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Cleanup Details Article Date
I have added links to intro, but this page needs work Strong Arm 2011-05-02
Transcripts need to be confirmed. See Talk:Letters to Santa for the exact text of all the images. Letters to Santa 2015-03-04
Fireworks 2011-05-18
The Trouble With Clones 2011-12-11
Stilwater Fire Department 2011-03-28
Multiplayer in Saints Row IV 2016-01-14
Courthouse 2011-08-04
Transcript needs additional details about when each dialogue occurs. Psychosomatic 2016-01-17
Transcript needs to be sorted Batteries Not Included 2016-01-17
Transcript needs additional details about when dialogue occurs. Brotherhood 2016-01-17
Needs full list of Stores and other features Projects 2011-07-29
The entire pages needs rewording by someone with experience with this weapon. Pimp Slap 2011-02-12
Transcript needs to be sorted All Hands on Deck 2016-01-17
Can someone with Multiplayer experience please clean up this article. Multiplayer in Saints Row 2 2011-08-03
Needs more locations Hotels & Marina 2012-03-12
Factories 2011-09-30
Transcript needs to be sorted King Me 2016-01-17
All facts and occurrences should be referenced with the mission or cutscene in which the event happened or was revealed Manuel Orejuela 2011-06-27
Extended neighborhood descriptions should be moved to neighborhood pages Downtown 2011-11-19
Super Ethical PR Opportunity 2012-03-05
This article is about the building, not the neighborhood. Details about things which do not happen inside the building itself should be moved to the neighborhood article. Stilwater University 2013-02-27
All transcripts require verification, as errors have already been found in some Phone Numbers 2016-10-27
The transcript needs to be sorted Miller-Space 2014-11-08
Pimps 2011-06-27
Transcript needs to be sorted Power Element Training 2016-01-17
Transcript needs to be sorted Power Training 2016-01-17
Sort unsorted subtitles Convoy Decoy 2014-11-08
Gameplay section needs to be rewritten, Transcript needs sorting Power Up CID 2016-01-17
description should specify between objectives and cutscenes, transcript needs to be sorted Send in the Clones 2014-05-01
The trivia section mentions many quotes, these quotes should be moved to the quotes section Zach and Bobby 2014-06-30
Transcript needs to be sorted We have the Technology 2016-01-17
Trivia needs to be cleaned up Brute 2013-07-08
Some transcript lines need to be sorted A Remote Chance 2014-11-08
needs price list Friendly Fire 2013-04-25
Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax 2015-02-16
Transcript needs additional details about when dialogue occurs. Gat Time, Fun Time 2016-01-11
The unsorted transcript section needs to be sorted Learning Computer 2014-11-08
Transcript needs to be sorted Matt's Back 2016-01-17
Aegean 2012-02-23
Hangar 18 1/2 2012-02-24
Transcript needs to be sorted That's Not in the Script! 2016-01-11
Weird Science 2013-08-01
Verify Male 3 and Female 3 lines in-game STAG Film 2014-11-08
All in-game events require references to specific cutscenes/missions Phillipe Loren 2012-02-20
Transcript needs to be sorted Break on Through 2016-01-17
This article needs more details about cars in general, such as damage+repair+exploding, which parts can be broken (tires, doors, windows), as well as info about Saints Row, and should be reworded to be platform-neutral Vehicle Controls 2011-03-15
The subtitles in the "unsorted" section need to be moved to where they occur during gameplay The Ho Boat 2014-11-08
This article requires references for specific facts Jane Valderamma 2011-06-27
Needs more info about SR1 Hijacking 2011-02-24
The radio interview between Jane Valderamma and Killbane needs transcribing. Live! With Killbane 2013-08-10
article needs a general rewrite Saints HQ 2011-11-20
Space Brutina 2012-02-28
Description section contains a full walkthrough which should be merged into the gameplay section. Transcript needs to be sorted The Case of Mr. X 2016-01-17
Needed: Locations Side Quests 2016-09-29
Transcript needs to be sorted He Lives 2016-01-17
Move images to specific articles Saints Row: The Third 2014-02-10
Transcript needs sorting and additional details about when dialogue occurs. Asha's VIP 2016-04-25
This article is in need of info for Saints Row, as well as general rewording Insurance Fraud 2011-02-14
Needs general cleanup, and more references Saints Row 2011-08-28
Ensure that all events of missions and strongholds are documented, and that all information has references Los Carnales 2014-03-24
article requires sources, especially citing missions/cutscenes for in-game events Vice Kings 2011-05-22
Gameplay text needs to be split into objectives Welcome Back 2014-01-18
Some of the in-game subtitles strings are missing for some voices, and should be verified in-game that they are identical to Male 1 3 Count Beat Down 2016-01-24
A major rewrite is needed.
The article is poorly written, and has large blocks of text.
Combat 2011-04-06
Quotes belong in quote templates, not as prose in the trivia. Kinzie Kensington 2013-11-10
Transcript needs to be sorted The Saints Flow 2016-01-17
This article should be rewritten to remove all parenthetical notes Zimos 2012-02-13
Transcript needs to be sorted When a Plan Comes Together 2016-01-17
needs rewriting Jenny 2013-07-20
Zombie Gat 2011-11-19
Sort unsorted subtitle blocks Http://deckers.die 2014-11-08
Among other things, all quotes should use the quote template Donnie 2015-01-12
References are need for all facts. Westside Rollerz 2014-03-24
This article requires info that is the same in SR2 and SR3 to be listed in the combined description section Annihilator RPG 2012-01-26
Confirm all pre- and post- unlock achievement descriptions Achievements and Trophies in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell 2015-01-23
this article lacks any information on locations and available Activities in the area Black Bottom 2011-09-30
Mission Beach 2011-02-12
amongst other things, the Tips section should be integrated into a gameplay section Zombie Uprising 2011-02-13
Character names should be capitalised, in-game terms should be spelled correctly. Characters in Saints Row: The Third 2013-07-10
The trivia section mentions many quotes, these quotes should be moved to the quotes section and use quote template. Matt Miller 2014-06-30
the "Description" section needs more information. All transcriptions should use Dialogue Nyte Blayde 2012-06-02
Needs plot details, thenplot details need to be removed from trivia. Angel De LaMuerte 2014-08-20
mostly copy/pasted from activities page, needs more work, particularly rewording. Mayhem 2011-02-14
Gallery out of order, many challenges missing Challenges in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell 2016-09-02
Sort the unsorted dialogue blocks in the transcript Hello Teacup 2015-12-16
Security Guards 2015-04-09
Much of the content of this article comes from wikipedia:
  • Expand with additional details and accurate names for in-game objects
  • Reword to use the terms used on this wiki.
  • Verify information in references.
Saints Row 2 2014-08-04
Transcript needs to be sorted De Plane Boss 2013-09-13
Gang Customization 2014-12-15
  • Events in the game should use current tense, not past tense.
  • Citation to specific missions and cutscenes should be added.
  • Many sections need to be reworded into flowing sentences.
  • This article is the Saints in general, not The Protagonist.
3rd Street Saints 2014-03-21
This should be a general, but broad, article about everything in Stilwater. There are elements of Stilwater which are not currently mentioned, and should be linked. Specific details and trivia belong on other pages. Stilwater 2013-04-03
The specific missions in "Mission Appearances" should be used to reference each fact Angelo Lopez 2011-06-29
Jezebel 2015-09-08
Johnny Tag 2012-03-21
All facts should have citations to specific missions and cutscene names Kazuo Akuji 2011-06-29
Sunshine's appearances in each mission should be listed in the biography section and the specific mission/cutscene names used as references. The events from Burning Down the House, Bad Trip, Bonding Experience are missing Mr. Sunshine 2011-06-27
more Homie-related information is required Nyte Blayde 2013-03-07
All facts need references using specific mission names Satan 2015-08-20
Santa 2014-05-19
All facts need references using specific mission names. Quotes belong in the quotes section. Low quality screenshots need to be replaced with higher quality screenshots from mission articles and marked for deletion. Article should be reworded to use present tense. Dane Vogel 2011-06-29
Each fact in this article requires references to specific missions/cutscenes Monica Hughes 2011-06-27
Kiki DeWynter 2015-01-23
All facts need references using specific mission names Zinyak 2014-05-30
The specific missions where we learn about Shaundi should be used as references for each fact.
All quotes in the Trivia section should be moved to the Quotes section.
Gallery contains redundant images which should be marked for deletion
Shaundi 2011-06-29
Each fact should include a reference to specific missions/cutscenes Veteran Child 2014-05-06
This page needs full text of each screen added. The full text from the game files is available on the talk page. Christmas Text Adventures 2017-08-09
The Ronin 2014-08-23
Gallery images need to be sorted and captioned Unlockables in Saints Row 2 2015-05-30
Ultor 2012-02-10
The Brotherhood 2013-08-24
Transcript needs to be sorted. A Game of Clones 2016-01-17
The trivia section mentions many quotes, these quotes should be moved to the quotes section Killbane 2014-01-29
Needs more information about CDs in Saints Row. CD Collection 2011-07-14
Needs more information about Tagging in Saints Row Tagging 2011-08-11
needs description of cutscene Loan Shark 2012-06-18
Transcript needs to be sorted Tour de Farce 2016-01-11
Verify whether the unsorted dialogue is used in-game Nyte Blayde's Return 2014-11-08
This article needs more references and images STAG 2011-08-26
This article needs references. Shivington 2012-08-30
This article needs more information, and should not be written in past tense. Saints Row 2 2011-03-16
The Saints Row 2 section needs to be reworded and needs references. Images specific to other articles should be moved to those articles instead. Stilwater Police Department 2017-03-01
The trivia section mentions many quotes, these quotes should be moved to the quotes section Oleg 2011-06-12
This article was merged from two others and requires additional rewording. Specifically, there are far too many redundant words. Notoriety 2011-02-24
Among other things:
  • This article is not intended to be used as a complete summary of the entire series, and does not require a full paragraph summary of every mission.
  • This page is for facts given in the game, not conclusions.
  • Anything not directly related should be removed.
  • In-game events should reference to specific missions/cutscenes
  • The trivia section mentions many quotes, these quotes should be moved to the quotes section
The Protagonist 2011-08-23
More details about Price's involvement in Westside Rollerz missions should be added, with references to each specific mission/cutscene Joseph Price 2011-04-27
Each fact should have a reference to the specific mission/cutscene where that fact was learned Tanya Winters 2011-04-30
This article requires references to specific missions Dex 2013-03-29
Each fact should be referenced with the specific missions or cutscene in which it was learned Julius 2015-01-09
Events need references to specific missions. Tense needs to be fixed. Quotes are wrong. Johnny Gat 2011-03-03
Everything Carlos does in all missions should be written up, and all facts should have references to specific missions/cutscenes. Quotes belong in the quote section. Carlos 2011-06-29
This article requires references to specific cutscenes Helmers 2011-06-27
Quotes which are mentioned should be included in the article using the Quote template. Shogo Akuji 2015-01-02
All events should have citations to specific missions and cutscenes. This article needs more information about Pierce's role in each game. Pierce 2011-06-29

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