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Bling Bling Pack is a downloadable content for Saints Row IV.


Bling Bling Pack comes with Bling Power element to all four active Super Powers. Blast and Stomp use Cache for killing or stunning enemies and Telekinesis and Buff are used to earn Cache.

Telekinesis allows taking some money, generally a few hundreds to a thousand dollars, when holding a civilian.

Buff is designed both for combat and money farming. Close enemies and civilians are turned into gold statues and remain in that state during a short while. Not only it freezes them for a while (useful against all targets, especially Zin Marauders), but destroying them under this state also drops several thousand dollars per target. It also gives the effect of a "money siphon" that attracts close dropped Cache. This allows very quick money farming, be it to quickly buy upgrades or to compensate losses by other Bling powers.

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  • The DLC Title references the beta title for the first game.
  • The money gained when using Telekinesis's Bling partly depends on who you pick up. People in fancier clothes (and most strippers) tend to have more money than the plainer dressed people.


  • Bling Bling Pack unlock screen
  • Blast - Bling
  • Telekinesis - Bling
  • Stomp - Bling
  • Buff - Bling
  • Buff - Bling (Nearby targets turned to gold)
  • Buff - Bling (Gold targets destroyed release Cashe)


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