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Viola DeWynter
Viola DeWynter Gang Bang
Viola DeWynter in Saints Row: The Third.[1]
Appears in

Saints Row: The Third






Kiki DeWynter (Twin sister)


The Syndicate
3rd Street Saints




Human Trafficking[2]
Head of the Federal Reserve

Voiced by

Sasha Grey [3]

Viola[2] DeWynter is a character in Saints Row: The Third.

Viola DeWynter: "You may continue to operate the Saints/Ultor Media Group as you see fit, in exchange for 66% of your monthly gross revenue."
Kiki DeWynter: "That is before taxes, of course."
Viola and Kiki quotes
— Viola and Kiki DeWynter in Saints Row: The Third during the mission "I'm Free - Free Falling".[4]

Description Edit

They're the number two in the Syndicate [...] If they weren't around, everything would descend into chaos.
— Steve Jaros, lead writer of Saints Row: The Third describing Viola and her sister Kiki
Viola is the twin sister of Kiki DeWynter, they are the lieutenants of the Morningstar gang led by Phillipe Loren.[2] Viola is well endowed and is very pretty, having a buxom figure, wearing tight, black, form fitting clothing to accentuate her curves, much like her twin sister.

Viola wears white sunglasses, and exchanges them for a purple pair when she joins the Saints[4][5], whilst Kiki wears pink. After the death of Kiki, Viola wears her sister's pink shades, along with purple nail polish to signify her respect for her sister and her association with the Saints respectively.

An early leaked achievement for Saints Row IV is "Bad Memories", awarded for completing the mission "Dewynter Blues". This mission doesn't appear in the final game. Viola also has 3 audio logs for Saints Row IV which where cut, but still exist in the files.

Biography Edit

Viola and her sister run finances for the Syndicate[reference?], having increased the Syndicate profits tenfold in Steelport[reference?]. Also, it has been stated in several sources such as Xbox Magazine[link?] and a brief interview with Sasha Grey[source?], that the twins are Philippe's heiresses to the leadership of the Syndicate and Morningstar.[reference?]

The DeWynters are also Philippe's personal assistants, managing his personal life and day-to-day business affairs, according to Viola's voice actress Sasha Grey.[reference?]

Saints Row: The Third Edit

Viola and Kiki DeWynter

A scan from GameInformer's exclusive Saints Row: The Third reveal, revealing some information on the DeWynter sisters

It is known[how?] that Viola and her sister are sent by Phillipe Loren to bail The Protagonist, Shaundi and Johnny Gat out of jail and bring them to him.[reference?]

The DeWynter sisters also became acquainted with Zimos, the oldest pimp in Steelport. The relationship goes south, and Zimos finds himself locked away in the basement of one of the Syndicate's human trafficking hubs.[6] After completing all City Takeover activities in the New Colvin district of the city, and completing various activities with Zimos, Zimos reveals that the reason for the DeWynter's hostility is that Zimos slept with one of the sisters, without being able to remember which one he slept with.[reference?]

Viola joins the 3rd Street Saints.[7] The reason being that Killbane killed her sister after the assassination attempt orchestrated by them failed, Killbane then lost his temper when Kiki called him Eddie, causing him to snap her neck.[8][9][10]

Viola informs The Protagonist about The Syndicate cargo carrying a bunch of hos.[11]

Viola meets with The Protagonist when STAG first invade the city and helps The Protagonist escape in an elevator. [1]

After she joins the crew the next mission Viola and The Protagonist disguise as actors to kidnap Josh Birk. She is dressed up as the Bloody Canoness while The Protagonist dresses as the Cardinal, which she does not like one bit.[12] She also helps in the mission defending an attack from STAG who want to have Josh Birk returned to them.[13]

When The Protagonist goes to rescue Shaundi from STAG, Viola and Pierce acts as prisoners so The Protagonist can find Shaundi and escape. All four of the Saints escape the Thermopylae and destroy the aircraft carrier in the process.[14]

After the Zombie outbreak on Arapice Island, she calls The Protagonist about how the Mayor wants the Saints to deal with the Zombies. The pair of them head over to Arapice Island to deal with the outbreak, and disposes of the containers that contained the virus.[15]

Viola also reveals the best way of ruining Killbane, is by removing his mask so that only Eddie Pryor remains.[16]


Kill Killbane

If Killbane is killed, during the final mission Three Way, Shaundi, Viola and Mayor Reynolds die. Afterwards the Saints throw a party to remember Shaundi, though leaving out Viola and Burt Reynolds. Though when, planting bombs on the Daedalus, The Protagonist's Female Voice 1 says "One for Shaundi, one for Viola, one for my crew and one just for me".

Save Shaundi

If Viola, Shaundi, and Mayor Reynolds are rescued during Three Way, Viola survives.

As the "Save Shaundi" ending is the official ending, Viola is still alive at the end of Saints Row: The Third.[17]

Saints Row IVEdit

Viola DeWynter named head of federal reserve.
— Mentioned in news ticker when first customizing The Protagonist
Viola becomes the Head of the Federal Reserve after The Protagonist is elected President of the United States.[reference?]

Trivia Edit

  • During the cutscene of "Gang Bang" she is wearing white glasses but as soon as the gameplay begins she is wearing purple glasses.
  • During a cutscene in the mission "My Name is Cyrus Temple" on the Thermopylae Viola wears white glasses. During gameplay she wears purple glasses.
  • Volition, Inc. allowed Game Informer to print an article which stated that Viola and Kiki were assassins.[18] Steve Jaros later stated that they were not assassins and blamed the forums for this rumour.[19]
  • Originally, Viola and her sister Kiki were Japanese twins called Natsuko and Yukako, nicknamed Suki and Yuki for short. They led their own all-female gang - "Oiran" - to contrast with the original Morningstar concept of an all-male gang. The two gangs were merged to streamline the story, and the DeWynters were made Caucasian to avoid the stereotype of "badass Asian chicks that are subservient to an older man".[20]
    • Steve Jaros, lead writer for Saints Row: The Third, explained he "named Viola and Kiki DeWynter after RPG characters" that he and his friend played.[20]
    • The game data files internally reference Viola as "Suko", proving it was changed after the early concept stages.
    • Safeword was originally an Oiran Stronghold, while Powder was the Morningstar Stronghold.
  • Viola has a master's in economics.[21]
  • She and Kiki also appear to be extremely exceptional artists, based on Zimos's original DeWynter painting, based on Andy Warhol's 'pop art'.
  • Though identical, Viola is the nicer and more self-controlled of the two, she says "yes sir" and commonly doesn't fuss at all to her bosses.
  • Female Voice 3 accuses Viola of having implants.
  • Like Tera Patrick and Nyte Blayde, Viola drives a Temptress.
  • Viola and Kiki share many similarities with Vice Kings lieutenant, Tanya Winters. The main difference being that Viola and Kiki treated their girls much better than Tanya did.
  • Despite many articles showing her and Kiki with short black hair and black leather pants, in game and later trailers they both wear their hair in very high-ponytail and black skirts with black stockings.
  • Viola is one of 3 characters to be an initial antagonist and later join the Saints, the others being Benjamin King and Matt Miller.
    • Unlike Benjamin and Matt, Viola does not get abducted and is presumed dead after Zinyak destroyed Earth.[22]
    • Kinzie mentions that Viola is dead in when berating The Protagonist, when accusing them of being an asshole and putting the crew members at risk.[23]
  • "Viola" is Italian for the color purple, the 3rd Street Saints color.
  • Viola has a few similarities with fellow Saint Tera Patrick. Both of them are voiced by former porn stars, both drive a Temptress and both worked for the opposing factions.
  • After joining the Saints, Viola still wears her Morningstar chain on her hip.
  • The F-69 VTOL computer voice which says 'Flight mode engaged' and 'hover mode engaged' sounds similar to Viola's voice, and may have also been voiced by Sasha Grey.
  • Originally, both Kiki and Viola were to join the Saints.[24]
  • During "Three Way", it is possible to go to the top floor before getting rid of the bombs, the only person at the top is Viola, who is standing upright, not tied up.
  • Although Viola cannot be called up as a Homie when "Three Way" becomes available, completing both endings allows her, Shaundi and Burt Reynolds to be recruited again.
  • Neither Viola nor Burt appear in the end cutscene of Three Way after they have been saved.
  • Promotional images of Viola often show her wielding an AK-74M assault rifle.
  • Like Angel, Viola might complain that you're not doing anything useful if you're not doing any major combat on the ground when you recruit her as a Homie.
  • Viola is treated like an outside after defecting to the Saints by multiple members at various points of Saints Row: The Third.
    • The Protagonist when first meeting Viola, after she says they need work together, The Protagonist quickly argues that Johnny Gat's death is on her hands, and is reluctant to let her join judging by the sigh they give after she requests to see Killbane suffer.[25]
    • When Oleg is with The Protagonist during their meeting, Oleg gets visibly angry and clicks his neck after Viola insults him when she reference to the Syndicates cloning operation, with The Protagonist warning Viola not to "Piss of the big man".[25] Oleg also expresses distrust towards her when recruited together.[1]
    • Shaundi does not like Viola talking or being near her[1] and she also expresses displeasure about her during Stilwater Blues, although like The Protagonist, she blames Viola for his death and recognises her past allegiance with The Syndicate.
    • Angel also shows frustration to Viola when recruited together, due her sticking with Killbane and The Syndicate after what he did to him cheating and unmasking him.[1]
    • Zimos and Viola both hate each other, Viola hating Zimos due to him sleeping with her or her twin sister Kiki, and vice-versa due to Viola and Kiki putting him to work in Safeword for years.[1][2]
    • Viola recognises in her cut Audio Logs that the Saints had a hard time accepting her, and acknowledges Oleg's, Zimos's, Pierce's and Shaundi's unforgiving attitudes towards her.


Viola: "I didn't get a master's in economics to look like a slut."
Protagonist Female 3: "No, that's what the implants were for."
Protagonist Female 1: "What did you get a masters in economics for?"
Protagonist Female 2: "No. That's what your BFA was for."
Protagonist Male 1: "Isn't it nice to know you can surprise yourself?"
Protagonist Male 2: "Who said slut, I didn't say slut."
Protagonist Male 3: "Then consider yourself an outlier."
Protagonist Zombie: "Roars"
— During "Nyte Blayde's Return", in response to having to dress as the Bloody Canoness

Homie ConversationsEdit

When 2 Homies are recruited together outside of missions, many have conversations.

Angel and Viola

Angel: "Hello, Viola."
Viola: "It's been a while."
Angel: "How could you stand by Killbane after what he did to me?"
Viola: "It was business, Angel. You lost."
Angel: "I was cheated!"
Viola: "Just because something's not fair doesn't mean it didn't happen. If you couldn't live with the consequences, you shouldn't have agreed to the match."
Angel: "I just didn't think, even if he won, Killbane would humiliate me like that."
Viola: "I'm gonna tell you a secret: Killbane's an asshole."
Homiechat Angel Viola

Burt and Viola

Burt: "I'm sorry to hear about your sister, Viola."
Viola: "Thank you, sir."
Burt: "Before the whole goddamn city got turned upside down, we had some pretty good times, didn't we?"
Viola: "[Laughs] Remember that first dinner you had with Phillipe?"
Burt: "[Laughs] Oh man, that Frenchman sure knew how to tell a joke."
Viola: "He was Belgian."
Burt: "Whatever."
Homiechat Burt Viola

Josh and Viola

Josh: "Stay away from me, temptress."
Viola: "Wait, what?"
Josh: "My heart belongs to Shaundi. I won't fall to your wiles."
Viola: "Josh, I don't want to sleep with you."
Josh: "Really?"
Viola: "Yeah."
Josh: "Tease!"
Homiechat Josh Viola

Kinzie and Viola

Kinzie: "I like your hair."
Viola: "Excuse me?"
Kinzie: "Your hair - it's shiny."
Viola: "Umm, thanks. You know, if you washed your hair, it would look like mine."
Kinzie: "Can you show me how?"
Viola: "...Sure?"
Kinzie: "We're like sisters now."
Homiechat Kinzie Viola

Oleg and Viola

Oleg: "I'm onto you, woman."
Viola: "What are you droning on about?"
Oleg: "You fooled the Saints, but I know your true colors."
Viola: "People change, Oleg."
Oleg: "No they don't. I'm watching you."
Homiechat Oleg Viola

Viola and Shaundi

Viola: "Hey Shaund-"
Shaundi: "Don't talk to me, don't look at me; I want to pretend you don't even exist."
Homiechat Viola Shaundi

Zimos and Viola

Zimos: "So, which one are you again?"
Viola: "You are such an asshole."
Zimos: "I'm sorry, who was whoring out who for years?"
Viola: "You deserved it."
Zimos: "Look, there were two of you - how was I supposed to tell you apart?"
Homiechat Zimos Viola

Audio LogsEdit

Main article: Audio Logs

Although ultimately not appearing in Saints Row IV, Viola has three Audio Logs in the game data files. Like many Audio Logs, they are a reflection on past events, allowing a brief insight from her perspective.

Phillipe Loren was the first man to treat Kiki and I with respect. To him we were businesswomen, not a fetish. We were his right hand in the Syndicate and he was our mentor. His death meant we had to step up on our own. Too bad we never got the chance.
Viola Audio Log 422
— Viola Audio Log 1
Fucking Murderbrawl tickets. That's what Killbane thought would make me feel better after he murdered Kiki. He took the Syndicate from us, then he took my sister! I vowed to get revenge no matter what I had to do, and no matter who I had to ask for help.
Viola Audio Log 224
— Viola Audio Log 2
I knew the Saints wouldn't believe me when I came to them for help. Oleg hated me for turning him into a science fair project, Zimos was still grumpy about the Pony Cart thing, Pierce never bothered to learn my name, and Shaundi was a vindictive bitch. It didn't matter though--the boss understood a thing or two about revenge.
Viola Audio Log 374
— Viola Audio Log 3


  • The DeWynter sisters each stand alongside Phillipe Loren in the Saints Row: The Third E3 2011 debut trailer.
  • One of the DeWynter sisters hands Phillipe back his cigarette after stabbing a bouncer in the Saints Row: The Third E3 2011 debut trailer.
  • Phillipe Loren and the DeWynter sisters in the Saints Row: The Third E3 2011 debut trailer.
  • Phillipe Loren and the DeWynter sisters in the Syndication trailer.
  • Promotional artwork of Viola DeWynter holding an AK-74M
  • Viola DeWynter appearing on the cover of Xbox World 360 magazine in the UK.
  • The DeWynters in-game. Viola has the white sunglasses.
  • Viola as a Homie
  • Viola with The Protagonist (disguised as Cyrus Temple), Shaundi and Pierce.
  • After gameplay starts inside Technically Legal in the mission "Gang Bang", Viola DeWynter's glasses suddenly change colour from white to purple.
  • Viola Seriously in "Gang Bang"
  • Viola with an AR-55
  • Viola
  • Viola dressed as the Bloody Canoness in Nyte Blayde's Return.
  • Concept art of the DeWynter sisters
  • Concept art of the DeWynter sisters
  • Concept art of one of the DeWynter sisters
  • Viola in Saints Row IV (Mod).

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