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T3K Urban
Weap smg t3k
Class SMG
Cost 500 SR
1000 SR2
Ammo bullet
Clip size 50
Pickup Ammo 75 SR
40 SR2
Total Ammo 600
Damage 75 SR
70 SR2
Refire Delay 75
Ragdoll Force 60
Melee Range 1.4
Range 175
Spread 4 SR
4.5 SR2
Trigger Burst
Unlockable Yes
Requirement 2 Cribs SR
Hitman SR
Used By Sons of Samedi
The Ronin
Appears in Saints Row
Saints Row 2

The T3K Urban is a weapon in Saints Row and Saints Row 2.


This sub-machine gun is the cheapest in the game, and each magazine contains 50 rounds.

Saints RowEdit

It comes with 100 Rounds, with a maximum of 600 rounds. It is usually carried by Asian members of the 3rd Street Saints.

It is available from Friendly Fire for $500 after unlocking 2 Cribs, and is unlocked after killing all Chinatown Hitman Targets for Mr. Wong.

Saints Row 2Edit

It costs $1000, and has a maximum of 1000 rounds. It is usually found on Ronin members.

This is the only SMG available from Friendly Fire at the beginning of the game, and costs $1000.


  • The Cheat for this weapon in Saints Row is #83587226 (#T3KUrban).
  • The Cheat for this weapon in Saints Row 2 is #954.
  • It resembles a TEC-DC9.
  • The weapon's name, T3K, may be a play on the name of the TEC-9, as in Leetspeak, the number 3 is used a substitute for the letter E. This means the T3K translates to "TEK", Which is strikingly similar to "TEC"


  • TK3 icon in Saints Row
  • Saints Row 2 T3K Urban Weapon Model
  • A real-life TEC-DC9
  • Tobias as a Homie with a T3K Urban.


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