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of Bums in Saints Row and in Saints Row: The Third.

Bums (1)
A Bum asleep in New Hennequet in Saints Row 2.
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Bums are a type of Civilian.


In Saints Row 2, they appear mostly in the Projects District and Red Light District, although they can also be found around most of Stilwater, except for Ultor and Ronin neighborhoods where a few appear in certain locations in these neighborhood such as panhandling at the marina or sleeping hallways of the Developer offices. Before "Down Payment", the several of the homeless lived in Old Stilwater which was under Samedi control. Several of them are killed by The Protagonist and Johnny Gat during "Down Payment" and the disappearance of homeless becomes a local news story covered in newspapers and newscast by Jane Valderamma. However even after clearing out the most homeless of Old Stilwater a few still remain behind indicating that the Saints allowed a few of them to continue living certain sections of Old Stilwater. Despite this, the surviving bums who are forced out take up residence in the caves of the Stilwater Caverns and began robbing tourists in order to buy firearms to take on the Saints, but Johnny Gat gets wind of their plan and The Protagonist destroys their shanty town as a warning not to mess with the Saints. In "Riot Control", Mr. Sunshine convinces several Loa Dust addicts to attack the Saints in exchange for keeping any Loa Dust they find. One of the addicts is cornered by The Protagonist and is forced to reveal Sunshine's location, and as a reward The Protagonist allows the injured addict to live and keep the box of dust he had managed to swipe.

They have ties with the Sons of Samedi due to many bums being drug addicts who are likely addicted to the Samedi's drug Loa Dust, and appear as targets in the "Down Payment" and "Riot Control" missions. They appear in the Stilwater Caverns as part of the Stronghold. Some of them are crazy/mentally ill and make various crazy sounding comments. Others are war veterans who are suffering from PTSD.

Several of them randomly mention The Pyramid.

They are easily identified by their dirty appearance and tattered clothes. They drive beater Capshaws, Danvilles, Bootleggers and La Fuerzas. They behave similarly to other civilian NPCs, though they occasionally do homeless activities like panhandling, keeping warm via a burning drum, sleeping or laying on the ground, digging though garbage, drinking and smoking, etc.

After taunting a bum in Saints Row 2, they back without moving. When mugging or killing bums they usually drop coins although rarely they also drop cash.


Bums in Steelport normally sleep on benches anywhere in the city except Arapice Island after the zombie outbreak and keeping warm next to burning oil drum. Many times, bums hang out on various seedy peers throughout the city, especially in Sunset Park. Many bums are located on Magarac Island. If a Bum is sleeping on a bench, it is possible to wake them up by hitting them or aiming a gun at them.

A Let's Pretend radio commercial[reference?] says, the current Chief of the Steelport Police is a homeless bum who purchased a SPD uniform and was mistaken for a cop, became a member of the Steelport PD, and was eventually promoted to Chief of Police.



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