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Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax is an Activity in Saints Row: The Third.[1][2]

Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax

Description Edit

Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax is a gameshow-style event where the player is a contestant, and must eliminate enemies mostly dressed in mascot costumes (such as Saints Flow and Johnny Gat mascots, the beer bottles, the dog, pig, rabbit and gorilla characters, etc) in a trap-filled course. The ultimate goal to accumulate enough prize money to open the exit before the time limit expires. The theme is similar to classic combat-as-television storylines such as the movie The Running Man and the videogame Smash TV. There is irony in the gameshow name, for it is called an "ethical" show, but includes a lot of hazards, torture, and killing people broadcasting on live TV. A pair of announcers, Zach and Bobby, comment on the player's performance, praising them for doing well and mocking them if they are going too slowly or performing poorly.

Each arena consists of a number of rooms with fixed enemy spawns and hazards, as well as signs which can be shot. The player always starts a Genki activity with only a KA-1 Kobra; extra weapons are acquired by performing well in a given room, which will drop a "present" containing a new weapon which will vanish after a short time, usually a shotgun, SMG or assault rifle. Weapons can also be taken from fallen mascots. Weapons taken from mascots are added to the player's weapon cache if they don't have it already. Making this a great place to pick up the McManus 2015 and The Penetrator weapons earlier for free. Weapon upgrades carry over into Ethical Reality Climax.

Genki SERC targets rma

The four main bonus targets in the game. Clockwise from top left: Money Shot, Ethical, Unethical, and Time Bonus.

The player's health does not regenerate by itself during this activity; instead, one of the five types of sign must be shot. These billboard-like signs always appear in the same places in a given Activity; they are not random.

  • ETHICAL (倫理的 Rinriteki) targets (a picture of an angry tiger) grant additional points, while also adding 5 seconds to remaining time.
  • UNETHICAL (非倫理的 Hirinriteki) targets (a picture of a cute panda) deduct points, while also discounting 10 seconds from remaining time.
  • MONEY SHOT (大当り Dai Atari) targets (a Genki face with dollar and yen symbols in the eyes) add to the current score.
  • HEALTH (体力 Tairyoku) targets (a Genki face with a nurse cap) regenerate the player's health.
  • TIME BONUS (時間ボーナス Jikan Bōnasu) signs (a Genki face with clock hands over it) increase the remaining time by 25-30 seconds.

Points are gained primarily by killing enemies; each kill on a mascot is worth 100 points, and a headshot 20 additional points. Avoiding traps gains points, while being hit by them incurs a penalty. Additionally, killstreaks apply a bonus multiplier (which rises by 0.5) to the player's score. When the bonus reaches 3, a present containing a new weapon is spawned for the player to collect. If the player doesn't reach it in time, the present explodes harmlessly.

Enemies are typically armed with shotguns, assault rifles or The Penetrator, though snipers with the McManus 2015 are not uncommon. Brutes (here referred to as "Hunters") with miniguns or flamethrowers often turn up in more difficult Ethical Reality Climax activities when the player reaches a certain score, usually coinciding with the score needed to clear the activity.


Ethical Reality Climax is one of the fastest ways to make money in co-op, as both players' kills count towards the same killstreak; it is relatively easy to make $10,000 or more at a time from even an easy-grade activity. The same number of enemies spawn regardless of the number of players, though on the downside presents and health targets only apply to the player who picks them up, not to both.


All money gained in a Super Ethical Reality Climax activity is kept by the player; in co-op, both players gain the full amount displayed, it is not split. There is no upper limit to the amount that can be earned, unlike many other activities which only give a fixed sum on completion. In addition, any weapons picked up from mascots, but not ones given in "presents", are added to the player's weapon cache as if they were picked up in the regular game.

Completing the first of these activities (triggered in the form of a tutorial mission) unlocks Pierce as a Homie.

After completing all 6 levels, Mascots become available as a Homies style.

Glitches Edit

There is a glitch where if the player attempts to start the activity while standing close enough to a vehicle to enter it, the activity will proceed to load as the player gets in the vehicle. The player will then spawn in the arena but fall through the floor and into space until a certain point and respawn on the streets of Steelport. The HUD will be the same as if the player were actually in the arena and will receive points for killing civilians. There will be no commentary or progress and there will be no notoriety for killing cops. The player can only die or exit the mission to discontinue the activity and cannot win.

Trivia Edit

  • At Gamescom 2011, this Activity was described as only available to those who preorder the game, however this was later clarified not to be true.[3]
  • A trailer was released that specifically advertised the Activity, along with the pre-order pack.[4]
  • A non-canonical live-action trailer depicted an even more bizarre version of the show which differs heavily from the one in-game. [5]
  • In the Hard level SERC activity in Downtown, Bobby is given a question whether or not he dated Shaundi back in Stilwater, which he confirms (he says he does not talk about it because it was a long time ago) and then denies (though actually, Bobby only says they met before; Zach takes it as them having actually dated).
    • In the same instance of the activity, Zach mentions he used to tape the reality show I Wanna Sleep with Shaundi, and once tried to take part on it, but was rejected. In fact, Zach is shown throughout to be infatuated with Shaundi.
  • Some of the SERC dialog mentions events in the story that might have already happened by the time the player does them, such as the hosts looking forward to Murderbrawl XXXI.
  • The hosts commonly talk during the activity. In one instance, Bobby talks about his visit to Stilwater and how his convertible got blasted by a sewage truck, a reference to the Septic Avenger Activity.
  • The cellphone is disabled during this Activity.
  • If left idle The Protagonist with Male Voice 1 may say "Those Genki Girls give me a reality climax", Female Voice 1 may say "I wish Professor Genki was around when I was a kid." or "Gat would have loved Professor Genki.", Female Voice 2 may say "We could open a Johnny World and steal Professor Genki's fans.", and Female Voice 3 will say "Professor Genki, why didn't we think of that shit?!".
    • Randomly after The Protagonist attacks someone with Male Voice 1 he may shout "Murder Time, Fun Time."
  • The TV gameshow is broadcast on a channel called "WTF17", a billboard sporting the channels logo can be seen near the two northern bridges that lead to Sierra Point.[6] A billboard identical to that of the former can also be seen outside of Zimos' pad.
  • In Genkibowl VII it is possible to unlock Outfits providing mascot suit versions of the "Angry Tiger" (ethical target) and "Sad Panda" (unethical target). These suits do not appear in regular Super Ethical Reality Climax, however.
  • Professor Genki is featured playing in the introduction to this activity, while Zach and Bobby explain the rules.
  • If the Duel Wield Pistols Upgrade has been purchased then the player will spawn with two KA-1 Kobras.
  • It is possible to complete the first instances of Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax only by evading traps and shooting targets, without killing anyone.
  • The player can spend as long as he likes in the initial chamber; the timer only starts to run once they go through its door into the arena proper.


  • Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax
  • The S.E.R.C. billboard with the WTF17 logo near Sierra Point.
  • Genki SERC door
  • Genki SERC door
  • Genki SERC billboard
  • Genki SERC billboard
  • Genki SERC billboard
  • Genki SERC billboard
  • Genki SERC banner
  • Genki SERC targets
  • Genki SERC health
  • Genki SERC complete
  • Genki SERC cash
  • Genki SERC more
  • Genki SERC Pierce unlocked


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