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Black Bottom
Postcard hood black bottom
Black Bottom Postcard





Los Carnales SR
Sons of Samedi SR2

Unlocked after

Black Bottom Refinery SR
Riot Control SR2

City Income
  • $200 SR1
  • $500 SR2
Notable buildings

Drug Factory


Racing SR2




Saints Row
Saints Row 2

Black Bottom is a Neighborhood in the Factories District of Stilwater in Saints Row and Saints Row 2.


Black Bottom is in the Factories District and contains a large oil refinery.

Saints RowEdit

In Saints Row, the Carnales own the neighborhood. After killing Hector Lopez,[1] Julius Little sends The Protagonist to "tag up" the Carnales' refinery and drive them out, reclaiming the neighborhood for the 3rd Street Saints.[2]

Saints Row 2Edit

In Saints Row 2, the Sons of Samedi control the neighborhood.

The Saints visit the area in order to access the Stilwater Caverns through Spelunkers in order to clear the caves of homeless Civilians.[3]

The Saints also visit the area to gain access to the caverns in order to meet with the Brotherhood leader Maero.[4]

The Saints are ambushed at an abandoned warehouse by an onslaught of bums sent by Mr. Sunshine, then claim a large amount of Loa Dust and once again regain control of Black Bottom.[5]

The Hitman target Mitri spawns near Spelunkers.




  • Black Bottom Map in Saints Row 2
  • Black Bottom
  • Black Bottom
  • A Rim Jobs in Black Bottom (Factories District)
  • A Rim Jobs in Black Bottom (Factories District)
  • A Rim Jobs in Black Bottom (Factories District)
  • Spelunkers in Black Bottom
  • A man giving advertising that is saying to join Ultor, in front of Spelunkers
  • Spelunkers in Black Bottom
  • Spelunkers in Black Bottom


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