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Broken Shillelagh

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Broken Shillelagh
Broken Shillelagh exterior in Saints Row The Third
The Broken Shillelagh in Saints Row: The Third



Loren Square

Saints Row: The Third
Saints Row IV



Saints Row: The Third
Saints Row IV

The Broken Shillelagh is an enterable building in Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV.[1]


The Broken Shillelagh is a small bar located in the Loren Square Neighborhood of the Downtown District of Steelport. It is frequently used by Pierce to meet and discuss plans.[2] It's also where the Saints hold the wake for fallen homies after killing Killbane.[3]

In Saints Row IV, the Broken Shillelagh is where the portal to other character's simulations appears, such as Matt Miller's[4], Shaundi's[5], Benjamin King's[6], Pierce's[7] and Asha Odekar's[8].

The sign for the Broken Shillelagh is a neon sign with rough lettering.

There is a large patio in front of the bar, and the interior features two pool tables, a few video games, some tables, and a long wooden bar.

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Trivia Edit

  • A Shillelagh is a type of Irish club.
  • Pierce likes this bar because of the cheap beer and homely customers.[2]
  • Viola argues against meeting at the place, claiming "sports bars aren't [her] thing".[9]
  • This bar is one of few places where the door is always open and the interior is always accessible.
  • There are two arcade games inside:
    • Zombie Uprising 2, the sequel to Zombie Uprising.
    • Saints Row 3, featuring a Saints Row-styled "Saints Row 3" logo, and discarded concept art.
  • Pierce indirectly[how?] tells The Protagonist to meet at this bar during the final missions of the game.[3]
  • The street signs on the walls change between Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV.
  • Civilians may perform various actions inside, including vomiting and using the jukebox or pinball machine.
  • The sign on the wall incorrectly mentions Steelport as Bridgeport as Bridgeport was Steelport's name during development of the game.
  • Oleg and Josh are inside the Broken Shillelagh when the Earth is destroyed.[10]
  • Decorating the walls are street signs named after developers of the game.[11]
    • DUARTE st, named after Victor Duarte, a world builder
    • HAWK st, named after Seth Hawk, a weapons and prop designer
    • KIRKLAND st, named after Marc Kirkland
    • PAYNE st, named after David Payne, the weapons and prop art lead
    • QUIRK st, named after Samuel James Quirk
    • SCHMIDT st, named after Ryan Schmidt
    • ANAYA st, named after Mike Anaya
    • CLAFLIN st, named after Chris Claflin, area art director

Gallery Edit

  • The player outside of the Broken Shillelagh
  • The outside of the bar
  • Broken Shillelagh exterior
  • Broken Shillelagh interior
  • Broken Shillelagh interior
  • Pinball machine and arcade games inside the Broken Shillelagh
  • Saints Row 3 arcade game skin
  • Street signs featuring names of the developers in Saints Row: The Third
  • Street signs featuring names of the developers in Saints Row IV
  • Oleg with Josh inside the Broken Shillelagh in Saints Row IV

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