Bavogian Plaza
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Bavogian Plaza is a neighborhood in the Red Light District in Saints Row and Saints Row 2.


Bavogian Plaza is owned by the Sons of Samedi, despite being the neighborhood above Old Stilwater, where the Saints Hideout is located.


  • Bavogian Plaza may have been very nice in the past as, when in the Saint's Row District, you can sometimes hear Ultor businessmen say, "It's a shame Bavogian Plaza turned out as such a cesspit. My grandpa told me some stories...."
  • In Bavogian Plaza near Septic Avenger and Rusty's Needle, there is a building with a "Girls, Girls, Girls, Girls" sign, which has some Saints sitting on the roof, but it is not possible to reach the roof on foot.


  • Bavogian Plaza Map in Saints Row 2
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  • Bavogian Plaza in Saints Row 2 - street in the day


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