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Anna Will Be Right Back

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Anna Will Be Right Back is a mission in Saints Row: Money Shot

Anna Will Be Right Back
Saints Row Moneyshot - Anna Dead
Anna dead

? marked, ? minimum kills


Kill Anna


Cypher's Costume

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None Pillars of Ultor


This mission takes place on a street in Steelport, cumulating in entering a TV studio where Anna is on-air.


  • Get 5 Near Misses in one shot.
  • Reach 12 x on your Multiplier.
  • Earn 40,000 points.
  • Hit 1 Pigeon.
    • There are multiple Pigeons
  • Collect 4 influence pickups in one shot.
    • There are only 4 influence pickups.
  • Collect 4 points pickups in one shot.
    • There are only 4 points pickups.
  • Hit 2 trash bags in one shot.
    • There are only 2 trash bags.
  • Hit Anna with a headshot.
    • It is also possible to kill Anna with a body shot, but that does not fulfil this objective.
  • Hit the blowup doll.
    • The blowup doll is located in the back of a convertible driving through the first intersection.
  • Hit the gun.
    • The gun is being held by a man in the left lane.
  • Fly under the parked van.
  • Fly between the two ladies walking together.
    • The two ladies are walking along the left side-walk.
  • Fly through the revolving doors.
  • Fly between the newspaper dispensers.
    • The newspaper dispensers are located on the right side of the road.
  • Fly under the hot dog stand.
    • The hot dog stand is located on the left side of the road.


  • Anna does not look the same as she does in Saints Row 2.
  • There is a constant repeating wolf-whistle through-out the mission, without an obvious source.
  • The achievement text for Cypher's Costume states that it is unlocked after the "second assassination mission", but is unlocked after this mission instead.


  • The blowup doll hitting a vehicle surfer in the end-mission replay
  • Anna dead
  • Anna Will Be Right Back objectives screen 1
  • Anna Will Be Right Back objectives screen 2
  • Anna Will Be Right Back objectives screen 3


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