Steelport Map with Activity markers

Activity Locations

Activities and Diversions are included in Saints Row: The Third.[1][2]


Completing Activities is a way to earn Cash and Respect, as well as City Takeover territory. Diversions only give Respect, but most are tied to Challenges which award cash when performed under certain conditions.

Unlike previous games, Activities are no longer split into increasingly harder levels, but are instead separated into six instances over two Districts and ranked on difficulty. Completing "easy" instances of each Activity unlocks the "medium" and "hard" instances in each District.

There are 56 instances of Activities in Saints Row: The Third.[3] 54 of these are nine separate Activities split into six instances, with the only exception being "Guardian Angel", of which there are only two instances.

14 of the "easy" Activity levels, including both instances of "Guardian Angel", are considered missions and must be completed to advance the storyline. These count as both missions and activities in regard to game completion.


Level Cash Respect
Easy $2,000 200
Medium $4,000 400
Hard $6,000 600





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