Ultor Dome Exterior SR2

The Ultor Dome in Saints Row 2.

Arena is a District in Stilwater.


The Arena District is part of the the Lower island of Stilwater. In both Saints Row and Saints Row 2, the Ultor Dome dominates the other buildings, which consist of abandoned drive-thru theatres and vehicle dealerships.



In Saints Row, the Demolition Derby Activity is located at the Ultor Dome, while in Saints Row 2 it is the location of a Fight Club Activity.

In Saints Row 2, it is sometimes used for the Crowd Control Activity, where the special weapons are a SWAT Peacekeeper, some Bear APCs, cops and a grinder.



  • The Rim Jobs in this area changes positions between games, and is closer to the Ultor Dome in Saints Row facing east, and is closer to the road in Saints Row 2, facing south.

Gallery Edit

  • Arena map in Saints Row 2


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