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L wraith
The Wraith in Saints Row: The Third.
Style Supercar
Class Sports
Hostage class Exotic
Capacity 2
Large Vehicle? No
Speed 100
Nitrous Speed 100
Mass 1000
Torque 550
Hit Points 5000
Road Grip 0.01
Steering Speed 50
Steering Angle 50
Manufacturer Zanin
Games Saints Row: The Third
Saints Row IV
Related Attrazione
X-2 Phantom
Unlockable Cyber Blazing (Hard) SRTT
"Under Pressure" Side Quest SRIV
Randomly Parked? No

The Wraith is a vehicle in Saints Row: The Third[1] and Saints Row IV.


This supercar is based on the Attrazione, sharing the body design, with an exception of neon strips running along wheels and a body. The grills featured on the car are also colored in accordance with the neon color-coding. It features a yellow underglow.

The Wraith has the capacity for two occupants. It's one of the fastest cars in the game.

Completing the hard instance of Cyber Blazing in Ashwood unlocks the vehicle in the player's garage, along with the X-2 Phantom.[1]


While the Wraith is listed as 'Non-Customizable', it can be modified using a Vehicle Customization glitch.

The Wraith has a total of 6 Vehicle Customization options. It does not have Wheel Options available.
Mods include

  • 2 Roofs
  • 2 Spoilers
  • Underglow

Paints available are

  • Window Tint
  • Interior Color
  • When Kneecappers are installed they will always point to the left.


  • There is no Cheat Code for this vehicle.
  • The Wraith and the X-2 Phantom are similar to the ASP and the Cyber Buster and Blaster in that they are part of the Deckers virtual world, but are unlockable in the real world.
  • The Wraith may be named after the Dodge Turbo Interceptor from the 1986 film "The Wraith".
  • The binary code on the licence plate at the back of the car translates into "C".
  • Both the Wraith and the X-2 Phantom share the same unique horn sound. Also both vehicles names, Wraith and Phantom are terms that are used to refer to spirits, ghosts, and/or apparitions.
  • In Saints Row: The Third, the Wraith uses a unique engine sound, but in Saints Row IV, it uses the same engine noise as the Attrazione as it is an Attrazione variant and not a separate vehicle.


  • First appearance of the Wraith
  • The front view of the Wraith
  • The Wraith in Saints Row: The Third
  • Front view of Wraith in Garage
  • Rear view of Wraith in Garage
  • Wraith in Saints Row: The Third
  • Wraith (Rear) in Saints Row IV
  • Wraith (Side) in Saints Row IV
  • Wraith (Front) in Saints Row IV


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