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ASP - front right in Saints Row The Third
The ASP in Saints Row: The Third
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The ASP is a vehicle in Saints Row: The Third.[2]


The ASP is a neon green tank made out of blocky "pixels". It is similar to the Challenger and Crusader tanks in terms of handling and its ability to crush other vehicles, although it is noticeably faster to drive than the Crusader. However, the ASP can seat just one driver/gunner and lacks a secondary weapon. The cannon fires a big white voxel which explodes, sending out many other voxels. This has the unusual effect that if it is fired at a vehicle with people in it, the first hit instantly kill everyone inside the vehicle, but not necessarily destroy it. This makes the weapon handy for hijacking armored vehicles.

The entry animation for this vehicle is the same as other tanks, but because the ASP doesn't have an entry hatch The Protagonist moves through the pixels.

It only features in the mission "http://deckers.die" in which it is controlled from a top view to fight another tank and is unlocked upon completion.


The ASP cannot normally be customised, and although it is possible to use the Vehicle Customization glitch, it does not have any Vehicle Customization options available. The available Wheel Sizes are 13-41 and the available Wheel Widths are 13-13. Paints cannot be customized. If any wheels or colours are bought, the game crashes immediately.


ASP - Standard variant in the garage

Green Standard ASP

Standard (Non-customisable)

This green variant is listed as "Tank Version: Evil".
It is used by the computer in the mission "http://deckers.die", is unlocked in the Garage afterwards.

ASP - player2 variant in the garage

Blue Player2 ASP

Player2 (Non-customisable)

This blue variant is listed as "Tank Version: Coop".
It is used by The Protagonist, or Co-op host during the mission "http://deckers.die" and is a target in Cyber Blazing activities. it is not normally accessible outside of the mission.

ASP - player3 variant in the garage

Red Player3 ASP


This red variant is listed as "Tank Version: Good".
It is used in during the "http://deckers.die" by the Co-op guest. It is not normally accessible outside of the mission.


  • There is no Cheat for this vehicle.
  • In the mission, the turret always aims to the front, while in the normal gameplay, the turret can be rotated like other tanks.
  • The ASP's colors are a reference to The Syndicate's colors: Luchadores (green), Deckers (blue) and Morningstar (red).
  • It is possible to see through one side of the ASP to the other because there is a small gap between all of the pixels.
  • If The Protagonist is crouched, they can walk through the undercarriage of the ASP. This also reveals a red pixel inside the bottom of the ASP.
  • If modified in Rim Jobs:
    • Increasing wheel size may freeze the game or cause the ASP to float and look more akin to a hover tank. The tank also drives over vehicles without crushing them. However, after exiting the tank, it cannot be entered except when standing on top of the vehicle.
    • Sometimes editing reveals the blue axle, it can still be driven and does not freeze the game.
  • It is possible to crouch and walk under the ASP and jump and walk around without crouching.
  • It resembles tanks in early video games, such as Combat with sound effects taken from early game consoles such as the Atari 2600 and the Vectrex.
  • Due to the way it is designed, the ASP has no defined "Front" or "Back", meaning, the player can simply rotate the turret 180° and keep driving forward without having to turn the platform (bottom) of the tank around.
  • There's a German band named "ASP".


  • ASP - front right in Saints Row: The Third
  • ASP parked in a street
  • The ASP firing its main cannon
  • The green Standard ASP in the garage
  • The green Standard ASP in the garage
  • The blue player2 ASP from "http://deckers.die" and Cyber Blazing (added to the Garage by modifying game files)
  • The red player3 ASP, used by the Co-op guest (added to the Garage by modifying game files)
  • ASP in Saints Row: The Third
  • ASP in Saints Row: The Third
  • ASP in Saints Row: The Third


  1. Image:
    Http deckers.die ASP unlocked

    Unlock image

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