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Activities are optional mini-games unrelated to the main storyline in Saints Row.

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This page lists all Activities, see individual pages for details.



Activities are optional, but are encouraged because they are the easiest way to earn Respect, which is required to continue the storyline. As well as Respect, they also unlock Cash and Unlockables.

The majority of Activities in Saints Row have one instance for each of the three gangs, with eight levels at each location.

Unlockables are awarded after completing level eight of each Activity, and a bonus unlockable after completing all three instances.

Level Cash Respect
1 $100 700
2 $250 800
3 $500 900
4 $1,000 1,000
5 $1,500 1,100
6 $2,000 1,200
7 $3,000 1,300
8 $5,000 1,400
Total $13,350 7,700


Most activities are started from markers which are marked on the Map.

Name Summary
Demolition Derby Money is earned by crashing into and destroying competitors cars.
Drug Trafficking A drug dealer must be protected while they drive around and make deals.
Escort A Prostitute rides in the back of the car with a client, while reporters and others try to harass the client.
Hijacking Specific cars must be pursued and hijacked before the timer runs out, then returned to the hijacking location.
Insurance Fraud Money is earned for getting hit by cars.
Mayhem Money is earned by destroying people, vehicles and destructible objects.
Racing Pre-set checkpoint races must be run against several computer controlled opponents.
Snatch Prostitutes must be stolen from rival pimps, and then returned to the drop-off point within a set amount of time.
Hitman Specific targets must be located and killed around the city.

Targets can be located at any time after obtaining the list from each Hitman location.

Chop Shop Cars from a list must be located around the city and delivered to Chop Shop garage locations.

Any matching car can be delivered at any time after obtaining the list from each Chop Shop location.

Loan Shark The Loan Shark is used borrow money, which must be paid back on time or the Loan Sharks appear.

Although marked on the Map, Loan Shark is not technically an activity as there is no gameplay, and is not counted toward 100% Completion.


Activity Locations
3rd Street Saints Los Carnales Westside Rollerz Vice Kings
Demolition Derby Ultor Dome
Snatch Harrowgate Cecil Park Bavogian Plaza Ultor Dome
Chop Shop Charlestown Filmore Chinatown
Drug Trafficking Fox Drive Amberbrook Misty Lane
Escort Wardill Airport Bavogian Plaza Misty Lane
Hijacking Wardill Airport Tidal Spring Copperton
Hitman Wardill Airport Shivington Chinatown
Insurance Fraud Cecil Park Adept Way Chinatown
Mayhem Southern Cross Nob Hill Misty Lane
Racing Poseidon Alley Brighton Ultor Dome


These are not marked on the map.

Name Summary Details
Tagging Tags are located all around Stilwater and must be sprayed over with the 3rd Street Saints mark.
CD Collection CDs are located all around Stilwater. CDs are visible spinning Saints Row CDs, but do not have a blue marker.
Theft Theft is started by performing Safecracking in a closed store. The package inside must then be delivered to a pawn shop.
Hostage Hostage is started upon stealing a vehicle with one or more passengers.
Hold Ups Hold Ups are performed by aiming a weapon a store clerk in an open store, and following them to the safe.


  • There are 226 individual activity levels, which together count for 35% Completion.


  • Activities Menu in Saints Row


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