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3rd Street Saints
Star saints
The fleur-de-lis icon of the 3rd Street Saints, featuring their "Saints purple" colour



Purgatory, Planet Saints, Saints Flow

The 3rd Street Saints, also known as the Saints, are The Protagonist's gang in the Saints Row series. The 3rd Street Saints are represented by a fleur-de-lis and the color purple.


Julius Little was a man who grew up in Sunnyvale Gardens together with his best friend Benjamin King. After the Carnales, led by Alejandro Lopez came to Stilwater, took over the city and 'abused' Sunnyvale Gardens, Benjamin called all the people of Sunnyvale, including Julius, together and started a revolt against the Carnales. This gang would be known as the Vice Kings. However, Julius didn't like the way the Vice Kings worked and dropped his flags.[17] He thought King could at least keep order in the city[18] but his grip slipped: Los Carnales regrouped and the Westside Rollerz were formed.[17] After the district to where Julius fled, Saint's Row, was made as a battlefield for the three gangs, Julius gathered all the people he could find to the old Church on 3rd Street.[19]

While the Vice Kings had become just another crime gang, Julius naively believed he could learn from that failure and keep control.[18]

Julius Little originally wanted the 3rd Street Saints color to be green.[20]

Saints RowEdit

Founded by Julius Little, the Third Street Saints operated out of a tiny district in Stilwater called Saints Row.[sic] Their operation was small, but their dreams were big…
— History of the Saints: The Early Saints[20]

The Protagonist joins the Saints after Julius and Troy save him during a turf war[19]. Julius quickly realizes that The Protagonist is uncontrollable and doesn't care about the damage they cause.[18]

Vice KingsEdit

Main article: Vice Kings

The Saints manage to demoralize the Vice Kings a bit by taking control of Prawn Court,[21] a turf under the control of Tanya Winters. The Protagonist saves Aisha's sister from the Vice Kings when they try to force her into a prostitution racket.[22] Aisha, Johnny's girlfriend, also is an informant for the Saints and gives them a lot of info about the Vice Kings.[23] Johnny Gat and The Protagonist attacked Tanya at an abandoned police station, but they get ambushed by enforcer Anthony Green who was waiting for them. Johnny gets smart with Tony and insults him which results in him getting shot in the leg. Johnny then pulls out a knife and stabs Tony's foot. This was the perfect moment for The Protagonist to escape out a window. Johnny is then taken back to Green's apartment where he is tortured.[24] The Saints set up a plan to save him, While Tanya is blowing Warren Williams, the second-in-command of the Vice Kings, The Protagonist hijacks her limo to find the location of Johnny.[25] The Protagonist rescues Johnny and ends up taking out Green as well. After all this, Warren starts a rebellion by overthrowing King and trying to kill him.[26] Julius gets a call from King and sends The Protagonist to save him.[27] Benjamin King is saved and Warren's car is wrecked when he tried to flee. Tanya kills Warren and takes control over the Vice Kings. Julius then talks to King and tells him that his gang is through and he can either walk away or die.[28] King decides to stay until he puts down Tanya and ends the Vice Kings. So The Protagonist, Johnny, and King go to King's Penthouse and give Tanya a barrage of bullets until she is sent out the window where King steps on her fingers and sends her to her death by a 30 story fall.[29]

Los CarnalesEdit

Main article: Los Carnales

Dex was in control of taking down the gang. Dex asks The Protagonist to steal a truck for him so he can use that truck as a Trojan Horse to infiltrate Los Carnales.[30] The truck would be loaded with Saints, and then driven to a factory used by the Carnales. After the Saints take it over, they find a note, saying that Hector Lopez would have a meeting with their Colombian suppliers in Poseidon Alley.[31] Hector was assassinated by The Protagonist, along with all the witnesses.[32] Later, during an attack of the Carnales to Saint's Row, Carnales enforcer Victor Rodriguez was killed.[33] The Saints also met with Colombian Manuel Orejuela. The Colombians were allied with the Carnales, but they knew the Carnales were going to be destroyed.[34] Manuel gave Julius the location of the Carnales' hideout, where Dex and The Protagonist went to take out Hector's brother Angelo Lopez who was now in control.[35] However, Angelo got away and planned to leave Stilwater by plane. But the plane was destroyed by The Protagonist before he could take off.[36]

Westside RollerzEdit

Main article: Westside Rollerz

Lin went undercover in the Rollerz to find out about their plans. First, The Protagonist has to steal a truck which is loaded with cars that the Rollerz are going to use for races.[37] The cars are then loaded with explosives, that detonate if the cars get hot. After that The Protagonist finishes the delivery.[38] Then, Lin and The Protagonist stage the rescue of Rollerz chief Mechanic Donnie.[39] Lin meets with leader Joseph Price and financer William Sharp. Sharp finds out that Lin is a spy, so he kidnaps her and The Protagonist, shoots both of them while they were in the trunk of his car, and then dumps them into the water.[40] The Protagonist escapes, but Lin does not. Sharp was chased down and killed by The Protagonist.[41] Price was enraged about this, and he attempted to run over The Protagonist with a truck.[42] This was a mistake though, because the truck is blown up by The Protagonist.[43]


After the Saints conquered Stilwater, The Protagonist was made Julius' right hand man. However, Julius was swiftly incarcerated by Police Chief Monroe.[44] Monroe was a corrupt cop though, and he promised the Saints that he would free Julius if they would kill Marshall Winslow.[45] The Protagonist captured Winslow's campaign bus and put it on a train track, where it was crashed. Monroe was not a man of his word and wanted the Saints to do more. To get out of it and send a message to whoever Monroe was working them, they assassinated him on his way to Winslow's funeral.[46]

Alderman Richard Hughes took the message: he called The Protagonist for a meeting, claiming Monroe was acting on his own initiative and that he'd free Julius.[47]


Explosing of the yacht

Explosion of the yacht.

Unknown to most of the gang, Troy was an undercover cop. Dex worked it out but didn't inform the gang: he left after being offered a job at the Ultor Corporation. Unwilling to bust all of his friends in the Saints, Troy asked Julius to convince Gat and The Protagonist to drop their flags. In exchange, Hughes had promised he'd give them all pardons.[48]

The Protagonist met Hughes on his yacht. Hughes said that the Saints had enabled him to become Mayor, that they'd meant he could destroy and rebuild Saints Row in the name of stopping gang violence ("until you came along I was [seen as] displacing poor people"), and that in order for this to work, he was going to kill The Protagonist. Before he got the chance, the boat exploded:[47] Julius had planted a bomb to get rid of both of them. Troy was horrified but Julius dismissed it as the only way.[47] The Protagonist survived but was left in a coma.

Saints Row 2Edit

After waking up from a coma and escaping from prison, the Boss found a very different Stilwater than the one they left. The city now belonged to the Ultor Corporation
— History of the Saints: The Saints Reborn[49]

Reviving the SaintsEdit

Welcome to the Third Street Saints cutscene in Saints Row 2

The Protagonist giving a speech.

The Protagonist was in a coma in the Stilwater Penitentiary for years. Troy became the new Chief of Police, using his influence to keep The Protagonist alive; Gat was arrested after trying to kill Troy and charged with over 300 murders, though Troy made sure he'd be safe in jail. As the Saints fell apart, three new gangs had moved into Stilwater: the Sons of Samedi, the Brotherhood and the Ronin. Saints Row itself was gentrified and the church became a symbol of 'rebirth', with Julius as its caretaker. To make matters worse, the Ultor Corporation grew in power to pick up the pieces after Hughes' death, transforming from a mere clothing company into a shadow corporation with ties to the US government and hiring the Ronin for protection.

Eventually The Protagonist woke up from his coma, and escaped from prison with the help of fellow inmate Carlos, the younger brother of an old Saints member.[50] The Protagonist then freed Johnny during his trial[51], established a new Saints Hideout in Bavogian Plaza, and recruited three new lieutenants. The Saints were reborn.[52]

The BrotherhoodEdit

Main article: The Brotherhood

Maero wanted to meet The Protagonist, and they do so in the Stilwater Caverns.[53] They get ambushed by a swarm of police, but manage to fight their way to the Brotherhood's hideout. Maero wanted a deal in which they split Stilwater 20-80, (where Maero gets the 80), which The Protagonist strongly refuses.[54] The Protagonist threatens Donnie, who now is a mechanic for the Brotherhood, and orders him to mess up some of the Brotherhood's cars.[55] Then, the Saints infect Maero's tattoo ink with radioactive material, which causes him much pain.[56] Then Maero's girlfriend Jessica kidnaps Carlos, and has him tied to the end of a Brotherhood truck with his head down, and then letting ride it through the docks.[57] The Protagonist managed to stop the truck, but Carlos could not be saved and The Protagonist puts him out of his misery with a pistol shot.[58] Shaundi calls The Protagonist after that, saying that she saw Jessica enter the bank in the Barrio.[59] The Protagonist kidnaps her, puts her in the trunk of her car and brings the car to the Demolition Derby. There, Maero has a monster truck tournament where he crushes some cars, Jessica's car included.[60] The Protagonist also steals a Delivery Truck with Pierce and ambushes Matt to learn about shipment. Then The Protagonist steals the Brotherhood's shipment of guns, which the Saints used to storm the Brotherhood's hideout.[61] Maero managed to get away with Donnie, but at the expense of his friend Matt and calls The Protagonist soon after, challenging him to a duel in the Ultor Dome.[62] He and several other remnants of the Brotherhood show up in trucks to crush The Protagonist. Fortunately, all vehicles get blown up and Maero is killed by a shot to the head.[63]

The RoninEdit

Main article: The Ronin

The Saints went for the offensive to get rid of this gang. They robbed the Poseidon Casino in the Stilwater Boardwalk.[64] Then the Saints laundered the money.[65] Then one day The Protagonist comes to Aisha's house where he finds Johnny inside with a Ronin member which tells them that Kazuo Akuji is coming to America to teach his son how to lead properly.[66] Johnny kills the Ronin member and dumps him in a trash bin outside, while Ronin second-in-command Jyunichi is watching them the whole time.[67] One day when Johnny and The Protagonist are out, Johnny comes home to find that the Ronin infiltrated his home and tied Aisha to a chair. Johnny and The Protagonist come into the house and are ambushed by the Ronin. Aisha warns them, but she is immediately beheaded by Jyunichi.[68] When Johnny is fighting Jyunichi he is stabbed through in his stomach, and The Protagonist and another Saint rushed him to the hospital.[69] After that, the Saints planned to kill Kazuo at the airport, but Kazuo was saved by Jyunichi.[70] After that, Jyunichi was killed in a sword fight by The Protagonist, Johnny was taken from the hospital back to the Saints Hideout[71], the Ronin hotel was blown up,[72] Shogo was buried alive by The Protagonist and Johnny,[73] and The Protagonist met with old friend Mr. Wong.[74] After the Saints managed to protect their hideout from some attacking Ronin members,[75] the Chinese Heritage Festival was interrupted by the Ronin. Kazuo challenged his old rival Wong to a fight.[76] The Protagonist was warned about what was going on, and rushed to the festival. After The Protagonist found Kazuo, a sword duel commenced.[77] The Protagonist was no match for Kazuo's skill however, and shot the Ronin leader through his chest and impaled him with his own katana to the boat they were on. The boat was set on fire by the Ronin however. As Kazuo could not move away from the boat, he was burned to death.[78]

Sons of SamediEdit

Main article: Sons of Samedi

The Samedi have their own designer drug, Loa Dust. The Saints are trying to remake this product and take their market by taking their turf.[79] The Saints also burn down a drug farm owned by the Samedi in Pleasant View.[80] When The General hears about this and hears that it is the fault of drug dealer DJ Veteran Child, he orders Veteran Child to kill Shaundi.[81] Veteran Child gets murdered by The Protagonist.[82] Through Shaundi's contacts/boyfriends The Protagonist learns the locations of the Samedi's drug labs in Shivington and the Elysian Fields Trailer Park. The destruction of the Shivingtion drug labs unintentionally results in the great Shivington fire and forces The General to confronting his adversary.[83] The Protagonist is abducted and drugged Saints leader brought before The General inside his Hounfor.[84] After a brief encounter, The Protagonist escapes the limo and learns from Shaundi the Samedi are attacking the Saints Hideout.[85] After fighting off the Samedi and drug addicts, The Protagonist hears from a drug addict that Mr. Sunshine hangs out at an old factory.[86] Sunshine is killed there.[87] Then, Shaundi and The Protagonist steal the police cameras from the Police Headquarters in Saint's Row.[88] When they install the cameras in the hideout, a Saint spots the limo of The General.[89] The Saints ambush The General, and he and his Bulldog are destroyed in the Ultor Shopping Mall.[90]

Ultor CorporationEdit

Dane Vogel threatened in ... and a Better Life

Dane Vogel threatened by The Protagonist.

Main article: Ultor

After the Saints retake Stilwater, Ultor attacks the Saints.[91] After finding out about the Pyramid, Ultor's secret research facility under Mount Claflin, the Saints break in blow the place up.[92] Dane Vogel, who was in control of Ultor, is confronted by his the Board of Directors that he should get rid of the Saints or risk losing his job.[93] Instead, he sends information to The Protagonist about a yacht party where all the Ultor Executives are gathered.[94] The Protagonist then kills the executives, resulting in Vogel's promotion to Chairman.[95] During a speech given by Vogel, the Saints stage an assassination attempt, but he flees in his limo, and retreats to the Phillips Building.[96] The Protagonist steals a helicopter and shoots a way into Vogel's office.[97] There, The Protagonist shot Vogel through his still-talking mouth, and Vogel's corpse fell out of the window.[98]

Saints Row 2 Downloadable ContentEdit

Ultor ExposedEdit

Main article: Ultor Exposed

The Protagonist met with ex-Ultor microbiologist Tera, who said that she knew about some things Ultor wanted to keep 'buried.' Tera was talking about bodies, and The Protagonist would love to dig them up to hurt Ultor. After The Protagonist did so, he brought them to Channel 6, who wanted more evidence. Tera found out about a truck loaded with chemicals, and together they stole the truck, defended it from Ultor, and stored it at the airport. Jane Valderama wanted something else, an interview with Tera. When the Saints brought the evidence to Mount Claflin, where the interview would take place, they were attacked by Ultor again. After they defended the evidence again, Tera had the interview with Jane. Jane turned Tera's words against her however, saying that they got the Saints a lot of money and that Ultor wouldn't go away because of an interview. Tera swore revenge on Ultor.

Corporate WarfareEdit

Main article: Corporate Warfare

Pierce met up with Eric Gryphon, new CEO of Ultor. Gryphon asked for protection in exchange for information on Dexter Jackson. After protecting Eric from the Masako, he tells The Protagonist that Dex is smuggling toxic waste and selling it in the black market. After The Protagonist took care of Dex's plan, the former Saint left Stilwater. When The Protagonist heard about this, he wanted all of his contacts dead. With Eric's help, The Protagonist managed to do so. The Protagonist then swore to find Dex and kill him.

Saints Row UndercoverEdit

Main Article: Saints Row Undercover

After the Saints took over Stilwater, the streets had remained in peace. But things changed when Lady Ranja started a civil war within the Saints and created her own gang of Saints. With no other choice Chief of Police Troy Bradshaw sends a undercover cop to infiltrate the Saints to put the conflict to a end. The undercover cop helps the Saints defeat Lady Ranja's gang and Mr. Sunshine's twin brother. However Johnny Gat soon finds out the truth of the undercover cop and overs him a choice to either become a member of the 3rd Street Saints or go back to his career of being a police officer. The cop would end up joining the Saints.

Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

I'm Free - Free Falling - The Protagonist, Johnny Gat, and Shaundi tied to chairs
After merging with Ultor to form the "Saints-Ultor Media Group", the gang has produced Saints-branded merchandise for a rabid public. They are worldwide celebrities.
— History of the Saints: Modern Day Saints[99]

Main article: Saints Row: The Third

The Saints, having defeated all the rival gangs of Stilwater and overthrown the influence of the Ultor Corporation, have found themselves with free reign of the city, turning their gang into a brand name and selling merchandise like clothing and soft drinks, even in talks of making movies, though still try to do some legitimate gang activity on the side. They target a bank, attempting to airlift the vault out of it, but the plan goes wrong, and the Saints are arrested and incarcerated.[100] In prison, they learn about how an international crime agency called The Syndicate, led by Phillipe Loren, has taken over many of the banks (including the one the Saints struck) and bribed the Stilwater police force. Loren smuggles the Saints' leader (The Protagonist), Johnny Gat, and Shaundi out of jail and onto his private jet. While in-flight, he tells them they will be allowed to live if they turn over two-thirds of their territory. The leader of the Saints (The Protagonist) rejects this offer, and a gunfight breaks out. Johnny sacrifices himself fighting off the rest of Loren's henchmen while The Protagonist and Shaundi escape; ultimately, The Protagonist and Shaundi fall out the cargo hold of the plane, recover parachutes, and land safely.[101]

With the Syndicate in full control of Stilwater, the Saints relocate themselves to the city of Steelport. Steelport is a city that was created as factories flourished with little city planning, and since has suffered from economic failure,[reference?] contrasting the glamour of Stilwater. The Syndicate has already begun to take control of some parts of Steelport, focusing on vices like gambling and prostitution. To extend their reach, the Syndicate had divided their control of the city through three gangs. The Morningstar, led by Loren directly, are typically European men with impeccable taste, selling guns and handling the prostitution rings.[reference?] The pro wrestler Killbane controls the Luchadores who deal with selling steroid drugs and gambling.[reference?] The Deckers, led by teenage hacktivist Matt Miller, are computer geniuses, and handle the money laundering.[reference?] The Saints see the opportunity to take control of Steelport from these groups, and engage them to start to take control of the downtrodden city.[reference?] As the gang war intensifies, a fourth group, the Special Tactical Anti-Gang (STAG) Unit from the government attempts to halt any gang activity whether it be the Saints or the Syndicate.

The Saints started their recruiting process and recruited four new lieutenants: Zimos, the oldest pimp in Steelport, Angel De LaMuerte, an ex tag-team wrestler, Kinzie Kensington, an ex-FBI intelligence agent, and Oleg Kirrlov, an 8-foot giant who is the template of the Brute clones[102] and enjoys playing chess.[103]


Main article: Morningstar

When the Saints launch an attack on the Syndicate tower, the Saints fight their way up to where they find the brute cloning station. After a fight between Saints and the Morningstar, the Saints meet Oleg Kirrlov whom the clones are based on. He is then freed and is welcomed into the 3rd Street Saints. They proceed up to the top where Loren is, but Loren tries to escape by express elevator but is crushed in the lobby by a giant Ball statue ridden by The Protagonist.[102] The end of Morningstar comes when Viola and Kiki's mission with "Hooker Assassin's" fails, Kiki declares they are quitting and Killbane breaks her neck which leads to Viola defecting over to the Saints, ending the Morningstar.[104]


Main article: Deckers

When the Saints acquire the NEMO chair,[105] they infiltrate the Decker user net and fight their way through the digital world, where The Protagonist has a face-off with Matt Miller's digital monster form and they have a huge battle before Kinzie is able to copy Matt's avatar and lets The Protagonist use it making it an even battle which ends with a defeated Matt begging for his life. He offers to either give them a discount on cars or on guns to help "get your empire back" after which he resigns from the Syndicate and leaves Steelport forever swearing off technology, ending the Deckers.[106]


Main article: Luchadores

Killbane escapes on his jet when The Protagonist decides to save Shaundi, Viola, and Mayor Reynolds instead of going after Killbane and is never seen again, ending the Luchadores and the Syndicate.[107] In the alternate ending, after Killbane's all out warfare with STAG and the Saints fails, he tries to escape from Steelport in his jet but is later stopped when his jet is destroyed by The Protagonist and he and Killbane have one last fight where The Protagonist wrestles Killbane down and eventually breaks his neck.


Main article: STAG

If Killbane is killed, STAG is then ordered to nearly-destroy the city in a last ditch effort to wipe out the Saints, but The Protagonist goes to destroy the Daedalus and encounters Cyrus Temple flying a VTOL and after killing multiple STAG forces and damaging the VTOL Cyrus crashes, killing him while The Protagonist escapes before the Daedalus explodes.[108] However if Shaundi, Viola, and Mayor Reynolds are saved, STAG is ordered out of Steelport for an attempt to destroy a national monument, ending STAG's crusade against them.[109]


Depending on what choice was made in the endgame. One of two outcomes occur for the Saints.

If Killbane is killed, The Protagonist declares Steelport a city state under the Saints' control and dares anyone to come and take it from them.

If Shaundi, Viola, and Mayor Reynolds are saved, then the Saints continue to do things corporately, Steelport is still in their control but in a less then tyrannical light as the Saints are viewed as heroes. The Protagonist goes through with making the movie that was discussed earlier which ends with them fighting an actor in a Killbane outfit.

Saints Row IVEdit

Counter Terrorist operationEdit

After the events of the Save Shaundi ending in Saints Row: The Third, the Saints embarked on an international assassin job on ex-STAG leader Cyrus Temple, who teamed up with terrorists in the Middle East after being booted off the military by the United States Government. Their mission was to kill Cyrus and prevent him launching a nuke towards Washington D.C. The Protagonist killed Temple, and disarmed the nuclear warhead in the sky, destroying it and saving Washington.[110]


The Saints earned the adoration of America after The Protagonist's daring move to save Washington from Cyrus' nuke. The Protagonist was later elected President of the United States, thus the Saints entered into government, with actor Keith David acting as Vice President. The Cabinet consisted of Saints gang members.

The ZinEdit

Five years after the assassination of Cyrus Temple, an alien empire known as the Zin launched an invasion of earth, and their leader Zinyak arrived at the White Crib and began abducting The Protagonist and their cabinet.[111]

After the destruction of the earth[112] - leaving The Protagonist the sole world leader[113] - the Saints began to take down the Zin Empire through with the simulation and rescuing their cabinet.[114] After rescuing the cabinet, the Saints began putting together a plan to take down Zinyak. They were briefly betrayed by Keith David who made a deal with Zinyak to try and kill The Protagonist with the promise of Zinyak restoring earth. The Protagonist managed to get sense into Keith through Roddy Piper and managed to rescue Kinzie Kensington.


The Saints managed to crash Simulation 31 and The Protagonist entered Zinyak's headquarters and confronted him in his throne room. The two faced off with each other, and the Saints arrived to help The Protagonist take down Zinyak. The Protagonist then ripped off Zinyak's head, broadcast to the whole Zin Empire, and then took over the Zin as their new leader.[115]

If all homie loyalty missions have been completed, The Protagonist discovers that the Zin have the ability to use time travel, so they can visit earth before its destruction and change the shape of history. If the loyalty missions aren't complete, the Saints Empire is created, and the Saints head off to find themselves a new homeworld.


  • In order to become a member of the 3rd Street Saints, prospects must be Canonized, which is the same as the real life street gang pactice of being jumped-in in which prospects are beaten by several gang members. Canonization is also a real-life religious act in which someone (Usually deceased) becomes a saint. The Protagonist is Canonized at the beginning of Saints Row and Johnny Gat is seen canonizing new members at the ending of "Three Kings". Sometimes when being attacked random female Saints states their canonizing was worse.
  • Mission Beach in the Saint's Row District is the only neighborhood under the control of the 3rd Street Saints at the time The Protagonist joins the gang.[116]
  • The Saints are featured under S in The ABCs of Saints Row.[117]

Saints RowEdit

  • Instead of purple, the 3rd Street Saints' color was originally planned to be green.[20]
  • The first Saints were former Vice Kings that were led by Julius Little.[17]
  • In the early days of Stilwater, Saints Row was actually filled with churches. Property renovation removed all but the one used by the Saints.[reference?]

Saints Row 2Edit

  • The Gang that calls itself the "3rd Street Saints" from the Saints Row 2 onward is actually an almost entirely new gang, as the original gang founded by Julius fell apart after The Protagonist fell into a coma. The Protagonist and Johnny Gat are the only connection to the original Saints from the first game.
  • The 3rd Street Saints cannot take control of the Saint's Row, Stilwater Prison, Nuclear Power Plant Districts, or Mount Claflin.
  • The Saints are continuously underestimated by rival gangs, to the point of that they are thought to be harmless and easy to destroy.[119][120][121] The only gang who tried to recruit them as allies rather than immediately engaging them was The Brotherhood.
  • There is a glitch where the Saints could become your enemies. This is done by taking out the disk as the host of a co-op game after starting FUZZ. A cop is then recruited as a homie and the Saints become enemies.

Saints Row: The ThirdEdit

  • All the Saints from Steelport wore purple already, even prior to joining the gang, apart from Oleg who was nude when he was first introduced[102] and Josh Birk who never wears purple at any point in the game.
  • None of the members of the 3rd Street Saints at the beginning of Saints Row are still in the gang at the end of Saints Row: The Third.
  • Since the Saints accepted that Johnny Gat was killed,[101] Shaundi and Pierce are the second longest running members of the Saints that are still active, behind The Protagonist.

Saints Row IVEdit

  • The Protagonist and Johnny Gat are the only earliest known Saints members to appear in the first game and appear until Saints Row IV.
  • The Protagonist, Johnny Gat, Troy and Dex are the only known earliest members not to be killed during the main games.
  • Johnny Gat is the longest running Saint active despite Zinyak abducting him for 5 years, while The Protagonist is second (both appearing in all games in the series), and Shaundi and Pierce are the third longest running Saints (both being present from the Saints Row 2 onwards).
    • Shaundi and Pierce are the longest running Saints to not have sustained any kinds of notable/serious injury, as The Protagonist has been put into a coma, and the only Saints Row game Johnny Gat has not been injured badly is Saints Row IV.
  • Lin and Wheel Woman were the first known women to join the Saints, while Shaundi is the second and the longest running active woman.
  • Kinzie is the only Lieutenant introduced in Saints Row: The Third who is still alive and active.
  • Matt Miller is the youngest Saint ally that is active, as he's only 16 in Saints Row: The Third[122], and most of Saints Row IV takes place at least 5 years later, which would make him at least 21.
  • The Saints presence in Simulation 31 is heavily reduced, as most of the Saints hideouts have been changed for the worst (the main Saints HQ being destroyed for example, and Planet Saints has been changed to Planet Zin). Fans and Saints can still spawn in Saint controlled areas however, and Planet Zin still sells Saint themed clothes.
  • Blue becomes a secondary colour of the Saints as it is used to demonstrate Saint controlled technology, which may include Hotspots, Rifts, lights and even the sky becomes blue when exiting a Zin controlled area and moving into a Saints controlled neighborhood.
    • Outside the Simulation, the Saints also wear blue Zin Spacesuits and The Ship has the same blue lighting as in the Simulation, and in the ending cutscene of "Grand Finale Part Four", the Zin occupied ships interiors lights change to blue.
    • The Saints still use the colour purple, as inside the Simulation, Pierce, Shaundi and Kinzie still wear their outfits from Saints Row: The Third (which have varying amounts of purple in their attire) and with the exceptions of Keith and Benjamin, all Super Homies wear purple coloured Super outfits. The Saint themed vehicles also retain purple in their colour scheme, and Saints spawned in Saint controlled areas still wear purple outfits.
  • Most of the Saints status are unknown and presumed dead, as Oleg was on Earth,[112] and the status Viola, Angel and Zimos is unknown, although Kinzie says that Viola was dead.[123]
  • It is unknown if the Saints were an still active gang or if the cabinet Saints were still gang members before "The Real World", because when Shaundi talks to Matt Miller while recruited together, she indirectly refers to herself as a "ex-gang member" when talking about the 2 working together.[124]
  • By the end of Saints Row IV, the 3rd Street Saints and the Zin Empire become the Saints Empire, with The Protagonist as their leader.[126][127]
    • The Saints Empire logo is a purple Zin Empire logo, and is available as a Avatar clothing item on X-Box Live.


  • SR2 VOC WM 00769 third street baby
    "3rd Street, baby"
  • SR2 VOC WM 07363 Blood in, Blood out
    "Blood in, Blood out"
  • SR2 VOC WM 10776 Blood In, Blood Out, yo
    "Blood in, Blood out, yo"


  • Saints Row 3rd Street Saints wallpaper
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  • The Saints are featured under S in The ABCs of Saints Row


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    The Saints are featured under S in The ABCs of Saints Row.

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    Hector Lopez: "A bunch of mulas, a nuisance, nothing more."
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    You really think that a couple washed up bangers like you and Gat have a chance against the Brotherhood?
    — Maero

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    My thoughts exactly, Mr. Killbane. The Saints are no more than a white noise of empty threats.
    — Phillipe Loren

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    Shaundi: "Certainly not me."
    Matt Miller: "But it's good. Your brawn and my brains, your sass and my good looks, we're like a buddy cop show."
    Shaundi: "The one where the pissed off ex-gang member gets a dog for a partner so she straps it to the roof of the cop car and drives down the freeway at 131 miles per hour?"
    Matt Miller: "That's not a real show."
    Homie Convo Matt Shaundi
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    Kinzie and Julius

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    Julius: "Yeah? Me neither."
    Kinzie: "I mean Keith David is an elder statesman and a classically trained actor. And you're a former gang leader with a propensity for violence."
    Julius: "You realize your boss is a former gang leader with a propensity for violence too, right?"
    Kinzie: "Exactly and nobody compares them to Keith David."
    Homie Convo Kinzie Julius
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