Postcard hood amberbrook
Amberbrook Postcard





Vice Kings SR
Ronin SR2

Unlocked after

For King and Country SR
Amberbrook Museum Pier SR2

City Income

$200 SR
$500 SR2


Freckle Bitch's, Cycles, Buy Jove, Brass Knuckles, Forgive and Forget


Insurance Fraud, Racing


Saints Row
Saints Row 2

Amberbrook is a Neighborhood in the Museum District of Stilwater.


Amberbrook covers the east side of the Museum District.

In Saints Row it is owned by the Vice Kings until the completion of the mission For King and Country.

In Saints Row 2, Amberbrook is owned by The Ronin. The Saints take control of it by completing the Amberbrook Museum Pier Stronghold. The neighborhood has also been expanded to include piers, Mt. Limpus, and a large amphitheater.


The Thalia Amiptheatre[1] is in the north of Amerbrook, on Mt. Limpus.

The Revelation mission in Saints Row 2 concludes at the Thalia Amiptheatre.




  • Thalia is the Greek muse of comedy, amongst other things.
  • Mt. Limpus is named after the real life Mount Olympus, where the Greek Gods were said to have lived. The spelling is a pun on impotency.
  • In Saints Row, there is a tugboat in Amberbrook, which can be jumped via a ramp near the Vice Kings Drug Trafficking. However, hitting the boat will cause the player's car to catch fire, and explode shortly after.


  • Amberbrook Map in Saints Row 2
  • Amberbrook Museum Pier during Ronin Stronghold
  • Mt. Limpus Sign
  • Stronghold Intro
  • Stronghold Intro Continued
  • Neighborhood unlocked in Saints Row
  • Neighborhood unlocked in Saints Row 2
  • Newspaper Clipping in Saints Row 2
  • Concept Art - Museum
  • Amberbrook Parthenon Heli Assault promo
  • Amberbrook in Saints Row 2 - aerial view
  • Amberbrook in Saints Row 2 - Buy Jove
  • Amberbrook in Saints Row 2 - natural history museum from rooftop
  • Amberbrook in Saints Row 2 - natural history museum skeleton
  • Amberbrook in Saints Row 2 - natural history museum
  • Amberbrook in Saints Row 2 - north view from top of Buy Jove
  • Amberbrook in Saints Row 2 - Parthenon Ruins
  • Amberbrook in Saints Row 2 - Thalia Ampitheatre


  1. In-game text: Newspaper Clipboard text from Revelation mission.

    The following text has been transcribed verbatim from the game files.
    Upon completion of the mission, it is available in-game at Newspaper Clipboards.

    The body of Julius Little was found in the Thalia Amiptheatre[sic] this morning. While Little was the former leader of the Third Street Saints, he is probably most familiar to our readers as the tour guide at the Stilwater Memorial Church.
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