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Burt Reynolds
Burt Reynolds closeup on Zombie Attack in Saints Row The Third
Burt Reynolds in Saints Row: The Third
Appears in

Saints Row: The Third








Phillipe Loren pre-SRTT
Viola DeWynter
3rd Street Saints
STAG temporarily






Mayor of Steelport

Voiced by

Burt Reynolds

Burt Reynolds[2] is a character in Saints Row: The Third.

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For the real-life actor, see Burt Reynolds

The Protagonist: "Burt-fucking-Reynolds?"
Burt Reynolds: "Who else could keep this town running?"
The Protagonist meeting Burt Reynolds[2][3]


Burt Reynolds is the Mayor of Steelport. He makes his first appearance in the mission "Zombie Attack".

Burt Reynolds deploys The Protagonist to eradicate the zombie outbreak in Steelport that, unbeknownst to him, The Protagonist caused.[4] To quell the threat, The Protagonist destroys three containers of toxic material that creates the zombies.[3] If The Protagonist then chooses to destroy the final container, Burt Reynolds becomes a homie and provides the Saints the support of the Steelport SWAT teams. Regardless of mission choice, Notoriety Wipe - Law, AKA "Mayor's Favor", is unlocked in the cellphone.

If The Protagonist chooses to kill Killbane and sacrifice Shaundi and Viola,[5] Burt Reynolds, being tied up on the monument alongside them dies and The Protagonist declares Steelport a city-state under the control of the Saints and appoints Pierce as its new mayor.

Even if having chosen to go after Killbane, it is still possible to call him in order to wipe notoriety.


In the opening cutscene for "Zombie Attack", The Protagonist meets Burt in his office. This office is not normally accessible outside of this cutscene, and is not part of any building.

The actual location of this room is floating in the sky above a road in Loren Square, as can be seen by matching up the buildings seen in the cutscene.


  • He does not carry a weapon as a Homie, and does not pick one up off the ground, instead fighting with his bare fists. Unlike Zombie Gat, who also doesn't use weapons, Burt's attacks lack the one-hit-kill effect. While the game data files[6] defines Burt as only using "knuckles", as does not define him as having the ability to pick up weapons, there is a glitch which may rarely cause him to pick up a weapon.[reference?]
    • The only reliable way to bypass this restriction is to have him enter a Condor while someone is already in the gunner seat, typically only achievable during co-op play. Whenever anyone exits a Condor from the rear they are equipped with a K-8 Krukov or other Rifle, including Burt Reynolds.
  • In 1996, Burt knocked Angel unconscious during Murderbrawl XIII.[1]
  • Burt constantly perform takedown attacks on his targets as a homie, due to his lack of weapons.
  • He drives a custom black Phoenix in the game when the player calls him. This vehicle is a look-alike to Burt's custom "Bandit One" (a black Pontiac Trans Am) from his famous role in the film trilogy "Smokey and the Bandit". This vehicle is one of few non-unlocked vehicles which cannot be customized. As with all non-customizable vehicles, it can be customized using the Rim Jobs glitch.
  • The Protagonist is a fan of Burt Reynolds.[3]
  • If the player uses the Zombie voice, The Protagonist says the line "Burt-fucking-Reynolds!" much clearer than they normally speak.
  • When The Protagonist meets Burt Reynolds, neither Viola nor Oleg knew about the zombie invasion on Arapice Island, yet they both have known Reynolds for some time.
  • Even though he dies as part of the "Kill Killbane" ending, Burt Reynolds can still be Phoned as a Homie, but the "Save Shaundi" ending must also be completed for him to become available again, and this also applies for Shaundi and Viola.
  • Even if he is not unlocked as a homie and was killed by going after Killbane, he still has Assassination diversions.
  • In the game he has a Southern appearance due to having starred in many Southern based films, but in real life, despite being born in Waycross, Georgia, he comes from Lansing, the capital of the northern state of Michigan. Red Faction reveals that Stilwater (a fictional town) was in Michigan, as is Steelport presumably.[when?]
  • From Viola, The Protagonist learns that at one point, Phillipe Loren had also been associated with Burt Reynolds. When the two are fighting against the zombies on Arapice Island, The Protagonist asks Viola whether Phillipe had ever considered running for mayor. Viola explains that the job involved too much politics, and that Phillipe figured he wouldn't stand a chance against Burt in a mayoral election campaign.[3]
  • The game data files refer to him as "Mayor Tate". Burt Reynolds has never played a character named "Tate", so this reference is unrelated to him.
  • Neither Burt nor Viola appear in the end cutscene of "Three Way" after they have been saved.
  • In Saints Row IV, Kinzie mentions that Burt had worked before with MI6 Agent Asha Odekar.[7]
  • Burt exists in the Saints Row IV files and it is possible to modify the game files to add him as a Homie.
  • Volition have stated that Burt Reynolds was not allowed to die as a Homie, for legal reasons.[8] However, it is possible to kill Burt Reynolds in game, either as a Homie, or after dismissing him.
  • Burt is featured under B in The ABCs of Saints Row.[9]


Homie ConversationsEdit

When 2 Homies are recruited together outside of missions, many have conversations.

Angel and Burt

Angel: "It's been a long time, Reynolds."
Burt: "Do I know you?"
Angel: "Mexico, '96. Murderbrawl XIII."
Burt: "Oh. You look... different when you're not unconscious."
Angel: "I underestimated you. I thought you were just an actor. I didn't realize you were the man who trained Bear Trap Calhoun."
Burt: "Not your fault, kid. The Cutter can come from anywhere."
Homiechat Angel Burt

Josh and Burt

Josh: "Hey Burt, got a second for another practitioner of the craft?"
Burt: "What is it, kid?"
Josh: "Well, I was thinkin'... how would you like to be involved on Nyte Blayde?"
Burt: "What are you talking about?"
Josh: "Definitely a guest spot, at least, but I bet I could talk the producers into making you a series regular."
Burt: "No! What the hell is this Nyte Blayde?"
Josh: "Are you not familiar with the transmedia explosion that has taken the world by storm?"
Burt: "No."
Josh: "I play Nyte Blayde, a vampire hunter who's become the very thing he vowed to destroy."
Burt: "A vampire?"
Josh: "Yes."
Burt: "I think I'll pass."
Josh: "But... you don't even know the part yet."
Burt: "I've heard enough. Good luck, kid. Try to get shot."
Homiechat Josh Burt

Burt and Kinzie

Burt: "Didn't think I'd see you again, my dear."
Kinzie: "Burt, you knew that was a one-time thing."
Burt: "Kinzie... come on."
Kinzie: "You had your chance, it's time to let it go."
Burt: "Oh..."
Homiechat Burt Kinzie

Burt and Oleg

Burt: "Oleg Kirrlov."
Oleg: "I should kill you where you stand, Reynolds."
Burt: "The Cold War is over, son."
Oleg: "Do you think I'm naïve enough to believe that?"
Burt: "Ha, guess not."
Oleg: "I owe a debt to the Saints, but when this is all over, you and I will settle what we started in Moscow."
Burt: "Anytime, you commie."
Homiechat Burt Oleg

Burt and Shaundi

Burt: "You're the girl with the reality show, right?"
Shaundi: "Yeah, I'm Shaundi."
Burt: "You look less of a slut in person."
Shaundi: "...Thanks?"
Homiechat Burt Shaundi

Burt and Viola

Burt: "I'm sorry to hear about your sister, Viola."
Viola: "Thank you, sir."
Burt: "Before the whole goddamn city got turned upside down, we had some pretty good times, didn't we?"
Viola: "[Laughs] Remember that first dinner you had with Phillipe?"
Burt: "[Laughs] Oh man, that Frenchman sure knew how to tell a joke."
Viola: "He was Belgian."
Burt: "Whatever."
Homiechat Burt Viola

Burt and Zimos

Burt: "Zimos! Where the hell have you been, buddy?"
Zimos: "Your girl, Viola, turned me into a human pony and rented me out for eighty bucks an hour."
Burt: "Well... this just... got a little awkward."
Zimos: "A little bit."
Homiechat Burt Zimos


  • Reynolds' office from behind the desk
  • Reynolds' model of a Phoenix. A reference to the 1977-1983 movie trilogy "Smokey and the Bandit", in which Reynolds starred as the titular Bandit
  • Reynolds' nameplate. Stylized to look like the steelworker statue on Magarac Island
  • The key to the city of Steelport
  • Burt with his Ho
  • Burt captured by STAG during the mission Three Way
  • Approximate location of Burt's office, with visual cues
  • Location of Burt's office on the map, when using glitches or modifying the game files to enter the room
  • Burt Reynolds
  • Burt is featured under B in The ABCs of Saints Row


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    Angel: "I underestimated you. I thought you were just an actor. I didn't realize you were the man who trained Bear Trap Calhoun."
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