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Saints Row: The Third

The TOGO-13 is a weapon in the Moneyshot Pack DLC for Saints Row: The Third.

Good for love taps from 500 yards...and by 'love taps', we mean 'exploding heads'.
— Weapon description

Description Edit

The TOGO-13 is a fully-automatic sniper rifle featured in the Moneyshot Pack, a DLC originally included as a bonus for purchasing the Studio Edition of Prima's Official Game Guide for Saints Row: The Third.

The weapon has a magazine capacity of 30 rounds, which can be fired in three different ways depending on how quickly the the Primary Attack button is pressed. Holding the fire button results in full-auto, rapidly clicking (but not holding) the trigger results in short bursts of fire, and occasionally tapping the trigger results in the discharging of a single round. Effective utilization of all three firing modes makes the TOGO-13 a devastating and highly effective weapon.

Like the McManus 2015, the TOGO-13 is most effective at long range, but unlike the former, it can also be used effectively at mid-range. In addition, even at long range, it doesn't have much recoil, so it is still possible to hit targets quite accurately.

Though fully automatic the TOGO-13 is still a sniper rifle. So it isn't a great choice for engaging multiple enemies in a firefight.


  • Fully automatic, can also fire shots semi-automatically and one-on-one.
  • Very effective at long range.
  • 30 round magazine allows for multiple shots before reloading.
  • Almost no recoil after each successive shot.
  • Sniper scope provides for easy head and nut shots.
  • Effective for engagements at mid-range.
  • Requires DLC purchase.
  • Not overly powerful, most kills requires multiple shots.
  • Can only zoom in for long-range shots.
  • Goes through ammunition quickly.
  • Not very effective at close-range.
  • Slightly less accurate when firing full-auto.
  • Takes up the "rifles" slot of the weapon wheel. Substituting the K-8 Krukov, the AR-55, and the Viper Laser Rifle.
  • Cannot be upgraded.

Trivia Edit

  • If one examines the barrel closely, they can see a small, spinning, orange sun wheel close to the trigger, which is the symbol of the Ultor Corporation.
  • Since Ultor's logo is printed on the TOGO-13, they may have been responsible for its development.
  • The TOGO-13 is classed as a Rifle, rather than in the Special class with the McManus 2015.
  • In the 1969 manga Golgo 13, the main protagonist is a hired assassin who specializes in sniping, and often assumes the alias of Duke Togo. Togo's weapon of choice is a scoped M16 rifle which parallel with the TOGO-13 being an automatic sniper rifle.
  • On February 14, 2012, the official Saints Row website released a statement revealing that the Moneyshot Pack along with the Professor Genki's Hyper Ordinary Pre-Order Pack have been released as stand-alone DLCs for the majority of all platforms that support Saints Row: The Third. This means that it is no longer necessary to purchase Prima's Guide Book to obtain the TOGO-13.
  • Although the TOGO-13 can only be obtained through a DLC, the Level 1 price in the "Buy/Upgrade Weapons" screen is $900,000.
  • It has similarities with the Bozar and Infiltrator from the Fallout series. Both are full auto, both have scopes and silencers, a 24-round mag, and are both counted as assault rifles.
  • The TOGO-13 emits a laser when picked up by other NPCs, like the McManus 2015.
  • This weapon was originally featured in the Saints Row: Money Shot XBLA game, and would have been unlocked in Saints Row: The Third after completing the second assassination mission in the game.[1]
  • An image of the TOGO-13 is used as the icon for Assassination.

Gallery Edit

  • Advertisement for the "Money Shot" Pack which includes the TOGO-13
  • Full view of the weapon in promo image
  • bozar from the fallout series
  • TOGO-13's with lasers
  • The Protagonist and Shaundi holding TOGO-13 rifles
  • The Protagonist, Shaundi and Pierce, holding TOGO-13 rifles
  • The Protagonist with a McManus, Shaundi with a TOGO-13
  • The TOGO-13 in the weapons cache.


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