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Angel's Gym

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Angel's Gym
Angel's Gym exterior - east from the air
Also known as

Angel's Casino[when?]


Angel De LaMuerte








Return to Steelport




Saints Row: The Third

Angel's Gym is a crib in Saints Row: The Third.


Located in Bridgeport inside a former casino, this building was converted into a gym for use by Angel De LaMuerte. After completing "Return to Steelport", the gym is unlocked as a crib. Like Kinzie's Warehouse, Angel's Gym is messy and rundown.



  • Angel's Gym lobby promo
  • El Hombre Bar, located upstairs in Angel's Gym
  • Cashier office, located behind the wrestling mat
  • Bumper stickers and photos on the wall in the storage room
  • Storage room in Angel's Gym
  • Vandalized posters, similar to the ones in 3 Count Casino
  • Back room with cot for sleeping, vandalized posters, and Angel statue
  • Statue of Angel from his wrestling days
  • Poster of Killbane in Angel's Gym with the word "revenge" scratched into it
  • The revenge graffiti decal
  • Garage in Angel's Gym
  • Hallway in Angel's Gym that leads to the storage room, Angel's sleeping area, and garage
  • Wrestling mat in Angel's gym
  • Old, broken casino machines, which still contain money
  • Poster behind the front desk
  • Front desk in Angel's Gym, with two magazines showcasing Shaundi
  • Front desk in Angel's Gym
  • Front exterior of Angel's Gym
  • Banner inside Angel's Gym
  • Banner inside Angel's Gym
  • Sign outside Angel's Gym
  • Killbane Poster
  • Killbane Poster
  • Killbane Poster
  • Murderbrawl XXXI Poster
  • Lucha Slots Sign
  • Viva La Slots
  • Slot Machine
  • Slot Machine
  • Angels Gym
  • The location of Angel's Gym, replaced by a Hotspot in Saints Row IV


  1. Image:
    Angel's Gym - magazines

    Boy Toy magazine

  2. Image:
    Angel's Gym - Killbane revenge poster

    A "revenge" poster.

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