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Ambulance EMT

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Ambulance EMT
Ambulance EMT - Chest Compressions
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Saints Row 2



  • Help out Stilwater's Finest! Revive victims with CPR or shock paddles for cash.

Shock Paddles

Ambulance EMT is a Job Diversion in Saints Row 2.

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For the vehicle, see Ambulance


This Diversion can be triggered upon entering any Ambulance. In this Diversion, The Protagonist must drive to scenes of accidents and revive Civilians using CPR or Shock Paddles.

After arriving at the location of an accident, victims must be revived. The method to revive them is random.

  • Shock Paddles - move the Left and Right Analog sticks up and down in opposite directions (move the mouse up and down on PC) to charge them, and then press both trigger buttons (left and right mouse buttons on PC) to shock the victim.
  • Chest Compressions - move the Left and Right Analog stick (mouse on PC) up and down simultaneously.

There is a 2 minute countdown, with a time bonus added after each level. Between each level, there is a 30 second timer to return to the same ambulance. Each level ends after reaching the quota to be saved, regardless of if there are other victims at the scene.


Level Distance Victims Revivals Vehicles Time Bonus Cash
1 150 1 1 1 60 $50
2 200 2 2 1 70 $100
3 250 2 2 2 80 $200
4 300 3 2 2 90 $300
5 350 3 2 3 100 $400
6 400 4 3 3 110 $500
7 450 4 3 4 120 $1000
8 500 5 3 4 130 $1500
9 550 5 3 5 140 $2000
10 600 6 4 5 150 $2500


  • Shock Paddles unlocked
  • Saints Ambulance unlocked


  • It is not possible to deactivate the flashing lights during this Diversion, although the siren can be silenced.
  • Almost any vehicle may spawn during this Diversion, so some rare vehicles may sometimes be seen as crashed vehicles.
  • It is possible to perform Mugging on victims while they are not revived, which causes them to get up and raise their arms, but the green arrow remains above them and they still need to be revived.
  • It is not possible to kill the victims before the green arrows appear above them.
  • It is not possible to take victims as Human Shields.
  • Almost any type of civilians can appear as victims, except gang members and law enforcement.


  • Ambulance EMT instructions
  • Ambulance EMT - CPR tutorial
  • Ambulance EMT - Shock Paddles tutorial
  • Shock Paddles and Ambulance unlocked


  1. Note: Fire Truck, Taxi Driver and Tow Truck Diversions must be completed too.
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