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Carver Island is a District of Steelport.


Carver Island is an island in the city of Steelport. Luchadores control the neighborhoods of Carver Island. It has 6 neighborhoods, more than any other district in Steelport: Arapice Island, The Grove, Bridgeport, New Baranec, Yearwood, and Port Pryor.

Locations Edit


Trivia Edit

  • Carver Island is the largest land next to Downtown.
  • If the player goes to southern Carver Island, the map changes to the beta one.[1][2] It is seen during first Open World Gameplay.[3]

Gallery Edit

  • Carver Island on a loading screen in Saints Row: The Third
  • Carver Island map with store and activity locations

References Edit

  1. Image:
    Saints Row The Third map - portion of Carver Island in Saints Row The Third

    Original map

  2. Image:
    Saints Row The Third - map - beta

    Beta map

  3. YouTube: Saints Row: The Third - Open World Gameplay Developer Commentary
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