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    Zero Punctuation reviews

    August 20, 2016 by 452

    Zero Punctuation has reviewed all released Saints Row games since Saints Row 2.

    As I've mentioned before, the Saints Row 2 review is the reason I became interested in the Saints Row series, and the later reviews have always matched my own opinion, so I would recommend them to anyone.

    • Saints Row 2
    • Saints Row: The Third
    • Saints Row IV
    • Gat out of Hell
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    Infobox review - Neighborhoods

    August 11, 2016 by 452

    hood city district gang unlocked gangSR1 unlockedSR1 gangSR2 unlockedSR2 namespace = uses = Template:neighborhood notuses = Template:Infobox_neighborhood include = {neighborhood}:city:district:gang:unlocked:gangSR1:unlockedSR1:gangSR2:unlockedSR2 format=,\n-\n%PAGE%\n\n,\n, noresultsheader=\n


    namespace = uses = Template:Infobox_neighborhood include = {Infobox neighborhood}:city:district:gang:unlocked:gangSR1:unlockedSR1:gangSR2:unlockedSR2 format=,\n-\n%PAGE%\n\n,\n, noresultsheader=\n


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    DLC test needed

    August 2, 2016 by 452

    What happens when a DLC is purchased when another DLC in the same pack has already been purchased?

    For example, if you have already downloaded the Gangstas in Space DLC, then buy the Steelport Gangs Pack, what happens?

    In theory, you shouldn't have to download the entire 261.37 MB again, because that would be stupid. Conversely, if this pack is bought and downloaded first, then Gangstas in Space is purchased, you shouldn't need to download the entire thing that way either.

    Here are the pairing of all sets of DLC, and single positive or negative confirmation would be great.

    • DLC1
      • Genkibowl VII
      • Valve Clothing Pack
      • CheapyD
    • DLC2
      • Gangstas in Space
      • Horror Pack
      • Steelport Gangs Pack
      • Genki Girl Pack
      • Penthouse Pack
    • DLC3
      • The Trouble With Clones
      • Witches and Wieners

    • DL…

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  • Six18

    I found a link to this interesting publication, the zip archive contains a video of what appears to be a beta build of SR3, with advertisements of "freerunning" and "vaulting", which never made it into the game. (Big shock.)

    Here's a link

    Saintsgodzilla also made a video describing the footage contents, which you can find here if you don't want to download the file.

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    Background character audio

    June 25, 2016 by 452

    Subject Audio

    Tom's trapped in the closet

    This is for Tommy

    Chicken Ned



    Stay away from boats

    Flight Attendant aren't whores

    Stereotype Sorority girls


    Dr Jaros

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    According to persona_radio_perfs.xtbl:

    • Deckers listen to K12 97.6
    • Luchadores listen to 106.66 The Blood
    • Morningstar listen to KRhyme 95.4
    • All Mascots listen to Adult Swim WDDTCPDG
    • Hos listen to KRhyme 95.4. Hispanic Hos listen to Kabron 104.2.
    • Middle aged peds listen to The Mix 107.77
    • Paparazzi listen to GenX 89
    • Asian Saints listen to K12 97.6
    • Black Saints listen to KRhyme 95.4
    • Hispanic Saints listen to Kabron 104.2
    • White Saints listen to 106.66 The Blood
    • 7 of the 10 "Young Black" NPC personas listen to KRhyme 95.4
    • 6 of the 10 "Young Hispanic" NPC personas listen to Kabron 104.2
    • 4 of the 8 STAG NPC personas and all 4 SWAT personas listen to Klassic 102.4

    And more specifically:

    • Angel listens to The Mix 107.77
    • Jane listens to Klassic 102.4
    • Bobby listens to Th…
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    A while ago, someone anonymously emailed me with what looks like a scan a beta development map of Stilwater in Saints Row 2.

    I told them they could upload it to the wiki themselves, but since they haven't done so, here it is!

    As far as I can see, there's nothing on this map that we didn't already know, but if you spot anything you think wasn't already on the wiki, feel free to leave a comment below, or add it to the appropriate article yourself.

    This map has been available in various sizes since 2008, but this is the largest version I've personally seen. When comparing it to the smaller version I already had, it is missing some of the edges, and has fold marks - if you have a clearer, more complete, or just higher-quality version, feel free t…

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  • 452

    900 referenced articles

    June 3, 2016 by 452

    As of today, there are 900 articles with references, which is appropriately two thirds of all articles.

    The Saints Row Wiki is more verifiably accurate than ever!

    Currently, there are still 250 articles with reference requests, and 35 articles with unlabelled references which need to be updated.

    When I first started, there were no references at all. Soon after I joined, a basic version of references was introduced. A few months later, I created , and have been improving it gradually over the years.

    At first, I didn't see the point of references, but after encountering the pervasive notion that "wikis can be edited by anyone therefore are unreliable", I soon came to the realisation that the best way to combat this ignorance was by using refer…

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  • 452

    I previously posted about SR2 and SRTT being released without DRM through - now you can upgrade to the DRM-free version of Saints Row 2 for free.

    If you own the DRM-encumbered version of Saints Row 2 available on Steam, you can now link your Steam account to a GOG account, and obtain the DRM-free version from GOG for free.

    Once your Steam account is linked to your GOG account, Saints Row 2 will be available in your GOG library, along with all other eligible games.

    This is apparently a limited-time offer, to find out more, go to

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  • I1west

    I miss the Sabretooth

    May 23, 2016 by I1west

    I really miss this one. Estrada is a cool bobber/cruiser, but it is far behind Sabretooth. SR3 particulary has little to none in terms of choppers and hot-rods.

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  • CodeFireblaze


    Would anybody be interested iin playing Saints Row IV? (No Cheats For NOW.). I'm NOT asking for people to join, but if you want to screw around, Gamertag is ZeusGamer101.

    1. My friend list is full, so if you want me to befriend you, please send me a message saying "Wikia Subject" and I'll send you a friend request. or,if prefered, leave a comment below with your gamertag.

    2. My system is Xbox 360, not PlayStation nor Xbox One.


      Do you guys think we should merge the Dubstep Gun Pages? leave a suggestion below in the comments.

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    In Saints Row, some songs randomly play on the wrong station. While this has already been discussed on assorted talk pages, I wanted a more centralised place for future discussion about this topic.

    Although I could speculate many possible causes, the exact cause of this is currently unknown to me. If anyone can reliably trigger any song to play on different station, please leave a comment.

    While some songs can play on certain stations, they should not be listed in radio stations articles unless they're supposed to play on the station.

    • If the announcer announces the song, it's supposed to be on that station.
    • If it's in the audio bank for that station, it's supposed to be on that station.

    In 2011, I added the tracklists from all stations from the ga…

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    Image policy simplified

    March 5, 2016 by 452

    The image policy here is very simple, but Saints Row Wiki:File Policies has ended up to be pretty long, so here's a different version of it.

    Am I allowed to upload this image?


    • A better quality image already exists on the wiki
    • The image is poorly named
    • The image has no purpose
    • The image is somehow deceptive

    Images may be immediately deleted for any of these 4 reasons.

    Am I allowed to replace this image with a better one?

    Replacing images with higher quality versions is encouraged. Category:Image requests contains a long list of files which need to be replaced, but you can replace any image with a better quality one, or mark any low quality image for replacement so that others know about it.

    Here are some r…

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  • ToyGoldenFreddy2

    Amazing Game. I Loved The Game So Much, To Bad It's Over :(

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    mobile skin known issues

    January 11, 2016 by 452

    I recommend that mobile users view the full site instead of the mobile skin, to experience the Saints Row Wiki as it was intended.

    For the last several years, I have regularly checked that the mobile skin looked how it was supposed to, the entire site looked great.

    However, a few months ago, Wikia made changes to the mobile skin which prevents custom CSS from loading, without providing any tools, or guidance, for admins to improve for mobile.

    Once Wikia made those changes, a range of previously-fixed issues immediately broke.

    I will continue to check mobile compatibility for any new changes I make - but I will not be taking any action to fix what Wikia broke until Wikia provide a way to apply CSS to the mobile skin.

    The purpose of this blog post …

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  • 452

    Pre-release information

    November 30, 2015 by 452

    Since September 2011, has been used to mark pre-release information in articles. The purpose of the template is to improve the reliability of the wiki by marking what is known to be unconfirmed.

    One thing the template doesn't say, but is often assumed to say, is that "the game comes out in the future". That is not the purpose of this template.

    Every now and then, a well meaning user removes from an article, using the edit summary "This game is already out".

    While I've continually updated the wording of the template in an effort to avoid this, it still happens, so I'm going to explain the purpose of the template, in detail.

    edit: To further attempt to avoid the removal of the template, it has now been renamed to .

    Here is the current versio…

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  • 452

    As opposed to my other review pages, this page lists static information alongside automatic information, for easy comparison.

    This information should be used to ensure that all objectives are included in each article, and to colour the objectives in the gameplay section of each article.


    • Teal - use blue
    • Green - use limegreen
    • Red - use red
    • Orange - use orange


    Sort uses=Template:mission notuses=Template:Infobox mission include={mission}:objective format=,\n¦-\n¦\n==²{:¦title=%PAGE%}² ==\n{¦ class="article-table fullwidth"\n!Infobox\n!Data files\n¦-\n¦\n²{#dplreplace:,¦#obj¦%PAGE%#obj}² ²{:¦objectives=%PAGE%}²\n¦\n²{:¦%PAGE%}²\n¦}\n,


    uses=Template:Infobox mission include={Infobox mission}:objective format=,\n¦-\n¦\n==²{:¦title=%PAGE%}² …
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  • 452

    Saints Row DLC re-release

    July 30, 2015 by 452

    All 5 Saints Row DLC packs have now been re-added to the xbox marketplace.

    If you have Saints Row, Xbox live, and a few spare dollars, now is your chance to buy them and add information and screenshots to the wiki before they are removed again.

    • Ho Ho Ho Pack → The Ho Ho Ho Pack Xbox marketplace page - Free!
    • Exclusive Unkut Pack → Exclusive Unkut pack Xbox marketplace page - Free!
    • Funky Fresh Pack → Funky Fresh Pack Xbox marketplace page - $0.99
    • Industrial Map Pack → Industrial Map Pack page - $0.99
    • The Gankster Pack → Gankster Pack Xbox marketplace page - $4.99
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  • Bandicootfan63

    I need someone to play Co-Op with me on Gat Out of Hell for the PS4. My PSN ID is ClassyCrash63, just message me. It's negotiable how we do it, I was thinking if you're not able to sit for three hours (I'm not either tonight) I could just invite you before you go to bed or whatever, you go AFK with your PS4 on and then I'll just screw around by myself until I get the trophy. (To be clear, I need exactly 2 hours and 55 minutes in Co-Op.)

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  • 452

    The "Businesses" and "Occupations" fields were merged in the character infobox some time ago, and the gang infobox also has "Businesses".

    The majority of both are, and should be, links to other articles. One thing that is sorely lacking is references to where the information is learned.

    Gang Businesses namespace = uses = Template:gang notuses = Template:Infobox_gang include = {gang}:businesses format=,\n-\n%PAGE%\n\n,\n, noresultsheader=\n


    namespace = uses = Template:Infobox_gang include = {Infobox gang}:businesses format=,\n-\n%PAGE%\n\n,\n, noresultsheader=\n


    Gang Occupations namespace = uses = Template:character notuses = Template:Infobox_character include = {character}:occupations format=,\n-\n%PAGE…

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  • Miracle Max

    I noticed that Co-Op and Strong Arm have their own pages, but other Multiplayer modes do not. Gangsta Brawl redirects to the Multiplayer Categories page, while all other modes redirect to the Multiplayer in Saints Row article. I can definitely see Co-Op having it's own article either way (though it needs to be touched up with more information), but should Strong Arm be merged into the Multiplayer in Saints Row 2 article, or should the other modes from the first game each get their own article?

    I'm kind of leaning towards each getting their own page so that the Multiplayer pages can be cleaned up some and just focus on general information and quick overviews of the modes with links to them where it goes into detail with the maps and customiz…

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  • 452

    Dear DLC users, please update Achievements in Saints Row 2 with before and after unlock text for Corporate Warfare Achievements, and please use exProfileEditor to extract the official images from your profile and upload them to replace the "grey background" images currently in the article.

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    DRM-Free Saints Row 2+3

    May 11, 2015 by 452

    Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third - The Full Package are now available without DRM.

    As you may know, Saints Row games on PC normally come with Digital Restriction Measures which force you to connect to the internet and install Steam, even if you purchase the physical disc.

    But now, perhaps thanks to Deep Silver's ownership, Saints Row 2 and Saints Row: The Third are both finally available without DRM. No third party bloatware or internet connection required to install.

    • $4
    • $5

    I've used since it was still called "Good Old Games", and would recommend it to anyone. (System Shock 2 is also available there, and is the only place to buy a digital copy w…

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    Objective links

    April 21, 2015 by 452

    As you may have noticed, I've been linking the objectives in the mission infobox so that people can quickly find the information they're looking for.

    See here for a list of articles which have already been updated

    The key to doing this is , which creates an anchor for the link to target.

    Here is an explanation of how add objective links and anchors

    Example objectives from Waterfront Rooftop


    Put the objective headings in the appropriate place in the gameplay section. Some rewording may be necessary if the existing text glosses over the individual parts of the mission.

    • Here is the diff of the changes:

    It's that easy!

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  • 452

    Updating references

    April 11, 2015 by 452

    As you may have noticed, I've been periodically updating old references since December.

    There are currently 3 maintenance pages listing references which need to be updated. These are relatively easy tasks which anyone can do, and are a great way for new contributors to increase their edit count.

    References needing descriptions

    References which are missing various types of descriptions, including image and youtube references without captions, as well as raw links.

    This is the most important of these three tasks, because adding descriptions improves the wiki. I have already updated several hundred of these over the past 5 months, and am I leaving it to others to add captions to images and descriptions to youtube links.

    As well as being listed o…

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  • I1west

    TM brand in Punisher

    April 5, 2015 by I1west

    Hey there, that's car maniac i1west here. I hope you remember me.

    Well, we do not have pages for car manufacturers, but. I found a cool fact, that, I believe, you will find interesting enough. I was re-playing The Punisher, a small-known, but awesome game, made by Volition. In the second mission I've decided to take a closer look at the Punisher's car and, well, look at the attached picture! His muscle, though it does not appear in any of Saint's Row games, is made by TM.

    Probably means that Punisher exists in Saint's Row universe as well... Watch your back, Saints.

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    Missing time

    March 27, 2015 by 452

    Apart from the removed features, the garish graphics, the bland city, the poor plot development, the lack of character motivation, and the lack of reason to explore... I think one of the main reasons I thought Saints Row: The Third and Saints Row IV were poor sequels is the missing time between the games.

    We've had discussions in the Saints Row Wiki Chat regarding how much better Saints Row IV would have been if the prologue hadn't been so rushed and we'd gotten to take part more of the backstory, but I'd never considered it in the context of why I didn't like the game very much.

    In Saints Row 2, you have been in a coma for *cough* years, so it's perfectly explained why you're out of the loop while the world has changed so much without you. The firs…

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  • Six18

    So apparantly, Saints Row 2 was to be a completely different game had it not been for an animator's laziness. According to an interview with volition the animators animated Julius checking his watch during Saints and Matyrs rather then him running from a gunmen in an alleyway. It goes up until 7:00

    It is part of a video about Dex however, you can watch the whole thing on your own if you wish.

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  • 452

    |dplcacheperiod=864000 |namespace = |uses = Template:vehicle |notuses = Template:Infobox_vehicle |noresultsheader=\n |include = {vehicle}:%TITLE%:logo:logo2:logo3:logo4 |table = class="wikitable sortable",-,Vehicle,Logo,Logo,Logo,Logo |tablerow = %%,²{#if:%%¦¦no logo}²,²{#if:%%¦¦no logo}²,²{#if:%%¦¦no logo}²,²{#if:%%¦¦no logo}² |shownamespace =false |ordermethod =counter }} |dplcacheperiod=864000 |namespace = |uses = Template:Infobox_vehicle |noresultsheader=\n |include = {Infobox vehicle}:%TITLE%:logo:logo2:logo3:logo4 |table = class="wikitable sortable",-,Vehicle,Logo,Logo,Logo,Logo |tablerow = %%,²{#if:%%¦¦no logo}²,²{#if:%%¦¦no logo}²,²{#if…

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  • 452

    Version differences

    March 2, 2015 by 452

    Although this is the english Saints Row Wiki, this wiki is not only about the english version of the game: all information about different versions and languages is welcome.

    Some of the most well known differences are the changes in the German, Japanese and Australia versions of the game.

    Here's a site that details many of the differences in the German low-violence version of Saints Row 2: (Some of that information has been added here already.)

    Many translations use alternate names for missions which make more sense in those languages, and that kind of information about subtle differences is also welcome here.

    So if you play Saints Row in a different language, feel free to add trivia on h…

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  • OoppDecks

    Character Formulas

    March 2, 2015 by OoppDecks

    I have got an idea that this Wiki should display formulas for characters. This would be especially beneficial for Saints Row 2, as most, if not all characters in the game were made through character customisation, unlike the other games. Character formulas can be found all over the internet in forums and YouTube videos, but it would be very useful if there could be a place where gamers can find useful character formulas in one place.

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  • Bandicootfan63

    So, I've just finished SRIV: Re-Elected and noticed the SaintsRowXDeadIsland coming in 2015 thing. Volition's always had a great sense of humor, but does anyone think that could have some truth to it? It would make sense considering Deep Silver recently bought Volition, right? My theory is that it's either a teaser for some new game (since after Gat out of Hell Volition stated there would be no more DLC for IV) or it could have even been a reference to Gat out of Hell itself, considering the themes of death in the game. Any thoughts?

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  • 452

    How to state a fact

    January 29, 2015 by 452

    Writing on this wiki should be an exercise in brevity, not waffling. Facts should be concise, not vague. You do not need to pad your sentences with redundant words in order to reach a certain word count.

    I have a script which highlights redundant words while I'm editing, so I can reword them. I'm going to share some of the words on that list, and explain why they're unnecessary. Many of these are already covered in this wiki's Manual of Style, but I'm going to expand a little further.

    No one is going to get "in trouble" for using these words, but I will reword them when I see them, and encourage others to do the same.

    The sky is blue. Perfect!
    The only way this fact could possibly be improved is by adding an image reference to prove it. Done! …

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  • 452

    Cat and Mouse vehicles

    January 27, 2015 by 452

    I need for someone to upload a xbox 360 save file containing the Cat and Mouse vehicles. Once I have the save file, I can use Stored Vehicle Delivery glitch to move the vehicles to my 100% game.

    Specifically, I want the Verminator, white F-69 VTOL, Tornado, Vulture and Challenger. (I know the Tornado and Challenger are available through other means.)

    Who wants to help me out?

    If you do not know how to transfer your save file from your 360 to your PC, I can give you instructions.

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  • 452

    SRG Dialogue blocks

    January 26, 2015 by 452

    This page has the same information as User blog:452/SRG subtitles, but restructured into blocks for easy copy/pasting.

    Not all subtitles are on this page - only those in blocks.

    The blocks are presented here in alphabetical order, but should be arranged into chronological order when added to articles.

    See also

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  • 452

    SRG audio filenames

    January 26, 2015 by 452

    Since I did this last time:

    These are the descriptors for all of the audio files in the game which do not have subtitles. I have all of the audio files, but I'm clearly not going to upload them all to the wiki.

    But if you need any of these specifically uploaded to the wiki, you can use this list, and comment with what you need.

    For a list of audio files with subtitles, see: User_blog:452/SRG_subtitles

    Filename Category Persona Voiceline
    voc_jezebel_media_00036 1808350199 2281213574 1808350199
    voc_jezebel_media_00034 1808350199 2281213574 1808350199
    voc_jezebel_media_00037 1808350199 2281213574 1808350199
    voc_jezebel_media_00035 1808350199 2281213574 1808350199
    voc_jezebel_media_00030 3312653409 2281213574 3312653409
    voc_jezebel_media_00029 331265340…

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  • 452

    SRG vehicle spawning

    January 26, 2015 by 452

    I got halfway through updating my vehicle spawning calculator, so these results are a little different than in previous games, but this information should be accurate enough.

    Group Characters Vehicles Locations
    spawn_Fraud_Basic All Roads npc_hell_ped_male CometHellbatGoatCorrodaKayak Taxi _A_IF_SE_01 (day:1.0% night:1.0%)_A_IF_SE_01_Adrenaline (day:65% night:65%)
    spawn_Fraud_Tank Highway Only npc_demon_grunt_law Leviathan _A_IF_SE_01_Adrenaline (day:0% night:0%)
    spawn_Hell_Civ All Roads npc_hell_ped_malenpc_hell_ped_angrynpc_hell_ped_depressed HellbatGoatCorrodaKayak Taxi sp_cat_Hell_APC (day:100% night:100%)sp_cat_Hell_Ped (day:100% night:100%)Hazing (day:100% night:100%)sp_cat_Hell_Ent (day:100% night:100%)sp_cat_Hell_Forge (day:100% night:…

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  • 452

    SRG subtitles

    January 25, 2015 by 452

    Use these subtitles instead of typing them manually.

    This page should currently list all subtitles. If you notice even a single subtitle missing, please leave a comment and i'll look into it.

    • See also: User blog:452/SRG strings
    • See also: User blog:452/SRG_Dialogue_blocks

    filename line character subtitle
    voc_jezebel_media_00027 1084656576 2281213574 Okay, I found a way to get you into the chamber they are keeping your friend.
    voc_jezebel_media_00052 4092982162 2281213574 Okay, I found a way to get you into the chamber they are keeping your friend.
    voc_johnny_gat_media_00114 ADR - 279739325 Johnny_Gat Yeah, but I already have the gun drawn, so....
    voc_code4008_media_00000 Open World Nag 1345181894 Remember, everything you do gets us a little bit clo…

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  • 452

    SRG strings

    January 25, 2015 by 452

    All of the strings in the game, except subtitles.

    Use these strings to make articles better, but change UPPERCASE strings to mixed case.

    • See also: User blog:452/SRG subtitles

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  • Bandicootfan63

    I'm a few hours into Gat Out of Hell, and I pre-ordered the game, and as you know that gave me codes for the Devil's Workshop Pack and Plague of Frogs. Anyway, I've found the Shakespearean skull weapon in my inventory, but I can't find the way to change to the Saints wings. Do I need to progress further into the storyline? I've only rallied Blackbeard.

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  • 452

    New Hades Map

    January 23, 2015 by 452

    I enabled the new Wikia Maps feature a few months ago, but there hasn't been much activity so far, so I've gone ahead and created a New Hades map.

    User:WildBrick142 and I have been adding pins to the map, but everyone is welcome to help out.

    Please add any and all locations in Saints Row: Gat out of Hell!

    But please be careful, as it's easy to accidentally click delete instead of cancel. Needless to say, anyone who deliberately vandalises the map will be blocked from the wiki.

    The map can be accessed via Special:Maps/7942, or by clicking the map below.

    If you would like to practice and make test edits, please go to instead of using a map here.

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  • 452

    Gat out of Hell Reviews

    January 22, 2015 by 452

    As Gat out of Hell has now been released, there are many gaming sites giving reviews.

    As with last time, reviews will be collated into one blog post.

    • Please comment below if you would like a review added to this post.
    • Write a summary of the review, including any unique statements about the game made in the review.
    • One review per comment please.

    Review Summary
    zero punctuation
    • New Hades is basically just Steelport
    • Changing the player character is dumb, given it was a strength of the series
    • Gat isn't really that awesome
    • The plot is reduced to narration over still images, and that the cutscene to explain the halo is a cop-out.
    • The game isn't balanced
    • Side missions with no central path is not very satisfying.
    • The "choose your ending" mechanic is lame.
    • Satan c…

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  • 452

    User Groups 2015

    January 8, 2015 by 452

    This has now been done. All "Task Forces" are now "To-do lists", located in Category:To-do.


    The name "Task Forces" was chosen because it was the best we could come up with.

    However, I've since realised that the name "To-do lists" would probably work better.

    I propose that Task Forces be renamed "To-do lists".

    Can anyone think of a reason they shouldn't be renamed, or come up with a better name?


    Category:To-do/Activity "Check the Activity to-do list for ways to improve Activity articles."
    Category:To-do/Audio "Check the Audio to-do list for ways to improve Audio articles."
    Category:To-do/Character "Check the Character to-do list for ways to improve Character articles."
    Category:To-do/Customization "Check the Customization to…

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  • Bandicootfan63

    The Gat Theory

    December 24, 2014 by Bandicootfan63

    So, basically I LOVE Saints Row and I can't wait for Gat Out of Hell to be released. I was playing SRIV on the 360 and I realized something about the name of the GAT V Pack.

    I've read (on here, I think) that the name is a poke at GTA V, although I think it's something a bit more interesting: Gat Out of Hell is the largest of SRIV's expansions/addons, which may lead some to see it as the true 5th entry in the series. What I'm thinking is that the name GAT V might have been Volition's sneaky hint at Gat being playable. Any thoughts? Is this just nonsense? Leave a comment below.

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  • StumbledCross34

    Map Glitch SR3

    December 6, 2014 by StumbledCross34

    I was on the runway at the Steelport airport, when I fell throught the map. I had fallen at least 3 Ultor building's heights. I eventually got teleported back to the runway. I've forgot what I was doing at the time, but it was between the control tower and the personal hanger.

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  • 452

    How to save images from facebook

    November 25, 2014 by 452

    Since Volition have stopped posting concept art to, apparently the only place to get promo image and concept art is through social media sites.

    Out of twitter, tumblr and facebook, the highest resolution images are only available through facebook.

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  • 452

    Incorrect subtitles

    November 6, 2014 by 452

    It has come to my attention that there are many mistakes in the subtitles on this wiki.

    I added the full list of subtitles to this wiki specifically so that this would avoided, and I made the assumption that users adding transcripts to articles were using the subtitles to build these transcripts, and then made the mistake of not verifying that this was being done.

    I have compared the lines on "Portal:Quotes" with the lines on the "subtitle pages", and generated a list of 2361 possibly incorrect lines. There may be false positives, but there are many confirmed inaccurate subtitles and the only way to confirm is by manual checking.

    I have put the list on Saints Row Wiki:Sandbox/incorrect subtitles, so that other users can strike out entries whe…

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  • Ganja-weed

    Language Problem

    November 2, 2014 by Ganja-weed

    Hello, i have the following problem with the language settings of my Saints Row IV Game: I'd like to play it with german texts, but when i change the language in steam it still stays in english. But it worked yesterday. Does anyone know a solution for this?

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  • 452

    ABCs of Saints Row

    October 31, 2014 by 452

    Because the content of Saints Row is so kid-friendly, there is an unreleased Saints Row children's book, The ABCs of Saints Row, complete with a "Saint's Row"-style misplaced apostrophe in the title, which I refuse to replicate, because while naming the game "Saints Row" and naming the District "Saint's Row" may be a valid, albeit unexplained, stylistic choice, putting an apostrophe in "ABC's" is just plain wrong.

    , selling weapons that strafe The ABCs of Saints Row G.png|G is for Genki, Reality Climax for all! The ABCs of Saints Row H.png|H is for Homies, always there when you call The ABCs of Saints Row I.png|I is for Insurance Fraud, make cash when you trip The ABCs of Saints Row J.png|J is for Johnny, our beloved friend (RIP) The ABCs o…

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  • 452

    Subjective analysis sections

    October 31, 2014 by 452

    The "Analysis" sections of many weapons articles are very subjective, and should be reworded to be objective and factual.

    For example, "45 Shepherd" currently says "Excellent firepower".

    • "Firepower" is not a weapon stat
    • "Excellent" is not a value for any weapon stat

    We know the "Damage" value. It is 300, which is the highest damage value for any non-explosive weapon.

    Therefore "Excellent firepower" has now been replaced with "Highest damage per round for any non-explosive weapon".

    The same article said "It can destroy vehicles at a much faster rate than the KA-1" - the 45 Shepherd can destroy a vehicle in fewer shots, but it fires 1.6 times per second, so can only do 500 damage per second, while the can fire 5 times in one second and do 800 dama…

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