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Stylized stag head logo of STAG.

White and orange


Cyrus Temple[1]


Monica Hughes
Steelport Police Department
Josh Birk
Burt Reynolds temporary


S3X Hammer
Viper Laser Rifle
Annihilator RPG
McManus 2015
Riot Shield






Saints Row: The Third
Saints Row IV briefly

STAG, or Special Tactical Anti-Gang Unit,[2] is a type of Law Enforcement in Saints Row: The Third.

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Not to be confused with SWAT


STAG soldier promotional artwork

Promotional artwork of a STAG soldier in Saints Row: The Third.

STAG is an elite paramilitary police force directed by Commander Cyrus Temple and his subordinate, Kia. It is under the direct command and supervision of the United States Government, and acts as a replacement for the SNG at higher Notoriety levels, although the Steelport Police and a minor SWAT presence still remain. STAG has their own, unique arsenal of futuristic weapons and vehicles.

STAG is deployed to Steelport following a devastating attack on the Hughes Memorial Bridge in Stilwater, perpetrated by the Luchadores.[3] Senator Monica Hughes, wife of the late Alderman Richard Hughes, gains unanimous approval from the US Senate to initiate "The STAG Initiative", essentially putting Steelport under martial law with the intent of eliminating the four gangs warring for control of the city.

STAG arrives in force during the mission "Gang Bang", aboard the aircraft carrier Thermopylae, and begins deploying troops and mobile bases throughout the city. Initially relegated to a peacekeeping role in Steelport, STAG's role and actions intensify following the sinking of the Thermopylae by the 3rd Street Saints. The city is put under lockdown and STAG begins to actively combat the four gangs with their specialised commando units, focusing primarily on the Saints.[4]


STAG soldier

A STAG soldier, with a Viper Laser Rifle.

The STAG unit possesses a variety of futuristic weaponry, some of which is described as experimental microwave technology [4]. STAG's troops wear advanced body armour and carry laser rifles, while vehicles use a variety of exotic energy weapons and advanced features. The STAG F-69 VTOL, Condor and Specter also have the ability to transition between hover and jet modes, using miniature jet engines to maneuver like a helicopter in the former state.

STAG possesses at least two massive aircraft carriers, a conventional "wet" carrier, Thermopylae, and an advanced airship called the Daedalus.


While STAG is neither a gang nor part of The Syndicate, they do indeed have specialists, who are known as Commandos. They are easy to distinguish from the rest of STAG by their bright orange and white armor, plus they always wear face masks and protective goggles. Commandos are unique among all other specialists in that they do not appear as hollow red dots on the HUD. This is somewhat problematic, as the only other way to see them coming is to examine the color of their armor as they approach.

Overall, Commandos are really just regular STAG soldiers with increased health, and they don't have any unique weapons; carrying regular STAG ordinance like Viper Laser Rifles, S3X Hammers, or Riot Shields. Despite this, Commandos should not be underestimated, as they can withstand a great amount of damage, and often attack in pairs or even teams, similar to Morningstar and Deckers specialists. Commandos also cannot be taken as Human Shields. Furthermore, they are impervious to fire, albeit fire-based attacks will still damage them. Being the toughest specialists in the game, a group of Commandos can present quite a challenge, thus making fights against them both long and dangerous.

Because their armor is thick enough to prevent them from flinching all the time whenever they are shot, the most effective means of dealing with Commandos is to use melee weapons or explosives against them; especially the Woodsman as it can kill just about anything in one hit, including Commandos. The only named Commando is Sgt. Steiner, an arrogant, self-proclaimed, one-man-army who is listed as an Assassination target in the Saintsbook.


Land vehiclesEdit

STAG use the N-Forcer as their main transport, an armoured light truck equipped with a top-mounted machine gun. At higher alert levels their special tank, the Crusader, is used in place of the National Guard's Challenger. An even more powerful Crusader, at one point called the "STAG Tank V2," is an optional unlockable in the mission "My Name is Cyrus Temple".


There is a STAG version of the Commander in a promotional image [5], in the game there are no watercraft with STAG-specific markings aside from the giant aircraft carrier Thermopylae.


STAG's workhorse aircraft is the Condor, corresponding to the SNG's Eagle. For heavier work, the F-69 VTOL corresponds to the Tornado and Vulture. STAG also use heavy cargo planes, one of which is shown configured as an AWACS[6]. In one of the two final mission choices STAG calls in their ultimate airborne weapon, a giant airship carrier / battleship called the Daedalus.

The Specter is a "jetbike" which only available if it is chosen during the mission "My Name is Cyrus Temple" and is never used by STAG itself.


STAG troops are primarily armed with Viper Laser Rifles, a rapid-fire carbine which never needs to be reloaded and is instead governed by a heat gauge. Their special shotgun is called the S3X Hammer and works in much the same way, never requiring reloads. STAG do, however, sometimes use more conventional hardware, with specialists occasionally using the Riot Shield and KA-1 Kobra, and snipers armed with McManus 2015s in certain missions.[7] [4]

While never used by STAG itself, the Sonic Boom is described as a STAG-developed weapon and the Satchel Charges can only be accessed by choosing to research them in "My Name is Cyrus Temple." However, Satchel Charges are present in every Friendly Fire store, on a low shelf on the opposite side of the store to the counter. In the promotion poster for STAG, they carry Bowie Knives but never use them.


  • Their symbol is a tribal styled stencil of a stag's head. Within some of their bases, like the Daedalus, exists an alternate symbol which looks like a stag's skull.
  • Despite STAG replacing the SNG, SNG helicopters still spawn at the Sierra Point base throughout the game.
  • Completing the eliminate Killbane end of the mission "Three Way" and destroying the Daedalus unlocks STAG infantry armor in the Wardrobe, and at Let's Pretend.
  • Even though STAG has left Steelport after the last mission, there are still some STAG Outposts located around Steelport and some even have a F-69 VTOL or a Condor.
  • The string text "STRONGHOLD_START_MESSAGE_STAG": "START STAG STRONGHOLD" in "tt mission_us.le_strings" implies that there was intended a STAG-related Stronghold in the game. As it is, STAG is the only enemy in the game with neither a single territory or a Stronghold.
  • STAG is the only Special Law Enforcement Unit to have female members, although they have identical uniforms to male members.
  • In the Survival on Arapice Island there are STAG zombies that attack The Protagonist just like a normal zombie.
  • The promotional image shows a soldier with a carbine rifle, despite STAG using laser weapons in-game.
  • Although they are supposed to be an elite unit, they are pretty incompetent as the Saints run rings around them, the Deckers have little trouble in raiding their PR Center for a super computer, albeit they lost it to the Saints, and the Luchadores fight them to a standstill with a possibility of a Luchadore victory had the Saints not have intervened.
  • STAG only appear in large numbers in Loren Square, moderate numbers in Sunset Park and very few elsewhere.
  • STAG soldiers may spawn near the Saints HQ, Kinzie's Warehouse and Leather & Lace.
  • The storyline of the game ends with the reputation of STAG ruined either by Kia trying to destroy the Magarac Statue or by Cyrus Temple's near destruction of Steelport.
  • It is never revealed why STAG is so focused on the Saints rather than The Syndicate, but it might be because of the Saints destroying the Thermopylae[4] and kidnapping Josh Birk,[8] and STAG knew that it was the Saints that caused these problems.
    • In Saints Row IV, Phillipe Loren implies that The Syndicate bribed Monica Hughes to keep her and STAG away from The Syndicate, and mentions The Syndicate for the Hughes Memorial Bridge.
  • STAG is the only faction in Saints Row: The Third that is not an unlockable Gang Customization option.
  • STAG despite being a law enforcement agency act much like a gang as they carry unconcealed weapons including Annihilators, only patrol certain areas in numbers and are involved in criminal activities such as terrorism.
  • Some armed vehicles that have scanners, such as the Tornado or F-69 VTOL, says "Scanning Objective" and "STAG Targeting System v2.67".
  • In a radio commercial, Mayor Reynolds gives a "Fact or Myth" advertisement about Steelport that mentions the STAG Occupation, this commercial plays long before the organization is formed.[reference?]
  • In reality the United States senate has no jurisdiction over a military organisation such as STAG. The only people who can issue orders to the military are the President of the United States or the Chiefs of Staff.
    • STAG's activities are highly unconstitutional. For example, it is unconstitutional to use military force against United States citizens. Declaring Martial law and seizing the downtown district violates the constitutional statute against the forced quartering of soldiers.
  • In Saints Row IV, during the character creation, it states that after the events of Saints Row: The Third, STAG disbanded, and most former members found employment in Parking Enforcement.
  • STAG's white, orange, and black colour scheme is similar to that of the vehicles of the fictional group Megaforce from the movie of the same name.
  • Matt Miller successfully hacked in STAG's secure database and changed all the top secret file names to RagnarokWinsAgain.[1]


  • Promotional artwork of a STAG soldier in Saints Row: The Third.
  • STAG's logo. A stag head stencil on a barricade at their base in Sunset Park.
  • STAG's death logo. A stag skull stencil on the Daedalus.
  • Promotional image of SNG and SWAT members
  • A STAG VTOL taking off.
  • Promotional image of multiplayer Cat & Mouse with a Specter and a F-69 VTOL
  • A STAG soldier, with a Viper Laser Rifle.
  • A STAG Commando alongside Steelport police officers.
  • A recruitment poster for STAG in the STAG PR Center in Saints Row: The Third.
  • A poster of STAG and Nyte Blayde in the STAG PR Center in Saints Row: The Third.
  • A poster of STAG and Nyte Blayde in the STAG PR Center in Saints Row: The Third.
  • STAG armor with Biker gloves front
  • STAG armor with Biker gloves back
  • STAG logo
  • STAG recruitment poster
  • STAG recruitment poster featuring Nyte Blayde
  • STAG recruitment poster featuring Nyte Blayde
  • STAG ad featuring Nyte Blayde
  • STAG "mission accomplished" banner
  • STAG Soldiers in the PR Centre
  • The Protagonist in a STAG uniform, posing in front of a promotional banner in the PR Center lobby.


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    Cyrus: "I remember, RagnarokWins. You sure that wasn't you?"
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