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Bad Trip
Bad Trip mission complete
"Bad Trip" mission completion screen
Story arc

Sons of Samedi




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Burning Down the House Bonding Experience

"Bad Trip" is the sixth mission of the Sons of Samedi story arc in Saints Row 2.

Saints leader in drug fueled orgy of violence
Stilwater Gazette newspaper headline


The Protagonist is abducted and drugged by The General but, after almost being killed by his goons, they manage to roll out of the car. Not long after, Shaundi calls to warn The Protagonist that the Sons of Samedi are attacking the Saints Hideout, though the conversation is amusingly troubled due to The Protagonist's intoxication.[1]

After saving Shaundi and Pierce, and together protecting the Saints Hideout from an onslaught of Sons of Samedi, The Protagonist returns back to base and falls asleep.[2]


The following text has been transcribed verbatim from the game files.
Upon completion of the mission, it is available in-game at Newspaper Clipboards.

A reported meeting between gang leaders has ended in violence as the feud between the Third Street Saints and the Sons of Samedi continues to escalate. Witnesses report seeing the Saints leader exit a Samedi vehicle in a hail of bullets before stumbling across town to the nighclub[sic] Purgatory. What followed was chaos of the highest magnitude as Saints and Samedi traded gunfire leaving numerous dead at the scene.


Bad Trip - Samedi Killed

Throughout this mission, The Protagonist is intoxicated, impairing their vision. As the mission progresses the effects wear off.

Get back to the hideout

After Shaundi requests The Protagonist's help, steal a nearby vehicle, such as the Superiore, and head towards the Saints Hideout.

Rescue Shaundi

Shaundi is downstairs fighting several Sons of Samedi. Upon reaching her, she automatically becomes a Homie and is no longer in any immediate danger.

Kill the Samedi

After reaching street level, more Sons of Samedi arrive.

Help Pierce

Pierce arrives, pursued by even more Samedi. Until he becomes a Homie, Pierce also has a health bar.

The rest of the mission consists of killing all Sons of Samedi that attack - there are well over 60 of them. Use cover effectively and be sure to eat food or retreat back inside if one's health drops. Take care not to get caught in any nearby explosions and do not get run over.


  • Ultor Dome neighborhood unlocked
  • Samedi Melee unlocked


Newspaper ss06 Bad Trip

The Stilwater Gazette newspaper clipping from the completion screen and Newspaper Clipboard.

  • The mission's names comes from the term "bad trip" which means a "disturbing experience typically associated with use of a hallucinogen or other psychedelics".
  • It is not possible to use the elevator at the Saints Hideout during this mission.
  • When Pierce is called as a Homie, he drives a Bulldog. However, during this mission, and "Bonding Experience", Pierce drives a Mag.
    • It is possible to keep the Mag by exiting the mission after entering the vehicle. This also works during a Mission Replay by using either the homie death pause glitch, or the Replay in a Replay glitch.
  • The Protagonist's vision slowly clears up as the mission progresses, but the effects of the Loa Dust doesn't clear completely until the mission is over.
  • It's possible to complete the mission despite being smoked. In this case, it's possible the end-mission cutscene gets skipped.
  • The cutscene shows a Hayate Z70, Keystone, Superiore, DonoVan and Taxi colliding, but during gameplay, the Taxi is replaced with a Churchill. The 5 vehicles are custom variants with set features and colours, but the Churchill is a standard variant, and so it looks different each time the mission is played.


"Clam Baking" cutsceneEdit

Mr. Sunshine: "Wakey wakey..."
The Protagonist: "Where am I?"
The General: "You are sitting with your betters my friend. I wanted to see the face of the individual who had caused me so much far I find the experience to be underwhelming..."
The Protagonist: "Who the fuck are you?"
The General: "I am the man whose property you stole and destroyed..."
The Protagonist: "Oops."
The General: "You needn't dwell on your will not live to learn from them..."
The Protagonist: "That so?"
Mr. Sunshine: "I'm afraid it is..."
The Protagonist: "Who the fuck are you?"
Mr. Sunshine: "They call me Mr. Sunshine."
The Protagonist: "Well listen sunshine, I don't care how fucked up your face is, I ain't scared of you, or that other asshole."
Mr. Sunshine: "Pity."
The General: "Gentleman, I'm through meeting my adversary...if you please, dispose of this trash."
Sons of Samedi gang member: "Of course General."
The Protagonist: "You're a general?"
The Protagonist: "You hear that? That asshole thinks he's a- SHIT!"
The Protagonist: "This is a bad time to be fucked up..."
— "Clam Baking" cutscene


Shaundi: "What the hell did you do boss? The Samedi are tearin' our place apart!"
The Protagonist (Male Voice 1): "'re not am I hearing you..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 2): "Shaundi...this plastic box stole your voice..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 3): "*speaks Spanish*"
The Protagonist (Female Voice 1): "That sounds like fun..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 2): "I've had a crazy day too, this limo picked me up and there was this guy name Mr. Nice or something."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 3): "What is a leprechaun doing in this phone?"
Shaundi: "Holy shit, are you high?"
The Protagonist (Male Voice 1): "You know what's cool about you? Your name. Is that Irish?"
The Protagonist (Male Voice 2): "I really like your hair Shaundi..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 3) (subtitle): "*speaks Spanish*"
The Protagonist (Male Voice 3) (audio): "Si, si, yo soy."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 3) (translation): "Yes, yes I am."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 1): "Shaundi you're like the coolest Saint ever. Way cooler than Dex, that guy was no fun."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 2): "Do you think Pierce likes me? Because sometimes I can't tell."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 3): "Don't worry magic phone, I'll save you."
Shaundi: "I'm gonna die...great..."
— Phone call with Shaundi upon mission start
Well at least it looks like you sobered up some. Pierce called, the Samedi are tailin' him back here...we gotta give him a hand.
— Shaundi, after The Protagonist arrives

How did they find us?
— Pierce

I might feel better about our odds if our leader wasn't fucking high!
— Pierce


The Protagonist (Male Voice 1): "Come on Pierce, this is the best part of the job..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 2): "Man up Pierce, I'm fucked up and I'm killin' more people than you..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 3): "*speaks Spanish*"
The Protagonist (Female Voice 1): "If I can kill people high you can kill people sober!"
The Protagonist (Female Voice 2): "Can you stop complaining and just kill someone?"
The Protagonist (Female Voice 3): "*speaks Spanish*"
— Labelled "Combat 1"
The Protagonist (Male Voice 1): "Less talk, more murder!"
The Protagonist (Male Voice 2): "Less talk, more shooting."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 3): "*speaks Spanish*"
The Protagonist (Female Voice 1): "Quit complaining, this is fun!"
The Protagonist (Female Voice 2): "Hey shut up! Some of us are trying to fight over here!"
The Protagonist (Female Voice 3): "*speaks Spanish*"
— Labelled "Combat 2"
The Protagonist (Male Voice 1): "Whatever Pierce, we got this..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 2): "Pierce wash the sand out of your vagina and start killing people."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 3): "*speaks Spanish*"
The Protagonist (Female Voice 1): "Stay focused, cause I can't!"
The Protagonist (Female Voice 2): "Stay cool Pierce, we're gonna get outta this!"
The Protagonist (Female Voice 3): "*speaks Spanish*"
— Labelled "Combat 3"
The Protagonist (Male Voice 1): "Whatchu talkin' about, these odds are great..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 2): "Wah wah wah we're gonna die, just shut up and shoot."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 3): "*speaks Spanish*"
The Protagonist (Female Voice 1): "Piece quit bein' a pussy!"
The Protagonist (Female Voice 2): "Look on the bright side, at least we've killed a lot of people..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 3): "*speaks Spanish*"
— Labelled "Combat 4"
The Protagonist (Male Voice 1): "Shaundi, what the hell are you talkin' about?"
The Protagonist (Male Voice 2): "Don't worry Shaundi we'll get through this..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 3): "*speaks Spanish*"
The Protagonist (Female Voice 1): "You're doin' great Shaundi, just, ya know, keep killing..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 2): "Stay focused! We gotta stop the Samedi Shaundi. Samedi Shauni...that rhymed..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 3): "*speaks Spanish*"
— Labelled "Combat 5"
The Protagonist (Male Voice 1): "Aren't ya glad you signed on with the Saints now?"
The Protagonist (Male Voice 2): "Just keep shooting Shaundi..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 3): "*speaks Spanish*"
The Protagonist (Female Voice 1): "Stay cool Shaundi!"
The Protagonist (Female Voice 2): "These assholes are killing my buzz!"
The Protagonist (Female Voice 3): "*speaks Spanish*"
— Labelled "Combat 6"
The Protagonist (Male Voice 1): "Keep shooting guys, we can do this!"
The Protagonist (Male Voice 2): "You're doin' find Shaundi..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 3): "*speaks Spanish*"
The Protagonist (Female Voice 1): "We can take whatever the Samedi throw at us!"
The Protagonist (Female Voice 2): "Shaundi, I'm not exactly feelin' you talking..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 3): "*speaks Spanish*"
— Labelled "Combat 7"
The Protagonist (Male Voice 1): "Are there really that many guys? I thought I was just seein' things..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 2): "They're gonna run out of people eventually..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 3): "*speaks Spanish*"
The Protagonist (Female Voice 1): "Christ, don't these people ever stay dead?"
The Protagonist (Female Voice 2): "Keep it together guys, we're doin' fine!"
The Protagonist (Female Voice 3): "*speaks Spanish*"
— Labelled "Combat 8"
Shaundi: "Wow that's a lot of dead bodies..."
Pierce: "No kiddin', I was almost out of bullets."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 1): "Yeah, but you didn't."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 2): "That woulda been bad for us, huh..."
The Protagonist (Male Voice 3): "Good thing they didn't know that..."
The Protagonist (Female Voice 1): "We're not gonna have to clean this up are we?"
The Protagonist (Female Voice 2): "Yeah, we almost died...anyone wanna get a gyro?"
The Protagonist (Female Voice 3): "At least you had enough..."
— Labelled "End"

"Sleep It Off" cutsceneEdit

Shaundi: "How ya feelin'?"
The Protagonist: "Comfortable...and very hungry."
Shaundi: "You need help standing up?"
The Protagonist: "No, I'm good here."
Shaundi: "You sure?"
The Protagonist: "Oh yeah."
Shaundi: "Ya know; there could be some more guys lookin' for you."
The Protagonist: "Eh, you could take 'em right?"
Shaundi: "Probably not."
The Protagonist: "That's good."
Shaundi walks away
Shaundi: "Fuckin' lightweights..."
— "Sleep It Off" cutscene


  • The Hounfor, a Sons of Samedi gang member, and The Protagonist
  • The Protagonist and a Sons of Samedi gang member
  • The General
  • Mr. Sunshine
  • Mr. Sunshine
  • The General
  • The Protagonist
  • Mr. Sunshine shooting at The Protagonist
  • The Protagonist, who has just escaped from the Hounfor
  • Shaundi and The Protagonist
  • Shaundi and The Protagonist
  • The Protagonist
  • Shaundi
  • Shaundi
  • Shaundi and The Protagonist
  • Bad Trip - Samedi Killed
  • Loading screen used after completing this mission
  • Loading screen used after completing this mission
  • Loading screen used after completing this mission


  1. Cutscene: Clam Baking
  2. Cutscene: Sleep It Off
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