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Westside Rollerz
West side rollerz
Color Blue
Leaders William Sharp and Joseph Price [1]
Vehicles Voxel
Locations Suburbs
Truck Yard
Businesses Illegal street racing[reference?]
Illegal car sales.[reference?]
Games Saints Row

The Westside Rollerz are a gang in Saints Row.


The Rollerz consist of a cadre of street racers and tuners that supplement their illegal hobbies through dealing in stolen auto parts that they acquire by preying on truck shipments traveling through Stilwater.[reference?]

The gang is mostly made up of rich kids who lived in the heart of the Rollerz turf: the suburbs.[2]


The smallest rival gang in the city, The Rollerz are ruled by William Sharp, who oversees over all the Rollerz dealings from atop his suburban mansion. Sharp usually leaves the dirty work to his nephew, Joseph Price, though he is not afraid to get involved personally when needed.[3][1]

Said to be the best mechanic in the city, Donnie also serves the Westside Rollerz, and is very much respected by the entire gang.[reference?] Donnie is Price's best friend, who trusted Donnie with his life.


  • In the first trailer for Saints Row, Joseph Price is wearing purple alongside the 3rd Street Saints, but in the final release he is a leader of the Westside Rollerz.
  • Most Westside Rollerz vehicles are set to the radio station K12 FM 97.6, and some of them are set to The Kronic 92.2.
  • The Rollerz have the fewest missions, strongholds, members and neighborhoods in Saints Row.
    • Due to having the fewest neighborhoods, they are the only gang to lose of all neighborhoods before the final mission.
  • Unused audio files in Saints Row IV, indicate that the Westside Rollerz were originally going to return.


  • Westside Rollerz members (from left to right): William Sharp, Joseph Price, Donnie.
  • Saints Row Westside Rollerz wallpaper.
  • Westside Rollerz tag as seen in the simulated Stilwater in Saints Row IV.


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    Spying on a meeting between the leaders of the Rollerz, William Sharp and his nephew Joseph Price, you overheard that they were planning to hijack several delivery trucks loaded with car parts. Seeing a good opportunity to mess up their plans, you intercepted the Westside Rollerz and stopped them from hijacking the trucks, getting the 3rd Street Saints some notoriety in the process. You've made things harder for the Rollerz, but they don't give up that easily...

  2. Saints Row manual - Troy Bradshaw: A bunch of speed freaks from the suburbs who saw one too many movies... Normally I'd just write 'em off as a bunch of punks (what sort of gang that takes themselves seriously spells their name with a 'z'), but someone is getting these kids organized.
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