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Canonized mission complete 200 Cash
"Canonized" mission completion screen
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3rd Street Saints (prologue)


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"Canonized" is the first mission in Saints Row.

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There is also an Achievement of the same name

Julius, if he wants to run with the Saints he's gotta be canonized.
Canonized audio
Johnny Gat to Julius Little, remarking on The Protagonist's arrival.


The Protagonist follows up on Julius Little's request for him to join his gang, and heads to the Saints Row Church. Upon arrival, a group of 3rd Street Saints meet in the graveyard outside the church. Julius Little emerges from behind one of the pillars and gives a speech on cleaning up the Row. When Johnny Gat, a lieutenant of the 3rd Street Saints, notices The Protagonist standing amongst them, Julius explains that he and Troy found and recruited them.[4] Gat argues that if The Protagonist wants to run with the Saints, they'll need to be canonized, with Troy claiming "he's right, Julius. Everyone had to do it".[5]

It transpires that "canonization" is fighting gang members of the 3rd Street Saints, and whether or not they win the fight, The Protagonist is officially welcomed into the 3rd Street Saints by Dex, Troy, Johnny Gat and Julius Little. Julius then gives another speech on respect, and the mission ends.[6]

Welcome to the 3rd Street Saints.
Canonized Julius Little
— Julius Little


The following text has been transcribed verbatim from the game files.
It can be read in-game upon completion of the mission by pausing the game, and selecting 'Story' from the 'INFO' tab.

Being in the wrong place at the wrong time, you were wounded in a gang fight between the Vice Kings, Westside Rollerz, and Los Carnales. Julius and Troy of the 3rd Street Saints arrived just in time to get you out of danger. Julius informed you that the Row has had problems with rival gangs and invited you to stop by the abandoned church if you wanted to be part of the solution. After arriving at the 3rd Street Saints' church you were introduced and initiated, somewhat painfully, into the gang. Julius Little, the leader of the Saints, wants you to gain respect and help take back the Row.


Canonized - blocking against Saints

Gameplay from the mission.

This mission is available at the church in Mission Beach in the Saint's Row District after starting a new game, creating The Protagonist and watching the opening cutscene to Saints Row, "The Streets of Stilwater".

Go meet the Saints

After a tutorial popup regarding Save Points, the objective "Go meet the Saints" is displayed, and is listed in the "Objectives" section of the Pause Menu. This mission is not active at this point, as pressing down on the D-Pad does not prompt to exit the mission.

It is possible to fully explore the city, and use Stores, but there are no Activities available except CD Collection

If the mission is not started, the message "The Saints need your help!" is periodically displayed, first after 2 minutes, and then one additional minute later each time. This message is not shown when loading a saved game.

Defend yourself.

After starting the mission and watching the cutscene, this is the only objective. The mission starts from here when replaying at a Theater.

This mission is essentially a tutorial mission, introducing hand to hand combat; the right and left triggers swing The Protagonist's right and left fists respectively, the left bumper kicks, and holding both the left and right triggers at the same time blocks.

The Protagonist faces a minimum of five opponents over three waves; the first wave consists of one opponent and the second and third waves both consist of two opponents. Being the first in the game, the mission is generally easy, and players shouldn't even need to defend. Simply go on the offensive, pulling both triggers separately to constantly pummel opponents. If an opponent defends by raising their fists in front of their heads, pressing the left bumper to kick them breaks their defense, allowing the player to continue to hit them normally again.

Health regenerates after not receiving damage for 10 seconds. Opponents may drop Food when killed, which can also be eaten to restore health.

All opponents have a large red arrow above their head; if any spectators are attacked, they also join the fray. Additionally, Julius, Johnny Gat, Troy, and Dex are invincible, and if any of them are attacked, they all attack together.


The mission can be completed by winning or losing the fight. Losing the fight triggers a slightly different cutscene, and the cash reward is lowered from $1,000 to $200.


The mission can be failed by getting Smoked[7] or by leaving the graveyard.[8]


  • Natural Leader ability unlocked
  • Wheel Woman Homie unlocked
  • Canonized Achievement


  • Canonization in real life is an act by a Christian church of declaring a deceased person to be a saint, mirroring the canonization in the games, in which recruits have to fight gang members to become a Saint.
  • This mission has two endings depending on the outcome of the fight, but the cutscenes vary only slightly. Only the cutscene which is played is available at Theaters afterward. The subtitles for Julius' "Let's get down to business." speech contain minor differences.
    • "Welcome to the 3rd Street Saints" features The Protagonist standing staunchly in the graveyard, as Troy and Dex congratulate him on his skill. Johnny claims it took him half the time, and Julius welcomes The Protagonist officially before going onto his speech on respect and clearing up the Row.
    • "Blood In, Blood Out" features The Protagonist on his knees as members of the 3rd Street Saints kick him to the ground. Troy consoles The Protagonist that everyone went through it, and the rest of the cutscene follows the same as "Welcome to the 3rd Street Saints".
  • This is the only mission in the entire series with a variable Cash reward, although Three Way has two endings, one of which does not have a mission end screen, and thus has no rewards at all.
  • All weapons are removed from the inventory during the mission, but are restored afterward.
  • Hitting other gang members causes them to engage in combat.
  • Attacking Julius Little, Johnny Gat, Troy or Dex is the fastest way to complete the mission, as they are invincible and all attack together.
  • Lin is the only 3rd Street Saint lieutenant not present in this mission.
  • When loading a save game, or replaying this mission at the theater, the pre-mission "Go meet the Saints" objective does not appear, and is not listed as an Objective in the Pause Menu.
  • Benjamin King later states in the mission "The King and I" that he wrote the "I don't care what flags they're flyin'" speech that Julius gives in the opening cutscene to this mission.
  • The Brady Saints Row game guide incorrectly lists one of the objectives of this mission as "Beat up the Saints".
  • "Rallying Cry" is also the opening cutscene for the Saints Row 2 mission, "The Siege".
  • There is a disabled line in the Canonized mission script to unlock Mission Beach upon completion.


"Rallying Cry" cutsceneEdit

Julius Little: "Every muthafucka here knows what we need to do. Those bitches be ridin' around, thinkin' they own these streets. I don't care what flags they're flyin'... Rollerz, Carnales, Vice Kings... no one's makin' this nigga scared to walk the Row. We 'bout to lock this shit down... right now."
3rd Street Saints gang member #1: "Alright! Yeah!"
3rd Street Saints gang member #2: "Yeah!"
Johnny Gat: "Fuck yeah!"
Johnny notices The Protagonist
Johnny Gat: "Who the fuck's this guy?"
Julius Little: "Troy and I found him, I was gonna see if he'd ride with us."
Johnny Gat: "Julius, if he wants to run with the Saints he's gotta be canonized."
Troy: "He's right, Julius. Everyone had to do it."
Julius Little: "You ready for this, playa?"
Rallying Cry full CUTSCENES 0012
— "Rallying Cry" cutscene


Julius Little: "You got spirit son, I'll give ya that."
Julius Little: "Oh you wanna play with the big boys, do ya?"
Troy: "You didn't want us involved..."
Troy: "You think that's funny, huh?"
Johnny Gat: "You just started somethin' you can't finish."
Johnny Gat: "Julius, this kid ain't smart but he's got guts."
— Upon attacking a lieutenant

"Blood In, Blood Out" cutsceneEdit

Julius Little: "That's enough!"
Troy: "C'mon, get on your feet. We all went through that."
Johnny Gat: "Blood in, blood out."
Julius Little: "Welcome to the 3rd Street Saints."
Julius Little: "Let's get to business. If we're serious about takin' back the Row, we gotta let those muthafuckas know what time it is. Break it down, and it's all about respect. Get enough of it, they're gonna back off, and we're gonna move right on in. We got some friends in town that could use some help. Give 'em a hand. 'Course, you can always drop any muthafucka flyin the wrong flag. So long as word gets out that the Saints is on the Row, I don't give a damn how you do it. You feel me?"
Blood In, Blood Out full CUTSCENES 0016
— "Blood In, Blood Out" cutscene

"Welcome to the 3rd Street Saints" cutsceneEdit

Troy: "You earned your colors today."
Dex: "That's some impressive shit; the only other Saint who kicked ass like that was Johnny."
Johnny Gat: "Shit, took me half the time."
Julius Little: "Welcome to the 3rd Street Saints."
Julius Little: "Let's get down to business. If we're serious about takin' back the Row, we gotta let those muthafuckas know what time it is. Now you break it down, and it's all about respect. Get enough of it, they're gonna back off, and we're gonna move right on in. We got some friends in town that could use some help. Give 'em a hand. 'Course, you can always drop any muthafucka flyin the wrong flag. So long as word gets out that the Saints is on the Row, I don't give a damn how you do it. You feel me?"
Welcome to the 3rd Street Saints full CUTSCENES 0000
— "Welcome to the 3rd Street Saints" cutscene


  • The "Go meet the Saints" nag message before starting the mission
  • "Go meet the Saints" in the objective menu
  • "Go meet the Saints" in the message log menu
  • Canonized mission marker
  • Julius Little's first appearance in the mission
  • Johnny Gat calls out The Protagonist
  • Troy agrees with the canonization
  • Gameplay from the mission
  • "Blood In, Blood Out" cutscene
  • "You feel me?"
  • canonized mission complete 200 Cash
  • canonized mission complete 1000 Cash


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    You died

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