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106.66 The Blood

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106.66 The Blood is a Radio Station in Saints Row: The Third.[1]


106.66 The Blood is a metal radio station hosted by John John.

It plays a mix of melodic death metal, alternative metal, metalcore, and electronic music. The station falls under the same genre as The Krunch 106.66.

Track ListEdit


  • The frequency of the station, 106.66, is a reference to 666, which is the Number of the Beast from the Bible's Book of Revelation. This number is commonly associated with satanism and heavy metal music.
  • "Engine Wrecks" and "Slow Revolution" are songs that fall on the electronic dance genre.
  • There is a logo in the Saints Row IV game files, but the station itself does not appear in the game.


Yaaaaaay! This is one of my favourite pick-me-up tracks
The Blood John John excited radio misc media 00167

Caller: "I just wanted to say that I think the music on this station is making my son do drugs"
John John: "Oh no, that's terrible, you need to get him some help right away!"
Caller: "Hey, don't you dare tell me how to raise my boy!"
John John: "Anyone on drugs needs all the loving help we can provide. While I transfer your call to the proper authorities, we should all feel the love as we listen to Suicide Jag by Chemlab."
The Blood son doing drugs radio misc media 00309
— Redneck calls The Blood


  • The Blood 106.66 description
  • Unused Saints Row IV logo
  • 106.66 The Blood - Tracks


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    106.66 The Blood - Tracks

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