploaded to the Initiation Station so far.
    • Co-op pausing is all "null and void" (although, personally, I've noticed Whored Mode can be paused in co-op).
    • Many co-op features are accessible in the cellphone menu, and accessing it doesn't pause the game.
      • Furthermore, players can both buy clothes at same time.
    • Q&A 3 video coming later this week.
    • Nearly 100 cheats, both new and old. Answered further in Q&A 3.
    • No skateboards and bicycles for players.
    • "Pickpocket" upgrade allows pl…

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  • Moozipan Cheese

    With the release of the "Shock and Awesome" trailer, and all the commotion it has caused, it's possible that all the more recent amazing previews and news may have passed you by.

    The "Shock and Awesome" trailer, if somehow you did miss it, showcased the Special Tactical Anti-Gang unit - also known as STAG. Its opening and closing satirized recent Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 and Battlefield 3 trailers respectively, similar to how Saints Row 2's trailers satirized Grand Theft Auto IV. With Zimos, Reaper Drones, a Sonic Boom, flying aircraft carriers, and a helluva load of STAG adversaries, the trailer was certainly something.

    But I'm not here to talk about that. I'm here to remind you to check out some other videos from the recent Saints Row: The Third event, which reveal the opening missions of the game and the exciting Whored Mode. In particular, GameSpot's and GameTrailers' video previews are well worth the watch and both contain new footage.

    GameSpot's video, A Griefer's Guide to Saints Row:…

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  • Putowtin

    THQ CEO Brian Farrell announced to investors that Saints Row the Third pre-orders are "rollin' in"

    "We think with another couple of weeks we'll surpass the pre-orders for Saint's Row 2 and we're still 15 weeks from launch,"

    He also went on to explain the post launch strategy for Saints Row the Third that includes, Downloadable Content, a Season Pass, a In-game Store & Microstransactions extras that will continue to be released for nearly a year post launch.

    For the full article see,

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  • Wagnike2

    Information has already began leaking for the game Saints Row: The Third. Now we can throw in a porn actress and a professional wrestler. , , and will all be voicing major characters in the upcoming game.

    Grey, will be the voice of Viola DeWynter. DeWynter along with her twin sister Kiki DeWynter, run The Syndicate's financial empire. Hogan will be voicing the character Angel De LaMuerte. He is a luchador who was betrayed by ex-partner Killbane. Killbane then assumed the role of leader of the Luchadores (spelling unsure) gang. Finally, Kim will be returning as Johnny Gat. In this game, he is now an international celebrity who can be seen driving the Johnny Gat-mobile.

    What do you think about these casting decisions so far? Interested in them?

    • Destructoid
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  • Moozipan Cheese

    .]] Volition, Inc. recently released a video on Saints Row: The Third, revealing a small amount of interesting infomation. The video consists of Steve Jaros, the lead writer of Saints Row, Saints Row 2, and now Saints Row: The Third, providing developer commentary over the CG "Power" trailer they showed at last month. The video can be seen to the right, or alternatively, if you want to see it on YouTube, you can click here to watch it.

    The most notable information I picked up on:

    • The 3rd Street Saints have now partnered with Ultor. But why? Perhaps due to the Protagonist's help with Eric Gryphon in Saints Row 2: Corporate Warfare?
    • Viola and Kiki DeWynter are confirmed (against some minor speculation) not to be assassins, but "really awesome personal assistants" who are "real smart and savvy women".
    • The woman in the FBI jacket who's typing away on her laptop during the gunfight is named Kinzie Kensington (or Kensey Kensington, unsure on the spelling, or even if I heard the name right). She use…
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  • JoePlay

    The April issue of Game Informer magazine will feature "ten pages of information about Saints Row: The Third, including all the details on the new city and the shady Syndicate crime ring that controls it," and will also be featured on the cover.

    Source: Game Informer

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  • Wagnike2

    In a quote from THQ's Danny Bilson, he states that:

    "We don't compete with GTA. We're differentiating even further with GTA with this one. The new Saint's Row will be less urban - it's definitely not about 'gangsta' anymore at all. And it's more fun and almost sillier and wackier and weirder than the other one.

    I love GTA - especially the last one, which knocked my socks off. That's almost like a Martin Scorsese cartoon, right? We are more like the Mad Magazine version of that or something. It's colourful, it's wild, it's fun. "

    What are your opinions on this new attitude/approach that they seem to be taking? Are you completely cool with it or do you believe that this is going to hurt the Saints Row 3?

    Source: Destructoid.

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  • Humbra

    The Row Community forum moderator Jay "V-Singular" Goldberg has revealed that Volition will be unveiling some big Saints Row-related news on Monday, 9 November 2009. The moderator advises fans to check the official community home page on Monday, to be the first to hear the announcement.

    The "big news" will come nearly thirteen months after Saints Row 2's release date, back in October 2008. Since last October, various news sites and indeed a Volition official, have been quoted as saying that Saints Row 3 is in development. However, the aforementioned moderator disregarded these rumours in a statement from March this year, located here, stating that "Saints Row 3 is not a confirmed game at this time, it was only referred to in an interview as being in pre-production. Unless the game makes it out of that phase, then it does not wholly exist, which is why we are keeping our focus on SR1 and SR2 now. If SR3 becomes an actual game, we will then announce it here, and open up a section specifica…

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  • Master Sima Yi

    Saints Row PSP

    September 7, 2009 by Master Sima Yi

    On July 16, 2009, Swedish metal band Opeth announced that their song, called "The Lotus Eater", would be featured on a Saints Row game for the PSP. Neither Volition nor THQ have confirmed this.

    Read the full article on their website here:

    Janitor edit: link is dead.

    • Updated link:

    Janitor edit: both links are now dead.

    • Updated link:


    The Lotus Eater on Sony PSP game Saints Row (16-Jul-2009)
    We may not like playing video games all that much but we do like it when our music is featured on them! Makes us a bit proud even when it's a game as big as Saints Row for the PSP and even prouder when the nice developer people show excellent taste by picking "The Lotus Eater" for it. So if you love playing video games: the game is expected to hit the streets around March 2010.
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  • HipHopKing

    • Release Date = 14-7-09
    • Artist = Various
    • Producer = KrAyZeD
    • genre = Gangsta Rap, Underground Rap
    • Length = 33:55
    • Media = Free Download

    It all started when KrAyZeD released a Saints Row 2 theme song to the Saints Row forums. When he gathered a bunch of unsigned artists, KrAyZeD and his new friends recorded 34 minutes worth of tight OG Shit :)

    Track Listing:

    1. The Saints Are Back (Intro) 00:47
    2. Yeah Yeah (Tacaloc-89Boy Sug) 03:07
    3. Madagascar (Tommie Gunz And Moe Mansum) 02:35
    4. Drama 101 (Dirty Diamond) 04:02
    5. Don't Act Like You Don't Know (Haviah Mighty) 02:53
    6. Heard Me Comin (KrAyZeD and R.O.B) 03:10
    7. The Plan (Skit) 01:02
    8. Rock Da Block (AG) 03:05
    9. California (S2ThaD, R.O.B, L.A and MDK) 03:31
    10. Bout Dis (Metro, Tacaloc 36 oz.) 04:46
    11. Saints Row 2 Song (KrAyZeD) 04:48
    12. It's Over (Outro) 00:11

    The Intro, Outro and Skit (Tracks 1, 7 and 12) are recordings of convosations from Saints Row 2


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