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The Anna Show - Anna
Anna in Saints Row 2
Anna Saints Row Money Shot
Anna in Saints Row: Money Shot
Appears in

Saints Row 2
Saints Row: Money Shot






Talk-show host

Voiced by

Laura Simms

Anna is a character in Saints Row 2[1] and Saints Row: Money Shot.[2]


Saints Row 2Edit

Anna is the host of The Anna Show, and interviews Dane Vogel about the city of Stilwater.[1]

Anna contacts The Protagonist with a list of people she wants to kill.[3]

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Saints Row: Money ShotEdit

Anna is the target of the first mission, "Anna Will Be Right Back", in which she is killed by an Ultor assassin named Cypher.[4]


  • The description for the mission "Anna Will Be Right Back" gives no indication for why Anna is a target, since she never actively took any actions against the Saints, and actually worked with them on one occasion.


Some of my sponsors are trying to drop my show because I'm too honest...I need you to show them that was a bad idea. You're probably poor and desperate, I'm sure you can use the money.
Hitman phonecall

That little tramp Anna will get hers.
White male Protagonist - that little tramp Anna
— White male Protagonist


  • Anna in Saints Row 2
  • Anna with different hair in Saints Row 2
  • The Anna Show - on-screen logo


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