105.0 Ezzzy FM is an Easy Listening Radio Station in Saints Row and Saints Row 2.

105.0 Ezzzy FM logo

Saints RowEdit


Mike St Michaels is the DJ for 105.0 Ezzzy FM in Saints Row.

SR1 announcer Ezzzy 0085 Mike St Michaels

Mike St Michaels is voiced by David Lawrence, who produced all Radio Stations in Saints Row, and is also the voice of David on 108.0 WMD KBOOM FM, as well as Stefan, in addition to Carlton Manchester on 102.4 Klassic FM and newsreader Jack Armstrong.


  • Andreasen, Per Bluitgen; Kalfayan, Yannick - Peyi La Douce
  • Bui, Renato; Wild, Martha - Yodel of Joy
  • Caspar, Eric; Nilovic, Janko - Bossa New Look
  • Caspar, Eric; Nilovic, Janko - Super Week-End
  • Caspar, Eric; Nilovic, Janko - Week-End Pop
  • Doukhan, Stephane; Durst, Marc; Miffre, Edouard - Glamour Bossa Nova
  • Durst, Marc - Cocktail Bossa
  • Durst, Marc - Holiday Bossa Nova
  • Durst, Marc - Nice Swing
  • Durst, Marc - Shopping Girls
  • Durst, Marc - Tutti Flutti Swing
  • Eraerds; Werner - O leicht lernt man das Jodeln
  • Chacksfield, Frank - Apres Ski[1]
  • Folmer, Nicolas - Running Swing
  • Guillaume, Stephane - Golden Voices
  • Haydegg, Hendric - Italian Summer
  • Heinrich, Didier; Le Gall, Jose - Hello Jack
  • Huguenin, Stephane; Padovan, Christian; Sanna, Yves - Quando Sei Vicino A Te
  • Jaenner, Jurgen - Quicka Negra
  • Johnson, Joey - Alpenrose Memories
  • Johnson, Joey - Emily's Happy Hop
  • Krystan, Anton; Sieben, Otto - Frühlingstanz[2]
  • Kurz, Lars; Mylla, H.C. - Bratwurst Polka
  • Kurz, Lars; Mylla, H.C. - I und du B
  • Marius, Fred; Jaenner, Jurgen - Adventure in Speed
  • Narholz, Gerhard - Bossa Cubana
  • Narholz, Gerhard - Holiday Road
  • Pagnini, Umberto - Slapstick Duck Twist
  • Rabaud, Bernard - Love in Paris[2]
  • Sander, Peter - Autumn Sun
  • Sander, Peter - Sweetness
  • Schneeberg, Jan - Looping
  • Schweikhart, Clemens; Wittwer, Matthias - Groovemob
  • Sekura, Ronald; Sieben, Otto - Pepito from Tampico
  • Sieben, Otto - Curley Shirley
  • Sieben, Otto - Western Post
  • Walter, Dick - Playground of the Stars

Saints Row 2Edit


In Saints Row 2, the DJ is Stevie J.

SR2 announcer EZZZY 00000 Stevie J

The World 105.0Edit

After 50% Completion of the game, Ultor buys the station and replaces it with The World 105.0. Stevie J is retained as the DJ, but his previously happy commentary becomes depressed and sarcastic after the format change.


  • "Naughty But Nice" - Walt Rockman (1975)
  • "Marvellous Singers Remix" - Marc Durst and Laurent Lombard
  • "Love for Life" - Sammy Burdson and John Charles Fiddy
  • "Kalamazoo Style" - Olivier Andres and Christian Seguret
  • "Just Strolling Along" - Sammy Burdson and John Charles Fiddy
  • "Coconuts" - Gerhard Narholz
  • "Dancing On the Avenue" - John Cacavas
  • "Dolce Vita" - Bruno Bertoli
  • "Face to Face" - Sammy Burdson
  • "A Girl Like You" - Norman Candler
  • "Jarabe Tapatio" - Carlos Periguez
  • "Tooba Boogie" - Otto Sieben
  • "Walkie Talkie" - Gerhard Narholz
  • "Whistle Happy" - Colin Baldry and Tom Kane
  • "Tchoupa Twist" - Nicholas Folmer
  • "A Sunny Day In Heidelberg" - Horst Jankowski
  • "Swing Paname" - Angel Debarre
  • "Stereo Cha Cha" - Umberto Pagnini
  • "Colonie Celeste" - Jean-Jacques Perrey
  • "A Cielito Lindo" - Carlos Periguez
  • "Chanson Pour Toi" - Alfred Jack
  • "Bossa Cubana" - Gerhard Narholz[3]
  • "Berg Und Tal" - Gerhard Narholz[3]
  • "Bachelor Samba" - Marc Durst


  • The internal station id for Ezzzy 105 and The World 105.0 are different, so if a car is saved in the Garage with the radio set to Ezzzy 105, it remains on that station after it is bought by Ultor. If the radio station is later changed, it is not possible to change it back.


  • 105.0 Ezzzy FM description in Saints Row 2


  1. Note: Only available at Scratch That and not played on the radio.
  2. 2.0 2.1 Note: Not available at Scratch That in the normal game, but available in Title Update #1
  3. 3.0 3.1 Note: Available in the Playlist Editor at the start of the game.
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