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Ui hud inv melee killbane
Class Melee
Damage 2000
Refire Delay 0
Range 2
Trigger single
Unlockable Yes
Requirement Murderbrawl XXXI (optional)
Notes Flags: no human shield, no hide on sprint, allow grenades, bullets damage tanks, explosions damage tanks
Appears in Saints Row: The Third

The Apoca-Fist[1] is a weapon in Saints Row: The Third.

"The devastating special attack coined by Killbane now in portable gloves."
— Weapon description


The Apoca-Fist is a pair of oversized costume fists that cause the enemy to explode into a gory mess when the enemy is punched.[2]

This weapon may be obtained in the mission "Murderbrawl"; towards the end of the mission, the player will be given the choice to either unmask Killbane and receive his mask, or spare him and receive the Apoca-Fist.[3][4]

Trivia Edit

  • The Apoca-Fist was originally known as the "Apoco-Fist".[5]
  • The Apoca-Fist appears in the game Team Fortress 2 as the "Apoco-Fists", available to those who preorder Saints Row: The Third on Steam.[6][7]
  • While wearing the Apoca-Fist, players will be able to punch cars with the force of Oleg Kirrlov.
  • It was originally reported that the Apoca-Fist could be bought for $100,000,[8] although this is not true, it is unlocked in the Unlockable Pack DLC.
  • The Apoca-Fist could be considered Saints Row: The Third's version of the Pimp Slap from the first two games. It is an instant kill on normal enemies, it allows cars to be moved with a single hit but any more hits and the car will explode, and will kill brutes in 3-4 hits.
  • As Killbane's mask cannot be obtained through cheats, it is recommended to pick Killbane's mask first and then use cheats to get the Apoca-Fist if the player wants both rewards.

Gallery Edit

  • The Apoca-Fist.
  • The Apoca-Fist in the weapons cache.
  • The apoca-fist seen in a pre-release gameplay screenshot
  • The weapon was revealed in the first revealed gameplay after E3 2011, albeit with a slightly different name.
  • Sparing Killbane in the end of "Murderbrawl" rewards the player with the Apoca-Fist weapon.


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