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CD Collection is an Activity in Saints Row and a Collection Diversion in Saints Row 2.


CDs are spinning Saints Row game discs located all over the city, which can be collected to unlock rewards. Unlike the collectible Tagging Diversion, CDs do not have a blue marker and leave no trace when collected. Collecting all CDs counts as 5% game completion in both Saints Row and Saints Row 2.

Saints RowEdit

There are 60 CDs hidden around Stilwater. Collecting multiples of 10 unlocks music tracks that are added to the Audio Player.

Saints Row 2Edit

  • Bachelor Samba Music Track
  • Coconuts Music Track
  • Marvelous Singers Remix Music Track
  • Stereo Cha Cha Music Track
  • 100% Discount on music

There are 50 CDs are hidden around Stilwater. Collecting multiples of 10 unlocks music tracks that are added to the Radio Playlist Editor.[1]

  • 10 CDs - Bachelor Samba by Marc Durst
  • 20 CDs - Coconuts by Gerhard Narholtz
  • 30 CDs - Marvelous Singers Remix by Marc Durst
  • 40 CDs - Stereo Cha Cha by Umberto Pagnini
  • 50 CDs - 100% discount at Scratch That
  • 50 CDs - "Hi Fidelity" Achievement


  • CD Collection and Hold Ups and the only activities available before joining the Saints.


  • CD in Saints Row
  • CD in Saints Row 2
  • CD Collection message in Saints Row
  • CD Collection tutorial text in Saints Row 2
  • Free Music Track unlocked
  • 100% Music Store Discount unlocked
  • High resolution Saints Row CD locaton map
  • High resolution Saints Row 2 CD location map
  • User friendly Saint Row 2 CD location map


  1. Image:
    Free Music Track unlocked in Saints Row 2

    "You have unlocked a new music track, now available from your Radio Playlist Editor"

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